Hayward TriVac 500 Pool Cleaner Product Review

Tired of cleaning your pool by yourself? Try Hayward TriVac 500, a powerful pressure-side pool cleaner that helps keep the pool water sparkling clean. Learn more about the product here.

Product Spotlight: Hayward TriVac 500 Pressure Pool Cleaner

With over 80 years of experience in technology, Hayward comes with another product that can help pool owners like you enjoy the pool. TriVac 500 Pressure Cleaner is designed with innovative AquaDrive technology for efficiently cleaning your pool. It’s simple to use and has many features for its not so bulky size.

The Hayward TriVac 500 has a wide vacuum scoop which allows it to capture more dirt and debris. With its advanced sweep hose technology, you can clean more crevices and corners than other robot pool cleaners. This machine also comes with a large debris bag to ensure that you don’t have to clean it often. It works best in in-ground pools measuring 20’x40’.

Hayward TriVac 500: In Snapshot

Pool coverage:                              Floor, walls and coves

Debris bag capacity:                      6 quarts

Cleaning path width:                      9”

Suction Intake Diameter:               2-1/2”

Venturi Jets:                                  3

Hose Length:                                 30” (Optional hose kit is available for larger pools)

Average back-up frequency:  60-70 seconds

Average Back-up time:                   5-10 seconds

Cleaning to back-up ratio:               90-10%

Optimal working pressure:             23 PSI

Warranty:                                     1 year

Product Highlights

Using AquaDrive® water-jet propulsion technology, Hayward TriVac 500 provides better coverage of the pool interior without scratching the surface. The device comes with a unique backup sequence that helps to keep it on the right track most of the time. These procedures ensure that pool cleaning is easier and faster.

Intelligent navigation

The device’s AquaDrive technology is equipped with a short backup sequence that allows it to navigate around sharp edges with ease. Once it detects an obstruction, it will continue cleaning on a new path. This can result in fewer interruptions to make cleaning faster and more independent.

Longer cleaning

One noticeable feature of Hayward TriVac 500 is the big filter bag located at the back of the vacuum’s mouth. This bag can trap up to six quarts of captured dirt and debris. With a large trash bag, you don’t need to take out the machine from the pool often. After cleaning, detach it from the main body and rinse it with a water hose.

Deep cleaning on any surface

Through its AquaDrive water-jet propulsion technology, this pool cleaner makes deep cleaning possible on any surface. You’ll get the same performance regardless of whether the pool is vinyl, fiberglass, granite, tiles, or any other materials. It can navigate the entire surface without getting stuck in the corner or blocked by obstacles. It stays on its track most of the time to ensure that you get quicker cleaning than other automatic pool cleaners.

Triple venturi-jet action

Hayward TriVac 500’s triple venturi jet is responsible for creating a powerful yet fluid water movement to loosen up dirt and debris. The machine’s oversized suction inlet is responsible for larger intake of dirt, which prevents it from clogging. This means that it can suck larger debris for better cleaning.


This pool vacuum is designed for durability and reliability. It looks compact yet offers better pool coverage than other brands. It is made from quality materials that can withstand various harmful conditions.

Low-friction wheels

The Hayward TriVac 500 has big, low-friction wheels to help it maneuver around the pool without damaging the surface. These wheels allow TriVac 500 to gently traverse the entire pool surface, so you don’t have to worry about scratches or tears as it cleans.

Prevents debris from reaching the pool filter

The machine itself has a large filter bag that traps debris. This feature prevents debris from reaching the pool filter. Because of this feature, the pool filter doesn’t get clogged too often, which lessens the need for backwashing. Less backwashing means you save water and electricity, so you don’t see a significant surge on your energy bill.


The machine has simple set-up instructions that require only a few steps. The first step is to connect it to the pump which will provide the pressure it needs to clean the pool. Please refer to the product manual for the complete proper set-up procedure.

To summarize, the Hayward TriVac 500 pool cleaner offers the following advantages:

  • Deep, powerful cleaning using its unique AquaDrive technology;
  • Saves you a lot of time and effort in cleaning the pool;
  • Easy to use;
  • Lightweight and compact, and made from high-quality materials;
  • Prevents the pool’s wear and tear;
  • Better cleaning coverage,
  • Limited amount of wearable parts, which mean fewer maintenance issues;
  • An excellent investment that can help make the pool last longer.

As of this writing, this product has an amazing 4.5-star rating from 225 users on Amazon. Most users are impressed with the machine’s ability to pick up small and larger debris and its easy installation procedure. At the same time, it appears in many top-rated pressure side pool cleaners lists from various tech review sites like https://cleanup.expert/top-rated-pool-cleaners/.