Happy Socks SO Cool You Won’t Want to Take Them Off!

Happy Socks are bright, bold and colorful socks with designs that will make you smile. With a variety of patterns and prints available, there’s a pair of socks to suit everyone. Stuck for gift ideas this holiday season? Then why not spread some happiness and gift them some creative and fun Happy Socks?

Check out these bold and colorful Happy Socks holiday gifts:



Colorful Argyle Socks

colorful argyle happy socks

Smilers Socks & Underwear / Amazon

For the joker

A pair of comfortable, durable and colorful socks with an argyle print: that sounds like a perfect holiday gift for those cheeky chappies in your life. Everyone knows a joker or a mischief-maker, and these vibrant socks are made for the fun-at-heart as they are all about the color.

$8.40 at Happy Socks



Kids Fruit Socks Gift Set

happy socks kids fruit socks gift set

Happy Socks

For the fruit-loving Kid

You’ll be delighted to know that Happy Socks also come in kids sizes too! Cheer up your little cherubs with this fun fruit gift set that’s sure to put a smile on their faces. A cute, bright holiday gift that is bursting to the brim with socks in 4 different designs; pineapple, banana, watermelon, and strawberry.

$16 at Happy Socks



Holiday Bauble Socks

christmas baubles happy socks

Fulfilled / Amazon

For the festive 

Why not fill up someone’s stocking with this pair of festive holiday bauble socks. Just imagine them opening up their holiday gift on Christmas morning and not being able to wait any longer, so they put them straight on!

$8.40 at Happy Socks



Nineties Socks

happy socks geometric shapes nineties socks


For the nostalgic 

For those passionate about all things ’90s, these blocky, 3D-shaped pair of socks are ideal. The mixture of colors with the patterned dots, squares and triangles: these are the perfect attire for throwing some serious shapes to some throwback nineties tunes.

$14 at Happy Socks



Beatles LP Collection Gift Set

happy socks beatles collection gift set

Fulfilled / Amazon

For the Beatles fan

The fabulous guys over at Happy Socks have designed these fun prints and patterns to celebrate the Yellow Submarine’s 50th Anniversary. Inspired by the Beatles animated film, any Beatles fan would be elated to receive this gift set.

$96 at Happy Socks



Big Dot Gift Set

happy socks big dot gift set

Happy Socks

For the dotty

The big spot gift set is a collection of delightful foot warmers for both men and women. Crafted from combo cotton, the classic designs would fit with any style and add a splash of color to any outfit.

$42 at Happy Socks



Assorted 7 Days Gift Set

assorted 7 days happy socks gift set


For every day of the week

Give the gift of cozy feet for every day of the week. This 7 days gift box has a variety of styles to allow you to pick a pair of favorite socks for every day of the week. Whatever day or activity you choose there’s a pair of socks to go with it.

$84 at Happy Socks



Leopard Print Socks

happy socks leopard print socks

Happy Socks

For the wild animal

Bring out your animal instincts with these leopard print socks. The orange socks with black and green spots are a modern twist on a classic style. This is a superb, on-trend holiday gift that will be a roaring success.

$12 at Happy Socks



Big Luck Socks

lucky 4 leaf clover design happy socks


For the unlucky ones

Four-leaf clovers are said to be lucky, so why not give someone the luck of the Irish with this pair of stylish shamrock-design socks? A playful creative gift that may be small but will be remembered for years to come.

$9.60 at Happy Socks



Cat Socks

lady wearing her cat sock happy socks

Happy Socks

For the cat lady

Everyone knows a crazy cat lady or someone that’s on the edge of being one. These cat-tastic socks are screaming to be gifted to all your cat-loving friends and family. I mean, just look at their little faces!

$12 at Happy Socks



Pineapple Socks

pineapple print happy socks


For the not-so-brave

A gift that has been made for those that aren’t so brave with their use of color. These monochrome pineapple socks are ideal for those that may be a bit nervous about wearing the bold, vibrant Happy Socks yet still want to show their quirky side.

$14 at Happy Socks



Forest Gift Set

happy socks forest gift set

Happy Socks

For the nature lover

Get back to nature with this forest design gift set. The forest-themed designs would make an adorable gift for the adventurer and nature explorer among your family and friends.

$42 at Happy Socks



Holiday Design Socks

christmas eve design happy sock

The Men’s Boutique

For the Santa believer 

It’s the night before Christmas and all is quiet in the house—as you sneak around and leave out the milk and cookies for Santa.

These socks have been made for the believer, for the ones that believe in magic and the spirit of Christmas.

$8.40 at Happy Socks



Holiday Cracker 1-Pack

holiday cracker 1 pack happy socks

Happy Socks

For the rainbow fanatic

Give the gift of a rainbow; the gift of color; the gift of warm feet on a cold winters day.  These stripy, multi-colored Happy Socks not only make a fabulous gift on their own but are made even more amazing by the fact that they are packed in a cracker gift box! Who doesn’t love to pop one open on Christmas?

$14 at Happy Socks



Andy Warhol Collection Gift Set

andy warhol happy socks gift set

Fulfilled / Amazon

For the art fan

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s iconic pop art prints; the banana, flower, cow, and dollar. An awesome gift for any art lover or Warhol fan in your life.

$64 at Happy Socks



Happy Socks Advent Calendar

happy socks advent calendar for the holidays

For the final countdown

This holiday advent calendar is the ultimate of all these Happy Socks gifts. Open each door and receive one pair of fun, creative socks each day up until Christmas—24 days of fantastic sock presents for you to enjoy and keep your feet warm.

$260 at Happy Socks


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these happy socks are so cool you won't want to take them off your feet!

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