Read ‘Em and Weep: 25 Awkward Grammar Fails That Will Make You Cringe

Whether you're an English nerd or not, grammar fails are a guaranteed way to make you cringe. Check out the below 25 grammar fails and weep.

Think your grammar skills are up to par? Well, either these awkward grammar fails will make you cringe or you won’t even notice them.

Check out 25 people who clearly failed their English classes.


1.) Board or Bored?

grammar fails

The images are blurred so we can’t see how old Rachel is, but hopefully, she’s still young enough to have a few more grammar classes in her future to prevent more grammar fails and learn that you write on a chalkboard, are bored in class.

The word “bord” doesn’t actually exist.

2.) You’re Vs. Your

Grammar 101: “Your” is possessive and “you’re” means “you are.”

As in, “you’re welcome we’re teaching you this.”

3.) Touché…

grammar fails

We love a good comeback.

If you’re going to dish it out, you best be able to take it!

4.) The Word Is “Hypocrite”

grammar fails

At least Hannah attempted to use spellcheck (we think), but now she needs to do a bit more research into the field of science!

Does she even know who Einstein is?

5.) Singular Vs. Plural

grammar fails

Honestly, the phrase “never underestimate the intelligence of a woman” or “never underestimate the intelligence of women” would work here.

Just pick a lane and get it right!

6.) Stop Whining and Pay More Attention in Class!

grammar fails

Med school? Let’s start with an English class (or three). And then learn to stop complaining. And then learn how to use punctuation!

If this person does become a doctor, we hope he or she is one physician who never treats us!

7.) If You Talk The Talk, You Better Walk the Walk

grammar failsLet’s start over, shall we?

“I’m an intelligent, classy, well-educated woman who says f*** a lot.”

If you’re going to boast about something, at least do it right!

8.) #DadWin

grammar fails

Yikes. This is just too terrible to read, and it burns our eyes.

This kid shames his dad for a bad profile pic but can’t even spell “offense,” “lose,” or properly write out the word “and”?

9.) When Punctuation REALLY Matters

grammar fails

We’re guessing she’s referring to her BF as “baby.”

Good for him for double-checking!

10.) Mmmm, Man Bacon

grammar failsFor the love of bacon, please learn how to properly punctuate a sentence!

One comma can make all the difference and clear up a lot of unnecessary confusion.

11.) DRAFA?

grammar fails

Given this acronym, we don’t even know what the “M” is supposed to stand for.

This is just a fail all around.


grammar fails

We’re fine with the caps; we’ve all had moments when we accidentally leave caps to lock on.

It’s the “Do anyone” and “I rite” that really kill us!

13.) Are Parents Considered Processed?

grammar fails

Commas really do come in handy and can be quite humorous when left out!

Who knew.

14.) Could This Girl Even Get Into College?

grammar fails

We agree with Britani – Ashley needs to brush up on her grammar skills a bit before she applies to college! No admissions team would accept an applicant that ends a sentence with a period and an exclamation mark.

And don’t get us started on her atrocious spelling …

15.) We Love a Good Comeback

grammar fails

“Manor [man-er]: In England, A landed estate or territorial unit, originally of the nature of a feudal lordship, consisting of a lord’s demesne and of lands within which he has the right to exercise certain privileges, exact certain fees, etc.”

  1. Any similar territorial unit in medieval Europe, as a feudal estate
  2. The mansion of a lord with the land belonging to it.
  3. The main house or mansion on an estate, plantation, etc.”

Thank you for this education.


grammar fails

Don’t air your grievances on social media.

No one wants to hear them, and more than likely, you’ll get trolled a time or two.

17.) When The Teacher Claps Back: ‘Who’s The Bitch Now?’

grammar fails

Teacher for the win!

If we had a teacher with this sense of humor and wit, she’d be our favorite as well!

18.) This Doesn’t Even Make Sense

grammar fails

Is this romantic trying to tell us it takes two to be happy, as in, you can’t be happy alone? And that combined with the heart emoji, it’s her way of telling us she’s in a new relationship?

Or did she confuse this with “there’s no ‘I’ in team”? We’re perplexed.

19.) Grammar Nerd For The Win

grammar fails

Thomas has a point.

We hope Jordan Venmo’d him ASAP for this grammar advice!

20.) There’s a Time To Troll, and a Time To Shut Up

grammar fails

We wouldn’t want to share our box seats with this ungrateful friend, either.

If someone offers you box seats, the proper response is “I’d love to, thank you for the offer” – not a grammar lesson.

21.) Ouch

grammar fails

To be honest, we wouldn’t want to date anyone who misspelled the word “heart,” either!

Good for Joey for cutting the cord while it was still fresh.

22.) ‘Don’t Answer’

grammar fails

You think by the fourth time, “Don’t Answer” would have just stopped. And now we know why this person’s nickname on the phone is “don’t answer.”

S/he’s not only emotionally needy but grammatically needy as well!

23.) Dear FBI …

grammar fails

… if you find a body, we have an idea who the culprit is.

You’re welcome!

24.) I Choose The Ladder

grammar fails

The “ladder,” the spacing before and after the commas, and the “-i” – there are just so many grammar fails here!

How is that even possible?

25.) Uncle Jack

grammar fails We’ll give her an “A” for teaching people grammar rules.

But we’re disappointed she couldn’t at least spell-check!

Thank you, Bored Panda, for sharing these amazing grammar fails with the world.

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