Grandma Asks Daycare Worker A Question And She Kicks Girl Out


It’s Not Your Day

The feisty woman kept fit for her age. She wasn’t going to let a stranger intimidate her or her granddaughter. There was more going on in the school than met the eye.

She walked towards the teacher with an air of authority. She was going to put things straight. The teacher noticed her coming and tried to walk away, but a crowd of children blocked her from moving. There was nowhere to run.

The Daily Routine


Grandmother Mary Skaggs eagerly made her way to the daycare center, Happy Hands and Feet, to pick up her beloved granddaughter, Savanna.

As she entered the bustling room filled with playful children, her eyes searched for the familiar sight of her granddaughter’s face.

Spotting Savanna in a corner, her brows furrowed in concern. Savanna looked moody, her normally bright eyes clouded with disappointment.

Quality Time With Gran


Mary, an athletic grandmother with a heart full of love for her 6-year-old granddaughter Savanna, hurriedly made her way to the daycare center known as Happy Hands and Feet.

As she approached the entrance, her eyes searched eagerly for the familiar sight of her beloved grandchild. Spotting Savanna, Mary’s heart sank at the sight of her moody expression. What was bothering her granddaughter?

A Sad Little Girl


There were other children playing outside, and a few other parents were also still hanging around after pick-up time.

59-year-old Mary approached Savanna, a worried expression on her face. “What’s the matter, my dear?” she asked gently, taking her granddaughter’s hand.

Savanna sighed, her little shoulders slumping. ” She didn’t let us go outside today,” she whispered, sounding both sad and frustrated. Who was she referring to?

Toddler Troubles


Mary tried to see if there were any other little girls around, but she was alone. “What’s the matter, my sweet Savanna?” Mary asked, concern etched on her face.

Savanna sighed, her little shoulders slumping. “Grandma, the teacher wouldn’t let us go outside today. I wanted to play in the sunshine with my friends, but she said no.” The little girl burst into tears.

Tiny Tantrums


Mary’s brows furrowed, puzzled by this unexpected turn of events. She hugged Savanna tightly, trying to comfort her. “There must be a good reason, my dear. Maybe it was too hot outside, or perhaps there was something else going on.”

She was in a rush that day and didn’t think too much of it. Daycare was usually emotional for every child. It would take some time for her to adjust. Tomorrow would be a better day.

Won’t Let It Go


The whole drive home, Savannah didn’t keep quiet. Mary’s heart sank at Savanna’s words. She knew how much her granddaughter loved playing outdoors, and it seemed unfair that she was denied that simple pleasure.

Trying to comfort Savanna, Mary put on a reassuring smile. “Oh, sweetheart, I’m sure there must be a good reason for it. Maybe it was too hot or something. We’ll find out, don’t you worry.”

Something More To This


The following day, as Mary dropped off her granddaughter, she overheard another child, Jenny, complaining to her mother about the same issue. Her curiosity got the better of her. Mary decided it was time to address the matter.

After bidding Savanna goodbye, she approached the imposing figure of the day mother, Priscilla. Priscilla was a big burly woman known for her strict demeanor. Would she even give Mary the time of day?

A Preoccupied Teacher


Determined to find answers, Mary decided to have a word with Priscilla, the day mother responsible for Happy Hands and Feet. She would do anything for her granddaughter.

Priscilla, a large bulky woman with an intimidating presence, seemed indifferent to Mary’s concerns. She continued scrolling through her phone. She didn’t even bother to look up.

Hard To Approach


Mary walked slowly towards the stern teacher. She looked behind her to see if anybody was watching. Nobody saw her go.

Approaching Priscilla with a friendly smile, Mary politely asked, “Excuse me, Priscilla. I was wondering if everything is alright. Savanna mentioned that the children haven’t been allowed outside for playtime lately.”

You Have My Attention


The large lady stopped scrolling. There was a moment of complete silence. Mary was frozen. She was scared. She didn’t move a muscle. What was she going to do?

Priscilla’s eyes darted toward Mary, but she remained silent, choosing to ignore the grandmother’s question. She clearly wasn’t a people’s person and wanted to be left alone.

I Need To Know


Mary wasn’t going to give up so easily. They were paying school fees and deserved to know what was happening with their child during the day.

With a polite smile, Mary approached Priscilla and asked, “Excuse me, Priscilla. I hope all is well. I couldn’t help but notice that the children haven’t been going outside for playtime. Is everything alright?”

Won’t Take No


Priscilla barely glanced at Mary, her response curt and dismissive. “Everything’s fine. We have our reasons,” she retorted, her tone unyielding. She slammed her cell phone down on the desk next to her.

“She comes back all in one piece, doesn’t she? Now, please excuse me.” She abruptly walked away. Mary was taken aback and left in a hurry. She was worried and thought something was amiss at that school.

Playing Dirty


The next day little Savanna came home with a note from the principal, Ms. Priscilla. “I couldn’t play outside again today, mee-maw,” the little girl cried.

Mary read the signed letter from the school. She said the reason Savanna wasn’t allowed outside was because she was disrupting the other children. Immediately Mary knew this was a payback for yesterday’s confrontation.

It’s Getting Personal


Not one to be deterred easily, Mary returned to school the next day. “What is this?” she asked, waving the school note in the air. Ms. Priscilla was shocked because Mary had barged into her classroom.

The angry granny pressed on, her concern growing. “I understand you have your reasons, but it’s important for the children’s well-being to spend time outdoors. It’s good for their health and development.”

Stuck In A Corner


Ms. Priscillas’ face went white with fear. It was the middle of the school day. The principal and other teachers were also around.

Annoyance flickered across Priscilla’s face, but Mary continued undeterred. “By the way, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re wearing the same shirt as yesterday. Is everything alright?” Some of her students giggled at the back.

Being Mean


Unfazed by Priscilla’s dismissive attitude, Mary persisted. “And forgive me for asking, but I noticed you’re wearing the same shirt as yesterday. Are you staying at the school overnight?”

Priscilla’s face reddened with anger, and her voice rose to a menacing growl. “Mind your own business, lady! What I wear and what I do with these kids is none of your concern!”

What Is It


Taken aback by the unexpected outburst, Mary stood her ground, refusing to be intimidated. “That’s where you are wrong, lady. We pay good money for all our children to share the schools’ amenities.”

You are not going to deny these children their right to playtime. You are messing with the wrong granny!” Priscilla was seething with anger, and Mary knew that things wouldn’t be getting better anytime soon. What was the teacher capable of?



Mary and Priscilla were now engaged in a stand-off. Their eyes were locked on each other as they circled one another like predators who were trying to protect their territories.

The tension in the air was palpable, and everyone around them knew it was only a matter of time before one of them struck. But who would that be? And who would end up on top?

Taking In The Situation


As Mary was circling the teacher, she took a moment to size her up. She was taking in the situation that was unfolding around her, and thanks to her observant nature, she managed to pick up on quite a few things.

The big things were obvious to everyone, but there were some smaller things that not many other people had picked up on.

Small Details


The dark circles beneath Priscilla’s eyes indicated that she was suffering from a lack of sleep. She was doused in a thick layer of perfume.

Her eyes were all over the place as if she was suffering from paranoia. But when she was spoken to, she was locked on to the person who was doing the speaking.

There Was More To It


There was more to this situation than met the eye. Something was going on behind the scenes, and if Mary was right, then it was the cause of all these problems.

But what was it that had the teacher in such a state? And what could Mary do to protect the children from the madness it was causing at the school?

How To Handle It


Mary took a moment to think about the best way to handle the situation. She knew that a cornered rat would strike if they saw no way out.

Would Priscilla do the same? Would her behavior become even worse when she sensed a threat she couldn’t escape? There was only one way to find out.

Something About Her


Mary also realized that there was something about Priscilla’s personality that she had seen before. It was a destructive trait that often reared its ugly head in the workplace.

Mary had seen it time and time again while she was still in the workforce, and she had seen many people trying to combat it. Very few of those people succeeded.

This Wouldn’t End Well


Because of that, Mary knew that this situation wouldn’t end well. A strong, determined woman like herself would never back down. And neither would her opponent.

So what could she do to combat these actions and protect her grandchild? Should she fight fire with fire? Or should she take a step back in order to calm the situation?

Knew Her Type


Priscilla was the destructive type who would react negatively to criticism. She would strike back with full force if she felt like she was under attack.

And Mary knew that her grandchild would suffer the consequences of her actions if she didn’t end this once and for all. It was all up to her now. But did she have the arsenal to win this fight?

Couldn’t Back Down


For Mary, that didn’t matter. The safety of her grandchild was all that mattered at that point in time, and she would do whatever it took to ensure things didn’t go any further.

She wasn’t going to back down. One way or another, she’d find a way to put an end to this madness. And if she couldn’t, she’d come up with something else.



But one thing was for sure. There was no way Mary was going to let her grandchild suffer because she was trying to help her achieve something that should’ve been a normal practice, to begin with.

If this didn’t end there on that day, she would not be letting her grandchild return to the school. What would the outcome be?



Mary’s voice quivered with a mix of anger and concern. “I demand to know what’s going on here. Why are the children being denied outdoor playtime? And why are you so defensive about it?”

Priscilla’s eyes narrowed, a sinister glint in her gaze. Her voice dropped to a chilling whisper. “You think you can just waltz in here and question me? You have no idea what I’m capable of.”



The other teachers and students froze, sensing the tension in the air. Priscilla stood defiant against Mary, intent on making her loud voice heard.

Fear gripped Mary’s heart, but she refused to back down. “I will not be silenced. I will not let you mistreat these innocent children. I will find out the truth, no matter what it takes.”



Suddenly, the intercom crackled to life, interrupting the tense standoff. The principal’s voice boomed through the speakers, “Attention, everyone. Lockdown protocol initiated. Stay inside your classrooms. This is not a drill.”

Panic surged through the school as teachers rushed to secure the doors. Mary’s mind raced with questions, wondering what was happening. Things were getting heated.



Priscilla’s eyes widened with a mix of surprise and uncertainty. As the seconds ticked by, a heavy silence settled over the school.

The muffled sounds of distant sirens filled the air, heightening the atmosphere of suspense. Mary’s heart pounded in her chest as she clung to the hope that the lockdown was just a precautionary measure.



Hours passed, and anxiety gnawed at Mary’s insides. She wondered if Savanna was safe and if any harm had come to the children under Priscilla’s care. The lack of information only fueled her fears.

Finally, the intercom crackled to life once again, and the principal’s voice trembled with urgency. “Attention, everyone. The lockdown has been lifted.”



“We have received reports of a dangerous individual in the vicinity. Please remain vigilant and follow all safety protocols.”

Relief washed over Mary, but her concern for Savanna remained. With determination in her eyes, she made her way toward Priscilla, who now wore a mask of apprehension. But it wasn’t over just yet. Mary knew that much.

Hiding The Truth


“You may think you can hide the truth, but I won’t stop until I uncover it,” Mary whispered, her voice laced with determination.

Priscilla’s eyes darted around nervously, her confidence waning. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into,” she hissed, her voice tinged with desperation. Mary had Priscilla right where she wanted her.

A Battle Of Wills


The stage was set for a battle of wills as Mary and Priscilla stood face to face, each harboring secrets that threatened to unravel the very fabric of Happy Hands and Feet.

The truth lay hidden, waiting to be exposed, and the lives of innocent children hung in the balance. Mary just didn’t know exactly what it was that she was going to uncover.

Not Afraid


“How dare you shout at me and tell me what to do?” But Mary was not afraid of the big burly woman. She was ready for her.

But Priscilla was ready for Mary as well. The ladies went up against each other chest to chest in a show of defiance. Neither one of them was willing to comply.

A Clash of Titans


The tension between Mary and Priscilla escalated, their clash of wills becoming a battle of strength and determination. The air crackled with electricity as the two formidable women stood chest to chest, their eyes locked in a fierce gaze.

Mary refused to back down, her grandmotherly instincts fueling her courage. She had always fought for what she believed in, and she wasn’t about to let Priscilla’s bullying tactics intimidate her.

A Movie


The two of them stepped out of the classroom, determined to iron out the problems they were facing. The other teachers looked on as everyone now stood outside.

Mary felt like she was in a movie, trying to fight a battle with an evil villain. She couldn’t believe that it had come down to this.

Uncovering The Truth


As the tension mounted, Mary took a deep breath and decided to change her approach. She realized that her anger would only fuel Priscilla’s defiance. It was time to find common ground.

But was such a thing even possible with a woman like Priscilla? Did she care enough to back down a little and accept things for what they were?

Different Approach


Mary took a deep breath, knowing she was about to reveal her suspicions. “I’ve noticed that the children haven’t been going outside, and you’ve been acting strange. Is there something you’re not telling us? Are they in danger?” she asked, trying to sound as calm as possible.

But the response she got was not what she was expecting.



Priscilla’s eyes narrowed, suspicion evident in her gaze. “What are you implying?” she snapped, crossing her arms defensively.

And with that, Priscilla became increasingly angry. “How dare you accuse me of endangering the children’s lives? You don’t know how difficult things are around here trying to look after 30-odd unruly children. You try it and see.”

Getting To The Bottom Of The Matter


Mary could imagine how difficult it was, but Priscilla still wasn’t being honest and open with all the parents.

There was still something that was wrong here. Mary could feel it in her bones. No matter what, she was going to get to the bottom of it, come hell or high water. Her granddaughter was worth it.

Not Backing Down


Mary wanted to know why the children were not allowed to go outside. What was going on at the school that Priscilla was keeping from all the parents?

“If you aren’t going to tell me what’s going on here, I am going to force it out of you. My granddaughter’s well-being depends on it.” Mary was not backing down.

Mental Issues


Priscilla’s eyes flashed with offense, and her brows furrowed in anger. “What’s it to you? Mind your own business, your old hag!” she snapped, her words laced with venom.

The children were starting to get restless. Mary left the classroom promising that it wouldn’t be the last she heard from her. “You better let her play outside from now on,” she said.

Being The Better Person


Mary was taken aback by the sudden outburst, but she stood her ground, refusing to be intimidated.

“I apologize if I’ve offended you,” she said, trying to regain control of the situation. “But I genuinely care about the children here. It’s my duty as a grandmother to ensure their safety and well-being. I’m sure you can understand that.”

Fuel On The Fire


Priscilla’s face turned a shade redder, her voice now a seething growl. “Get out of here, you meddlesome old woman! The children are fine, and they don’t need your interference!”

Mary was shocked by the woman’s words. How dare she treat a legal guardian like that? Mary had every right to be there and to question her actions if she felt that her grandchild was in danger.

Attacked By A Preschool Teacher


Priscilla’s scowl deepened, and she spat out a series of expletives at Mary, a venomous attack on her character and her interference. She tried to grab Mary’s jacket, but Mary was too quick for her and jumped out of the way.

Things were getting out of hand now. This was a threat of violence, and that was something Mary wouldn’t stand for.

Get Out!


Priscilla started pushing Mary out of the classroom. But Mary refused to back down, her determination fueled by her love for her granddaughter and concern for the other children under Priscilla’s care.

The only way she was leaving that school was with her grandchild’s hand in hers and answers to her questions. She would stand for nothing less.

Not The Time For This


Mary was scared that things might get physical. She thought about her granddaughter, and an image of her fighting with her teacher was not going to be a good one.

She needed to find another way to deal with the situation and the teacher. Getting the police involved would not be the best way to deal with this.

Time To Go


Though hurt by Priscilla’s harsh words, Mary knew she had to protect the children, especially her precious Savanna. Without another word, she turned on her heel and left the daycare, her mind racing with concern and determination.

But she didn’t leave alone. She had her grandchild with her. And in her mind, this was nowhere near the end. She’d get even.

Getting Serious


Mary couldn’t let this go. She knew she had to do something for the children’s sake. She didn’t want to tell her daughter Jessica about it because she just got her to trust her spending time with Savanna, and she loved their pickup and drop-off adventure times.

But she’d find a way to deal with the teacher and her actions. This was an encounter Priscilla would never forget.

A Phone Call


With a firm resolve, she contacted the local childcare regulatory agency, sharing her concerns about Happy Hands and Feet. The agency assured her that they would investigate the matter promptly.

Mary was hopeful, but at the same time, she was nervous. Would the agency find proof of what was going on there? And what kind of steps would be taken to avoid future incidents?

Higher Authority


Days turned into weeks, and eventually, Mary received a call from the regulatory agency. Mary listened to every word the investigator told her and made notes as he spoke.

They informed her that their investigation had revealed several violations at Happy Hands and Feet, including negligence and failure to provide adequate outdoor playtime. Priscilla had been relieved of her duties, and the center was now under new management.

Moving Ahead


It would take time for the court to come to a decision. Relieved but still concerned, Mary decided to enroll Savanna in a different daycare center, one known for its nurturing environment and dedication to children’s well-being.

From the very first day at “Future Kids of Tomorrow,” Savanna’s mood brightened, and Mary could see the happiness radiating from her granddaughter once more. She made the right choice.

Making Changes


As word of Priscilla’s behavior spread among the parents and guardians, they, too, began to question the well-being of their little ones.

Mary spearheaded a meeting to address their collective concerns, ensuring that the voices of worried caregivers were heard. The daycare center soon faced scrutiny from the authorities, who swiftly launched an investigation.

It was discovered that Priscilla had been neglecting her responsibilities, denying the children their rightful outdoor playtime for her own convenience. The children’s welfare and happiness had been pushed aside in favor of Priscilla’s personal preferences.

Good Riddance


The investigation resulted in Priscilla’s dismissal and a new day mother, Ms. Thompson, was appointed. With her arrival, a wave of positive change swept through Happy Hands and Feet.

Children once again laughed and played under the warm sun, cherishing their time outdoors. Mary’s efforts had not only brought justice for the children but also restored the peace of mind for the worried parents.

The bond between Mary and Savanna grew stronger through this experience as they both realized the power of standing up for what is right.

A Better School For All


From that day forward, Mary became a symbol of strength and advocacy within the community. She continued to champion the rights of children, ensuring their safety, happiness, and well-being.

As for Savanna, she bloomed under her grandmother’s loving guidance, knowing that her voice and happiness mattered. She completely forgot about how she was treated at her old daycare center.

For The Children


As time went on, Mary’s courageous actions inspired other parents who had faced similar issues at Happy Hands and Feet. Together, they formed a committee advocating for the rights and well-being of children in daycare centers, ensuring that no child would suffer neglect or mistreatment.

And so, with a grandmother’s love and a courageous spirit, Mary Skaggs left an indelible mark on Happy Hands and Feet, a reminder that every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment where they can spread their wings and discover the wonders of the world around them.

Life Is Precious


Through her determination and unwavering love for her granddaughter, Mary had not only saved Savanna from an unhealthy environment but also made a lasting impact on the lives of many other children.

And though the memory of Priscilla’s hurtful words lingered, Mary chose to focus on the positive change she had initiated, knowing that her actions had made a real difference in the lives of young ones.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.