Parents Installed Camera In Daughter’s Room, Explains Bruises On Her Body

Troubled Sleep

This one young girl was going to sleep at night and waking up the next day with bruises. As time went on the bruising started getting worse.

Her parents were not only worried, but trouble came their way because of it.

Unexplained Bruising Should Know?

It happened occasionally and the bruising wasn’t always very bad. You would have had to take a closer look to even notice them.

But it was impossible to know how she got them because, well… she was asleep at the time.

Summer Camp Should Know?

The bruising started getting worse and then the girl went off to summer camp.

Because it was hot, the girl would wear shorts during the day. It wasn’t long until the staff started to notice the bruising she had.

Authorities Should Know?

With her fresh bruises, the staff had no option but to report the bruising to the authorities.

At the same time, the parents were worried so they decided to take her to the doctor for a checkup, thinking she may have an iron deficiency.

Blood Tests Should Know?

While tests were being done, social services pitched up at the family home, very concerned. Social services were under the impression that the girl was being abused by her parents.

But the parents quickly explained that they would never have done anything to hurt their daughter.

Utter Confusion Should Know?

Their daughter also confirmed that she wasn’t being abused. Strangely enough, the results came back from the doctor’s office which also confirmed that she wasn’t suffering from any deficiency.

Everybody at this point was a bit confused and frustrated. So what would solve this problem?

Video Camera Should Know?

The parents decided that the only way to figure out how their daughter was getting bruised at night was to film her.

So they invested in a video camera and set it up for the night. Social Services also had to put the case on hold.

Strange Crawling Should Know?

Both parents slept soundly that night, believing that all their questions would be answered the next day. It was found that the girl was disturbingly crawling in her sleep at night, backward.

She was referred to a sleep specialist to gain better control of her strange sleep pattern and with video evidence, Social Services closed the case.

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