3-Year-Old’s Belly Won’t Stop Growing, Doctor Sees Ultrasound


Couldn’t Believe Her Eyes

It was impossible for the frantic mother to comprehend what was unfolding before her. This was not what she expected. It was a peaceful night for her baby.

There was no way she could have anticipated what would soon occur.

An adoring mother brushed through her daughter’s hair tenderly. The last thing she wanted to do was wake her. After this, her life would be a living hell. No one could have predicted what would happen next.

Mother Of The Year


Throughout her life, Patricia Louis had been nothing but a loving mother to her two precious kids. In Nashville, Tennessee, they lived in a quiet community where not much happened. Family life was beyond wonderful for them.

The panic she experienced when she realized that something was terribly wrong with her three-year-old daughter was unlike any other.

In the blink of an eye, her abdominal area had transformed into an entirely different shape, much larger than before.

Teething Phase


There was great concern filling the 34-year-old matriarch. “Are you okay, my child? Do you feel any pain?” Without hesitation, Jaimie weakly nodded and responded, under her breath, “I don’t feel good, Mom.” Jaimie had always been the apple of Patricia’s eye.

Patricia had done everything in her power to make sure Jaimie was as healthy as she could be since the very second she was conceived.

In response, Patricia became extremely alarmed as Jaimie’s stomach bizarrely and inexplicably increased in size.

Not A Moment To Waste


Paul, Jaimie’s father, was undoubtedly alarmed; he worked grueling hours as a truck driver and was often away from home for extended periods of time. At the time when his family most needed him, he was hundreds of miles from home.

Her daughter’s mysterious stomach prompted Patricia to come up with several possible explanations.

Her first rationalization was just indigestion or bloating, but as the swelling became more pronounced over the following days, she became increasingly frightened.

The Bottom Of It


Patricia hesitated to take Jaimie to the emergency unit despite her worst fears.

In fear of what the doctors might say, she worried that her daughter might have developed a serious condition.

Patricia knew it was time to seek medical attention when Jaimie started having episodes of severe stomach pains and displaying a total lack of energy and spirit.

All Lies


In the beginning, Patricia wondered if Jaimie was pregnant.

Given Jaimie’s young age of three, it was obviously an outlandish thought. That couldn’t be possible, could it?

Patricia was filled with a bone-chilling fear at the mere prospect that something might be wrong with her adoring daughter. An expert’s opinion was of utmost urgency.

Terms Of The Trade


Anxiety and fear consumed the whole hospital.

Despite Patricia’s best efforts, the doctor was unable to convince her that her daughter was not pregnant but that something was very amiss with regards to her health.

Her heart filled with terror as she heard the words for the very first time, losing all control of her emotions. She didn’t understand a thing; couldn’t the doctors tell?

A Sigh Of Relief


The hospitalization of Jaimie brought several things to Patricia’s attention.

Her daughter, unsurprisingly, wasn’t pregnant, which relieved Patricia’s nerves greatly. However, the next set of news was far more grave.

Jaimie’s ultrasound revealed something else. Her organs swelled up inside her body due to an extremely uncommon medical condition.

One In A Million


Diuretics were prescribed for Jaimie to reduce water retention, but it was clear that a whole new heart would be necessary.

A compatible donor was thoroughly sought after, but there weren’t many hearts available that would fit a poor toddler’s body.

In hopes of saving their daughter’s life, Patricia and her husband urgently contacted doctors across the world in Melbourne. Fortunately, one existed, but they had to travel abroad to find it.

Seasons Change


There were a lot of hospital appointments, experimental tests, and courses of medication over the next several weeks.

A team of doctors and nurses monitored Jaimie constantly while she took further diuretics to reduce water retention in her tiny body.

As Patricia and Paul painstakingly watched their beloved daughter’s health rapidly decline, they felt nothing but hopelessness and despair.

Tough Choices


As the severity of Jaimie’s condition became apparent, Patricia and her husband began to explore other options.

They contacted doctors in Melbourne, Australia, to explore the possibility of a heart transplant. It was confirmed.

The decision to go ahead with the operation was not an easy one – they knew there were risks involved, but they also knew that it was their best chance of saving their daughter’s life.

Down Under


The family of three started planning their overseas trip. They were organized for the change of country, but the journey was long and difficult.

Jaimie’s body struggled to adjust on the plane, and she suffered from a series of complications.

Patricia and her husband were constantly by her side, comforting her and providing support as she battled through the pain and discomfort.

That’s A Good Thing


Although the operation was a success, there were some minor setbacks during Jaimie’s recovery.

Patricia and her husband watched as their little girl fought to regain her strength, willing her to get better every day.

They had to take care of her in her bed as she couldn’t walk or even move much. She wasn’t allowed out of the hospital.

Stay Strong


It was nearly too much to bear for Patricia. She was tired of things not working out for her daughter. But she tried her best to keep a positive mindset just for her daughter, who was clearly struggling.

The confused girl didn’t entirely know what was going on. Each day was a new challenge, but they faced them together as a family.

They assured their daughter that the doctor’s knew what they were doing. But the twist would be when the doctors were left scratching their heads. What was going on with their baby girl?

The Long Road


As the days turned into weeks, Patricia and her husband became increasingly anxious. They wanted nothing more than to take their daughter home, but they knew that Jaimie needed to be monitored carefully to ensure that she was healing properly.

Her heartbeat was slowly picking up rhythm, and she was starting to gain some color back to her face.

The parents really believed that things were going to get better, but they had no idea what was in store for their little girl.

It Takes Time


Slowly but surely, Jaimie began to show more signs of improvement. She started to regain her strength, and her spirits lifted.

One day she even managed to sit up straight on her own. “That’s a strong girl,” her mother said. Even if in her mind she was still worried half-to-death by her situation.

Patricia and her husband were overjoyed to see their little girl making progress, but deep down, they knew that she still had a long road of recovery ahead. If the couple knew about how things would end with their child, they would have started to panic.

Too Soon


The doctors started some physical therapies with the little girl. They thought that it would help with her cardio exercise. But they had no idea how much of a mistake that was.

Jaime took a turn for the worse and was bedridden for three days after that. Her parents were furious with the team of doctors.

It felt as if they had some kind of agenda. “My child is not some science experiment! She is alive! Have you no shame?” Paul told them.

Had To Try


They had to make sure Jaimie knew that her parents were there for her. Patricia and Paul sat up with her and read her bedtime stories at the hospital. But they knew things could change in an instant.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Jaimie began to show signs of improvement. Her energy levels increased, and her appetite returned. But things would only get worse.

My Rare Daughter


Patricia’s heart sank as she heard the diagnosis. She had never even heard of Restrictive cardiomyopathy before, let alone knew how to deal with it. She felt lied to, her daughter was supposed to be making a full recovery, not get worse.

But the road ahead was still long and uncertain. Jaimie would need to continue her medication regime, and there was always the risk of rejection.

Patricia tried to stay positive, but she knew that there were still many hurdles to overcome. Their battle had only just begun.

Hard On Her


The little girl’s recovery was long and challenging for her. Jaimie had to undergo countless tests and procedures, and Patricia and her husband were constantly worried about the next hurdle that their daughter would have to face.

Her body was not picking up any weight, and she always looked sick and sad. What more could they do?

Her medical regimen was so strict, they were sometimes afraid to touch her. It seemed that no one really knew what was going on.

Accustomed To Change


The couple had been in Melbourne for over a month now. They were getting accustomed to life in a different country, even though the circumstances were difficult.

Despite the challenges, the Louis family never lost hope. They knew that Jaimie was a fighter and that she would make it through this difficult time.

But would they be able to make it to the final round?

Not Giving Up


As the weeks turned into months, Patricia watched her daughter slowly but steadily regain her strength.

Jaimie was able to play and laugh again, and her parents were overjoyed to see her enjoying life once more.

They were grateful to the doctors and nurses who had worked tirelessly to save her, and they felt blessed to have their family reunited. Were things really looking up?

Big Changes


They were able to move Jaime into a normal pediatric ward. She was allowed to make friends and see the other children. It really changed her mood.

As the months passed, Jaimie continued to improve. She began to play and laugh again, and her parents felt as though they had their little girl back.

Although, there was a question on everyone’s mind. What would happen once she was discharged?

A Glimmer Of Hope


For the first time in months, Patricia started to feel like herself again. She felt as though things would finally be normal again.

“Maybe this time it’s for good,” she told her husband. Looking back on that difficult time, Patricia knew that they had been through a lot as a family.

The fear, the uncertainty, and the pain had been almost too much to bear. They feared that the worst would happen to their little girl.

Not For Now


The couple had even more problems as the medical bills started piling up. They didn’t even understand what half of the treatments and procedures were for.

But even though Jaimie was doing better, Patricia and her husband knew that there was still a long way to go.

They were grateful for every day that they had with their daughter, but they also knew that they would never take a single moment for granted. If they did, they could end up with a very sad situation.

Other Problems


Patricia knew that she would have to get a full-time caregiver for Jaimie. She would have to go back to work when she returned to the U.S.

She felt a sense of gratitude for every moment they had together and a renewed appreciation for the simple things in life – the sound of Jaimie’s laughter, the warmth of the sun on their faces, the simple pleasure of a family meal. But if she really thought that things were over, she was mistaken.

An Urgent Email


But it wasn’t the only problem they were facing. Patricia had received a very urgent email from work.

She had been so busy that there wasn’t any time to look at it. But now, since it was marked as urgent, she had to look at it.

She clicked on the email, wondering what it could be. She wasn’t ready for what she would read.

What Did They Want?


She sat down with only a moment to spare, knowing that they had to prepare Jaimie to go home.

She had been on leave for a few months, but she still wondered what had come up that needed her urgent attention.

When Patricia eventually clicked on the email, she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was something she had not expected. It would change everything, and it all had to do with her daughter.



The email had detailed all the time that she had been away from work. It was, of course, unpaid leave, but now, it seemed like her workplace was giving her an ultimatum.

Either she would have to return to work within the next week, or she would be let go from her position. Patricia’s mouth nearly fell to the ground.

She felt tears stream down her face. Did she have to choose between her work or her daughter?



She found her eyes proofreading the email again and again. Patricia immediately panicked when she read the words for the third time. She wanted to make sure that it was indeed what she was reading.

According to them, they needed someone to fill her position because they had several new clients, and the workload had doubled substantially.

Patricia’s heart was beating, and she didn’t know what to do. What would happen to her daughter?

The Toughest Decision


Patricia knew that she had to make a decision quickly. She couldn’t afford to lose her job, but at the same time, she couldn’t abandon Jaimie during her recovery.

She talked to her husband about it, and they both agreed that Jaimie needed her full attention right now. But what would her work think of that?

Explaining Her Situation


They decided that Patricia would take a leave of absence for a few more months to take care of Jaimie, even if it meant risking losing her job. Patricia took a deep breath and began typing an email to her boss, explaining her situation.

She told them that she would need to extend her leave of absence for a few more months, but she would do her best to catch up on work as soon as possible.

She was nervous about their response, but she hit send anyway. She felt tears well up in her eyes again, would they let her take the absence?

A Surprising Response


To her surprise, Patricia’s boss replied with understanding and sympathy. They said that they would support her decision and would be willing to work with her to find a way to balance her work and family responsibilities.

Patricia was relieved and grateful for their response.

She hadn’t expected them to be so kind to her after everything they had been through. It meant that their daughter could be looked after.

That’s A Wrap


Eventually, Jaimie was well enough to go home. Patricia and her husband were overjoyed to have their little girl back under their roof, and they did everything in their power to make sure that she was comfortable and happy, although she still had to undergo regular checkups and treatments.

They made arrangements to return home to America.

They were ready to start life anew with Jaimie. It was a new world of possibilities.

Support From Family


Patricia’s family also came together to help her during this tough time.

Her parents offered to help take care of Jaimie while she went back to work, and her siblings pitched in with meals and errands.

Although she felt blessed to have such a supportive and loving family, she didn’t want to place too much strain on everybody else.

Taking It One Day at a Time


With her family’s help and her workplace’s understanding, Patricia was able to focus on Jaimie’s recovery without worrying about losing her job.

She knew that there were still challenges ahead, but she took it one day at a time and tried to stay positive.

She continued to be grateful for every moment she had with her daughter. But their problems were not over, it seemed.

The Next Hurdle


However, just as Jaimie was starting to recover, Patricia’s husband was laid off from his job.

They had been struggling with the medical bills and now had to deal with a loss of income as well.

Patricia felt like they were constantly facing new challenges. It was all becoming too much, but she tried to stay strong for her family. 

Job Hunting


With her husband’s layoff, Paul had to start looking for a new job to support their family.

He spent hours sending out resumes and going on interviews, but it seemed like every job he applied for was already taken.

He started to feel discouraged and worried about their future. Would they be able to come out of this new situation?

A New Opportunity


Just when Paul was starting to lose hope, he received a call from a company he had interviewed with months ago.

They said that they had a new opening and wanted to offer him the job.

Paul was ecstatic and relieved. It felt like a new chapter was starting for their family. This was the breakthrough they had been hoping for.

Jaimie’s Progress


As the months went by, Jaimie continued to make progress. She was able to eat solid food again and was slowly regaining her strength.

She was also starting to talk more and more, and her laughter filled the house again.

Patricia and Paul couldn’t believe that their luck had turned around for the better like this. 

A New Chapter


With his new job, Paul was able to support his family again. They were able to pay off their medical bills and start saving for the future.

Jaimie continued to make progress and was finally able to go back to school.

Patricia was still able to work at her old job. They couldn’t have been happier.

More Challenges To Face?


They knew that there would still be challenges ahead, but they faced them together, grateful for every moment they had as a family.

But they needed a break and decided to do something fun. It was time to celebrate the little victories they had achieved as a family.

Jaimie deserved a party to let her know that she had come a long way.

Jaimie’s Progress Party


They were welcomed home with a beautiful party. Their friends and family were happy to see them. It was a bittersweet reunion.

But even though Jaimie was home, she still had to undergo regular checkups and treatments.

Patricia and her husband continued to worry about their daughter, but they knew that they had to stay strong for her.

Stronger Than Before


Despite everything that they had been through, the Louis family had grown even closer.

They had faced their challenges together and had emerged stronger for it.

The little girl knew that she was special. She was different from the other children. Her grandmother said it was because she had a ‘soft heart.’ She was an angel child.

Happy Family Again


The family was reunited with their elder child. They spent time together and tried to bond again as a family of four. Patricia was grateful that her mother took care of her son while she was away.

As Jaimie grew older, she never forgot the love and support that her parents had shown her. She knew that they had been there for her through the toughest time.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.