Woman Stops Girl From Entering Pool, Then Dad Turns The Tables On Her


Rudely Interrupted

Hannah had no idea that her innocent playtime fun in the pool was about to be rudely interrupted.

The first time she came, there weren’t any problems. But now, a rude woman was staring down at her, shouting for her to get out of the pool because she didn’t belong there. Hannah didn’t know what to do.

A Tough Time


Hannah Fuller was a 12-year-old girl going through a very tough time. Not only was she going through puberty and some teenage angst, but her parents were getting divorced.

She couldn’t understand why grown-ups just couldn’t work on their problems. In the end, she blamed herself for their break up and tried everything to get them to stay together.



Ultimately, the divorce was not negotiable, and Hannah watched her dad pack his bags and leave their family home. Now she would have to go back and forth to visit him.

Hannah hated the situation, but she later understood that some adults are not meant to be together. She loved them and wanted them to be happy, even though she wasn’t.

A Nice Place


Hannah’s father, Joe, found himself a nice apartment nearby so that Hannah could just take a walk to visit him whenever she wanted to.

When Hannah first went to visit, she was very impressed. The apartment complex was very neat and had beautiful greenery and flowers everywhere. But it also had something that would be the beginning of a nightmare for Hannah.

The Pool


In the middle of the complex and surrounded by all the apartments, was a pool. Hannah was a bit of a shy girl, but she loved swimming.

She couldn’t think of anything more than spending hours of her time in this pool. But what Hannah didn’t know was that someone was out to ruin her fun in the sun, and it was about to get ugly.

A New Friend


By then, Hannah had become a regular at her dad’s apartment complex and even made a new friend as well. She hung out with Anna most of the time, and today was the day that she was finally going to test out the pool. She put on her new blue bathing suit.

The water was nice and cool against the warmth of the day, and Hannah and Anna splashed and laughed loudly while having a fun day. Needless to say, it would all come to an abrupt end.

The Woman’s Hatred


The woman, whose name was Karen, had a reputation for being difficult and intolerant. She had a habit of creating problems for others, and she seemed to particularly dislike kids.

When she saw Hannah entering the pool, her eyes narrowed with disdain. She stormed over, her face red with anger, and started yelling at Hannah, “You don’t belong here!”

I’ll Call The Cops


Hannah stopped dead in her tracks. Was this woman talking to her? She turned around and looked at an overly sun-tanned woman with bleached blonde hair standing with her hands on her hips.

“Yeah, you, don’t you dare step foot into that pool. One more move, and I’m calling the cops!” Hannah looked at Anna, not knowing what to do next.

Harsh Words


“This pool is for residents only, and kids like you should stay away!” Karen’s harsh words echoed around the pool, drawing the attention of other swimmers.

Hannah was taken aback and felt tears welling up in her eyes. She wanted to stand up for herself, but the hurtful comments about not belonging struck a chord within her, reminding her of the turmoil her parents’ divorce had caused.

Ten Minutes Or Else


“Hey, lady, this is my friend. Her dad lives at apartment 25, and she has a right to be here,” Anna said, trying to vouch for her friend.

“I wasn’t talking to you, missy. Mind your own business. As for you, I want you out of this pool in ten minutes, or the cops will be swarming the area. You want to go to jail for trespassing?”



The woman then went to sit on a lounger at the opposite end of the pool. She had a clear view of Hannah and Anna. This was her plan, she wanted to make sure that they left.

Hannah was now panicking. How had a seemingly normal day at the pool turned out to be such a nightmare of a day? Hannah wasn’t looking for trouble. So she decided that it was best to leave the area.

We’re Not Leaving


But that’s when Anna stopped her. “No way, we’re not leaving. We’re having a great time. This woman can’t stop us. Who is she to tell us what to do anyways?”

But Hannah wasn’t so sure. The woman was somewhat right, she didn’t live there, and if it caused any problems with apartment complex management, she wanted no part of it.

Not The Manager


But since Anna was an actual resident at the complex, she knew who the manager was, and it definitely wasn’t this woman.

“C’mon Hannah, she has nothing on us. She’s not the manager. Let’s enjoy the day.” And with that, the two teenagers proceeded to climb back into the pool. That’s when all hell broke loose.



Hannah and Anna swam to their heart’s content, not knowing that the woman watching them was about to give them the tongue-lashing of their lives.

“Excuse me! Didn’t I just say that you shouldn’t be getting into this pool?” was all the woman said. But Hannah just continued to swim away, ignoring the angry woman. This made her furious.



She proceeded to walk all along the pool, shouting at the girls to get out or else. But Hannah and Anna just laughed. She felt like somewhat of a rebel for defying this woman.

“If you don’t come out of the pool this instant, I’m calling 911.” Anna laughed at what she had said, she couldn’t believe someone would actually call emergency services for something like this. But little did they know that this woman was dead serious.



She went back to sit on the pool lounger. Hannah and Anna thought that she had probably given up on fighting them, but they were wrong.

It wasn’t long before they heard sirens coming down the street. It was followed by screeching tires. Hannah and Anna looked at each other. “Yeah, I told you to get out of the pool. The cops are here to take you away.”

The Police


Two police officers came walking through the main apartment complex gates. The woman jumped up and walked over to greet them.

“Hi, officers, those are the girls. Especially that one in the blue bathing suit. She doesn’t belong here, and I want her arrested for trespassing immediately.” Hannah’s heart was beating so fast she thought it might jump out of her chest.

In Trouble


“Excuse me, Miss. Can you please step out of the pool?” Hannah looked over at Anna, both of them terrified of what might transpire. Why didn’t they just listen to this lady, she thought.

“Miss, do you live in this apartment complex?” Hannah began fidgeting and looking around her as a crowd of people began assembling. She knew she was in a world of trouble.

Arrest Her


“Um, no, Officer. I don’t live here, but…” Before Hannah could say anything else in her defense, the rude woman spoke up. “See, I told you she was trespassing. Take her away, we don’t need her kind endangering the lives of the residents here.”

But the police officers were willing to hear Hannah’s side of the story first. “Miss, if you don’t live here, how do you have access to the swimming pool? Did you jump the fence?”

Very Nervous


Hannah began sweating profusely, and she didn’t know how to get herself out of this situation she was in. The police were drilling her with questions, and it was making her very nervous.

“I don’t live here, but my dad does. That’s how I’ve been getting in.” But the officers weren’t convinced. They still had more questions for her.



“Do you have any proof that your dad lives here?” they asked her. Hannah couldn’t believe it. The questioning was getting very ridiculous and insulting.

“Yes, I can prove it. He lives in apartment 25 upstairs,” Hannah said. But that wasn’t enough to convince the police officers.

“Okay, do you mind if we go upstairs and have a word with him, then?” Hannah’s heart sank.

Not Home


“Um, my dad isn’t home right now. He quickly stepped out to get us lunch. He should be back any minute now.” Hannah could see how the officers looked at each other.

They thought she was lying to them. Hannah knew what they would do to her if they came to the conclusion that she was trespassing. But the rude woman wasn’t finished.

A Liar


“What a liar. Your dad is not here, sweetie. Quit lying and get out of the complex. The jig is up,” the rude woman said. At that moment, Hannah burst into tears.

It was clear that the rude woman was going to make sure that Hannah was taken away by the police and her only savior hadn’t come home yet.

A Bad Situation


She knew that she was in a bad situation, and without her father, she had no idea what they were going to do with her. She thought maybe she could convince the officers. After all, the woman was being unreasonable.

The officers exchanged a glance and could see the distress in Hannah’s eyes. “Miss, is there a reason why you are so nervous?” one officer asked.

Rudely Interrupted


But before Hannah could answer, Karen rudely interrupted them again. “I’ll tell you why she’s so nervous, it’s because she’s been caught out.” 

“Ma’am, could you please just step back and stay out of this for now,” the officer replied. Karen stepped back and huffed while glaring at Hannah. Hannah knew that this woman was not going to leave her alone.



Hannah mustered up the courage to explain her situation, tears streaming down her face. She told them about her parent’s divorce, her dad moving into the complex, and how she had been visiting him regularly. 

She explained that she didn’t have any official documents to prove her father’s residency, but she could describe his apartment and personal belongings. But would they believe her?

Not Looking Good


“Miss, it’s all good and well, but how can you prove it? We need to speak to your dad, but by the looks of things, he isn’t coming anytime soon.”

Hannah kept looking at the entrance gate to see if maybe her father had pulled up yet. At the moment, chances weren’t looking good for her, and she was on the brink of being kicked out of the complex.

More Lies


It was then that Hannah saw Karen pull one of the police officers to the side. What was she doing? Telling them more lies about Hannah?

“Officer, now that I think about it, I saw her jump the fence. That’s how she got in here.” Anna managed to hear what the woman was saying. She looked at Hannah in anger.

Remove You From The Property


“Um, Miss, there’s been a witness saying you jumped over the fence to gain access to the pool. If that’s true, we are going to have to remove you from the property.”

Hannah started breathing fast. She saw Karen smirking at her. She was making up lies just to get her off of the property. But that’s when she heard a familiar-sounding engine. 

Her Father’s Car


Hanna heard the sound of a car engine in the parking lot. Could that be her father coming to save her? She didn’t want to hold out hope, but it sounded like the same one.

Now all she had to do was stall the officers until he got there. But what could she do that would stop them from taking her away once and for all?



Hannah knew he was close, but she had to do something to keep her in the pool. But before she could think of something, it seemed Anna had already caught onto what was going on.

“Even if she had no right being here, I do! And she’s my friend, so why couldn’t I have invited her to the pool?” Anna said to the officers. But it only made the woman even angrier.

A Frenzy


Anna’s bold claims seemed to rub the rude woman the wrong way. She shouted, “How dare you talk like that to these good officers. They won’t stand for your manipulation any longer.”

But even the rude woman was going to be surprised at how everything ended when Hannah’s father finally made it back home in time.

Dad’s Arrival


Just as Hannah was starting to feel defeated, she heard the familiar voice of her father, Joe, booming across the pool area. She felt relief wash over her body.

He had rushed over, alerted by the commotion and concerned for his daughter’s well-being. He was ready to rain down hellfire, as any parent was prepared to do for their child.

What’s Going On?


“What’s going on here?” Joe demanded, his protective instincts immediately kicking in. Hannah ran to hug her dad. But it wasn’t over just yet.

The family had no idea just how bad things could get in the blink of an eye if they weren’t careful. And the rude woman hadn’t shown all of her cards yet.

Wasted Time


“Sir, is this your daughter?” one police officer eventually asked. Joe looked around him at what exactly was going on here since he had left.

It seemed it clicked once he noticed the woman standing there. His face turned from confusion to anger at the prospect of his daughter being harassed while he was gone for less than an hour.



“Yes, Hannah is my daughter. Can someone explain to me what exactly is going on here?” The police officers looked at each other in annoyance.

The woman who had called had just wasted their precious time. But she was more devious than anyone knew, and she’d do anything to weasel out of the situation and point her finger at Joe next.

Furious Father


Joe’s anger was simmering just below the surface, and it took all his self-control not to explode at the rude woman. He knew he had to remain calm and composed for Hannah’s sake.

“Ma’am, I do live here, and Hannah is my daughter. I just moved in recently,” Joe said firmly, showing the officer his apartment key as proof.

Accusations Fly


Karen’s face turned red with frustration as she realized her plan to get Hannah kicked out had failed. But she wasn’t going to give up that easily.

Pointing at Anna, Karen continued her tirade, “And she’s lying too! I’ve seen that girl causing trouble around here before. She’s a bad influence on the other kids!”

Witnesses Speak Up


The situation was escalating quickly, and the officers had to intervene to prevent things from getting out of hand. They separated the two parties and began questioning witnesses around the pool area.

Several other residents who had witnessed the commotion came forward to speak in support of Hannah and Anna. They confirmed that they had seen the girls in the pool multiple times and knew that Hannah’s father lived in the complex.



The officers carefully listened to each witness, and it became evident that Karen’s accusations were baseless and driven by her personal prejudice against the kids.

Finally, the officers turned their attention back to Karen. “Ma’am, it’s clear that these girls have the right to be here. We have no grounds to remove them from the property,” one of the officers said sternly.

End Game


Karen was now on the defensive, realizing that her plan had backfired horribly. She tried to argue further, but the officers weren’t having any of it.

Then Joe stepped forward. He had just about enough of this situation. His daughter had already gone through so much with the divorce. It was time to end this once and for all.

All Is Revealed


“I’ll tell you what’s going on here. She doesn’t live here! She has no right to be here!” Karen insisted, pointing an accusing finger at Hannah.

The little girl had only just managed to stop crying, but Karen was hell bent on making her no one had any fun. But how would Joe respond to the nasty lady?

Defensive Father


Joe looked at the woman and said, “And who are you to make that decision? You don’t live here either. So what are you doing at the pool area?”

That’s when the ball dropped. The truth behind everything had just been revealed. Where did Karen belong? Hannah and Anna burst out laughing.

Didn’t Live There


The officers now turned their attention over to Karen. It seemed that they didn’t like her hypocritical nonsense now that the truth was out.

But Karen was going to fight tooth and nail to make sure that she wasn’t implicated. But what would her defense be now that the police were looking at her?

Not Looking Good For Her

Things weren’t looking good for Karen. She backed up slightly, clearly intimidated by the same police she had called to get rid of a child.

“I have every right to be here,” She stammered while still backing up. But what kind of evidence could she give that would prove she wasn’t trespassing herself?

No Right


“I do live here. My boyfriend lives here, so I am entitled to use the pool.” The officiers backed off. It seemed like it was a good enough reason. But Joe had something more to add.

He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind when it came to defending his daughter, and this woman had gone too far. He was about to rip her apart with just his words.

Giving Them Freedom


“Entitled or not, you have no right to harass my daughter or her friend,” Joe said firmly, his protective stance unwavering.

He wanted to make sure Hannah would be able to use the pool from now on. Even if that meant going to extreme lengths to giving his daughter and her friend the freedom that they definitely deserved.

Would She Back Down?


But would Karen be backing down and minding her business, or would she still be causing trouble? The woman still had an ace up her sleeve that no one expected.

She would be projecting everything onto the father instead of the daughter. Joe was her next target to try and get locked up, but what kind of accusations did she have?

Calling Him Out


“Well, I think we should at least consider the fact that her father left these girls unsupervised.” She said with a shrewd smirk. It seemed she was going after Joe.

Did that hold up? Would the officers have anything on Joe because he left two teenagers unattended at a pool? The officers stepped in to give their opinion.

He Was Safe


“Well. Ma’am. That would actually be true and you would have something there. But because you are an adult and you were with them at the pool, they did have supervision.” One of the officer’s said.

Karen’s jaw hung wide open. She couldn’t believe what she was being told. Her accusations fell flat because of her nosiness and elitism trying to keep the girls away from the pool.

Both Sides


The police officers listened to both sides of the story, and it became apparent that the woman, Karen, was the one causing the disturbance.

Joe felt pretty confident that he and his daughter would be okay. What else could she have possibly said to try and keep him down or the policemen on her side?

No Authority


She had no authority to dictate who could or couldn’t use the pool. The officers politely asked Karen to leave the pool area and stop harassing the girls.

She reluctantly complied, muttering angrily as she walked away. But the officers weren’t done just yet. There was still a matter they had to settle and Anna would be the target.

Unreasonable People


With Karen gone, Hannah finally started to calm down, grateful that her dad had arrived just in time to defend her. Joe gave Hannah a reassuring hug and smiled at Anna, appreciating her support during the ordeal.

“I’m sorry you both had to go through that,” Joe said, “Some people can be unreasonable, but don’t let them ruin your fun. You’re welcome to use the pool anytime, Hannah.”

A Warning


The officers then turned to Anna to verify that she indeed lived in the apartment complex. She showed them her resident ID card, and they nodded in acknowledgment. Anna explained that she and Hannah had been friends for a while and reassured the officers that they were not causing any trouble before Karen intervened.

Feeling satisfied with their investigation, the officers warned Karen not to make false reports and to respect the residents’ rights in the complex.



As they left, Anna shot Karen a triumphant smirk, which only seemed to infuriate her more. Hannah and Anna spent the rest of the day swimming and laughing, refusing to let Karen’s actions ruin their time together.

They felt a sense of camaraderie, knowing that they could face any challenge together. But would Karen accept defeat, or was she planning revenge? Only time will tell.

Not Over


As the days passed, Hannah and Anna continued to enjoy their time at the pool, putting Karen’s unpleasant encounter behind them. They even found new friends among the other kids at the complex, creating a tight-knit group of pool-goers.

However, it became evident that Karen wasn’t willing to let things go so easily. It seemed like things weren’t over just yet.

Dirty Looks


She began to give Hannah and Anna dirty looks whenever she saw them at the pool, making the atmosphere tense and uncomfortable. One day, when Hannah and Anna were at the pool, they noticed something unusual. Karen was talking to a group of people and pointing in their direction. 

They couldn’t hear what she was saying, but they had a sinking feeling that trouble was brewing again. They decided to confront her and ask her to stop spreading lies and causing trouble for no reason.

A Sinister Plan


But as they approached, they heard Karen making a sinister plan. She was plotting to create a dangerous situation at the pool, intending to frame Joe for it, hoping it would result in him getting kicked out of the complex. Hannah and Anna couldn’t believe what they were hearing, and they knew they had to do something to protect themselves and Joe.

They discreetly recorded Karen’s conversation as evidence and then immediately went to the apartment complex management to report Karen’s actions. 



The manager called a meeting with all the residents, including Karen, and played the recorded evidence. As the other residents listened to Karen’s malicious plan, their anger grew, and they demanded that she be evicted from the complex for her behavior.

Faced with overwhelming evidence and the anger of her neighbors, Karen had no choice but to leave the complex quietly. Hannah and Anna felt a sense of relief knowing that they wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore, but they also understood that her departure didn’t erase the emotional toll she had taken on them.

A Valuable Lesson


In the end, the drama at the pool taught Hannah and Anna a valuable lesson about standing up for what’s right, even in the face of adversity. They learned that their friendship and resilience were more potent than any troublemaker’s attempts to bring them down. 

With newfound confidence, they faced the challenges of their teenage years with courage, knowing that they could overcome anything together.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.