Read ‘Em and Weep: 25 Awkward Grammar Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Think your grammar skills are up to par? Take our grammar quiz to see how they rank, and then check out 25 people who clearly failed their English classes (and would likewise fail our grammar quiz). Thank you, Bored Panda, for sharing these amazing grammar fails with the world.

1.) Board or Bored?

grammar fails

The images are blurred so we can’t see how old Rachel is, but hopefully she’s still young enough to have a few more grammar classes in her future to prevent more grammar fails and learn that you write on a chalkboard, are bored in class, and the word “bord” doesn’t actually exist.

2.) You’re Vs. Your

Grammar 101: “Your” is possessive and “you’re” means “you are.” As in, “you’re welcome we’re teaching you this.”