Girl Steals Parking Spot From Couple, Regrets It


Blood Sent Boiling

The girl’s screeching and laughing behind his back sent his blood boiling. They called his name, and a grin soon replaced his angry scowl. He had a plan up his sleeve.

It was a revenge plan. He took a step forward, confident that he would be teaching those girls a lesson. He timed it perfectly and watched it all unfold.

The Berwick Couple

City Of Westerville

Josh and Alice Berwick were both in their thirties. The couple from Westerville, Ohio, took part in a revenge plot to make things right, and how it all unfolded would leave you feeling satisfied for days.

It was a definite win for the Berwicks, and one can’t help but rejoice for them after the string of events. This is how it all started:

Impact Of Work


Josh and Alice had a difficult time over the past few months. Work left them so tired they could only do the bare minimum when they got home. The late hours meant they only had enough time to cook supper and eat in front of the TV before heading to bed.

They usually didn’t have enough energy to have meaningful conversations, let alone go out for dinner. But that wasn’t all that had them feeling so stressed out.

A Positive Test


After nearly a year of trying, Alice had recently fallen pregnant. The couple was over the moon when they saw the two lines from the test they had taken three months ago.

Their excitement was uncontainable when they initially found out they were about to have their first baby. However, the happy couple was soon faced with a few new complications.

Pregnancy Takes Its Toll 


Pregnancy comes with a horde of changes to the body and mind; there was no exception for Alice. Soon, she struggled to fall asleep and often had hot or cold flushes.

She told herself that she could handle it because it would be worth it when she brought a new life into their lives. But she didn’t know that she would encounter something different that night.

Still Hungry

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Alice and Josh were exhausted after the long day at work, so they were lying on the sofa and watching an old movie. They had been too tired to cook and had just finished eating the takeout they had ordered.

Alice quickly realized that she felt like a snack. She was hungry for a sweet treat, but all she could think of was donuts.

Change Of Routine 

Daily Shabbah

She told her husband she was craving donuts, and he suggested they climb into the car and drive to the mall. “I know already 10, but I know of one donut joint that should be open until late.”

Alice smiled wide, excited that they could finally spend quality time together, away from the TV. It had been months of the same routine, and that night was a pleasant change. But she didn’t know what was around the corner.

A Short Drive


The two were giddy as they ran to the car and playfully pushed each other like they were teenagers. They were overcome with so much joy that they didn’t mind the rain as they drove to the mall.

It wasn’t a long drive to the mall. They were soon searching for an empty spot to park in, and their troubles began.

Struggling To Find Parking

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Alice and Josh roamed between the rows of the packed parking lot and finally found a space. Josh had just started easing their car into the spot when a group of girls packed into a small vehicle caught him by surprise and swopped into the space.

“Excuse me,” Josh called out for their attention through his open window. He told them that he had been about to park there. They were stunned by what one of the girls replied.

A Furious Couple

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The girl had popped her head out the window before saying, “We didn’t see your name on it!” There was a crescendo of laughter from her friends as they climbed out of their car and staggered to the mall entrance.

The donut shop was about to close soon, and the couple was furious as they thought of a solution. They shared their ideas, but Joshua thought of something brilliant.

Acting Fast

Great Eastern Mall

“Quick, get on the wheel, drive towards the door and wait for me there. I’ll be right back,” Josh said as he got out of the car. He rushed to the mall, praying that the donut joint wouldn’t be closed by then. 

After running through the mall halls for a few minutes, short of breath, he arrived at the donut shop. Luckily enough, it was still open. But there was a problem.

He’d Have To Wait

Randy_s Donuts

There was a long line in front of Josh. He’d have to wait for at least four people to get their orders. And there weren’t that many donuts left on the counter. What could have happened to make so many people want donuts that day at such a late time?

But that wasn’t all. He was in for another unpleasant surprise. Suddenly, he heard something behind him that made blood boil in his veins. 


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He heard some girls obnoxiously screeching and laughing behind him. He turned around, and he saw red: they were the same girls who had stolen their parking spot! Visibly intoxicated, they got right behind him on the line.

Right then, Josh realized something. That was his perfect chance to get some revenge on the rude pack. He grinned maliciously as the server at the counter yelled, “Next!”.


Northern Virginia Magazine

Josh stared at the roughly two dozen donuts that were left on the counter, savoring his imminent revenge. The girls behind him kept chattering obnoxiously. They didn’t know what was coming for them.

“Yeah, I want all of them, please,” Josh said, motioning his hand in a gesture encompassing the whole counter. Instantly, the yapping behind his back stopped. “What? You’re gonna take all of them? You can’t do that!” one of the girls screeched. Josh turned back and gave them a response they would never forget.

Sweet Revenge

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“Oh yeah? I didn’t see your name on them,” he said with a grin. He listened to the girls complaining and wailing in delight as he watched the cashier fill two big boxes with all the donuts left.

They were more than Josh and Alice would be able to eat in a week; however, they would also taste sweeter than anything they had ever tried before, thanks to a perfect touch of rightful revenge.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.