Man Follows Lone Kid Into Pool Unaware He’s Being Recorded


It Started Well

Everything started smoothly for the family. They had a big breakfast, and her husband gave them a quick tour of their area before everyone gathered at the pool for a swim.

Her kid has never before waded into a pool. His day was made by the thought of swimming in the sea like a fish. However, it would culminate in one of the most horrifying events she had ever witnessed.

A Much Needed Break

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Liza and Henry O’Shea’s intention for taking a vacation in California was to break away from their busy lives in Alaska. They had been together for many years and had two amazing children.

They were both successful dentists and deserved to have a vacation after working long hours. They believed that a vacation was necessary. They were unaware of the horrors that were in store for them in the south.

A Beautiful Couple

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Henry and Liza started dating while they were both still in college. It was love at first sight. She had finally met someone who not only shared the majority of her passions but also encouraged her to always strive to be her best.

After six years of dating, nobody was shocked when Liza said yes to Henry when he got down on one knee. Their marriage gave them two beautiful children, Diana and Chris.


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Diana was eight years older than Chris. She was a sweet baby who grew into an active young girl, whereas her brother was born on the spectrum.

Diana pushed Liza and Henry to the limits of what they thought they knew about early parenthood. Chris, however, was a different story. Although his parents didn’t intend to, they frequently found themselves treating him differently.

Their Dreams

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Ever since they started dating, Liza and Henry knew that they wanted to be parents. When their first child was born, they did everything in their power to ensure that she had everything she wanted.

They believed they understood every aspect of parenting, and so did many other new parents. When they discovered they were expecting again, they were ecstatic. Chris, though, would impart to them the actual essence of parenting.

He Was Different

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Liza and Henry came to realize that caring for a child with autism required a degree of constancy, compassion, and focus that they had never before possessed. However, they rapidly adjusted to all of their son’s needs and immediately realized what he required.

They found that raising a family wasn’t as easy as they had anticipated. But they were grateful for their little family. Chris was an ideal child, full of energy and enthusiasm that his parents had never seen before. They wanted to do their best for him.

They Were Exhausted

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Chris had been born three years prior, and Liza and Henry thought their lives were going smoothly. The children were doing their best at school, and Liza and Henry worked very hard at their jobs.

Henry made the decision to take them to California to a lovely guesthouse where they would spend a week after realizing that they all needed a vacation from their busy lifestyle. Trouble will soon knock and wouldn’t take long.

Bed & Breakfast


Henry was familiar with rumors of people kidnapping children. He had consistently prayed for his children to avoid suffering such a tragedy. However, what would occur in California would demonstrate to him that no child was actually safe.

As soon as they arrived in California, his family made arrangements to stay at the bed and breakfast. The residence was a lovely secured bungalow with access to a community pool. There is where the incident would occur.

The Beginning


Henry’s family seemed to have had a good day so far. He gave everyone a quick tour of where they were staying after a hearty meal, and then everyone gathered at the poolside for a dip.

“Chris had never been in a swimming pool before, and the idea of being in the water like a fish made his day,” Liza said while speaking to a local reporter. She had no idea what tragedies she would experience that day.

A Beautiful Day

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The family went for a little swim and then headed home to eat. However, Chris’s older sister Diana dismissed herself from the meal and said she preferred to play in the sunshine.

“The bed and breakfast was in a safe neighborhood,” Liza declared that she had no issue with Diana leaving the house alone. “She even took her little brother, which made our hearts melt.” However, things would soon take a grim turn.

Back At The House

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Liza and Henry sat back on the couch to enjoy each other’s company while their kids played outside. But a sharp shriek pierced the air before Diana came racing in.

Liza was already on her feet even before Diana was in sight. She dashed out of the living room, leaving a stumped Henry behind. What she’d find outside the house would shrivel her insides.

She Sees Him

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Liza found her son, soaked in water, lying beside the pool. He was wearing nothing but his swimming costume. But that wasn’t the worst thing before Liza.

Chris was unconscious, and above him, a towering man also soaked in water. His fingers were interlocked above the boy’s chest, his eyes wide with terror as he begged Chris to wake up. Liza froze.

He’s Helping Him

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“Come on, son,” the man begged, performing CPR as best as possible. His gaze inched up, registering Liza, but he didn’t break his flow. Pushing air into Chris’s mouth and pumping his chest, he worked until the little boy came to.

Henry had arrived, helping the man. He didn’t know what was happening and was too alarmed to ask. But the house’s cameras would soon reveal the truth.

The Camera Footage

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Police, accompanied by EMTs, flocked the compound, helping Chris through his recovery process. They also accessed the cameras, which showed the little boy running into the pool and jumping in.

The cameras also showed Diana rushing away to call Liza and Henry. It was then that the stranger who’d helped Chris jumped over the compound’s fence and into the water to save the drowning boy.

A Good Heart

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“I was walking by and saw him run into the pool,” shared the man. “I have a son his age. He’s just as active. I don’t know what I’d do if something terrible happened to him.”

Liza and Henry thanked the man for all he did, with the city recognizing his heroic deed through a certificate. It is good to know there are some genuinely good people out there!