Teen Girl Texts Photo To Wrong Person And Saves Two Lives


The Cruel Realities Of Life

He sat silently next to his four children as they watched television, puzzled as to why life was so unkind. His wife had left two nights before, and he would have pursued her if he hadn’t had a job or their children to care for.

A notification appeared on his phone, jolting him out of his reverie. He picked up his phone, not realizing how drastically things would change.

He Was Content

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Throughout the duration of his marriage, Adam Woodsworth had been content with his life. He immediately knew Lucy was the woman of his dreams when he first met her. It was love at first sight.

Lucy personified all Adam desired in a wife. She not only shared his tastes and values, but she also exuded a kind of love he’d never experienced before. So when the notification came through on his cellphone, he knew that responding to it would mean the end of his marriage.

Meet The Woodsworths

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Adam and Lucy were blessed with a picture-perfect life. They had good-paying jobs, an amazing house filled with five lovely children. They had everything they ever wanted.

They had two beautiful teenage daughters and then triplets consisting of two girls and a boy. The Woodsworth’s were a picture-perfect family until tragedy struck.

The Beginning Of The End

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Adam was busy with work when his wife called him. According to Lucy, their son was sent home due to having a high fever and horrible ear pain.

What was intended to be a minor concern threw Adam and Lucy’s lives into disarray. It threw them into several years of intensive operations for Robby, who was only seven years old at the time. But what was the matter with him?

A Much Larger Problem

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When Adam was informed about what was happening with their son Robby, Lucy had already rushed him to the emergency room. The doctors could not pinpoint what exactly was wrong with him, but they knew it was not just a mere ear infection.

Robby was immediately hospitalized. He could see his family and friends occasionally, but the hospital would be his new home.

What Was Wrong?

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Robby’s doctor informed Adam and Lucy of the boy’s condition a week after he was taken to the hospital. “Leukemia,” the doctor stated. The doctor’s diagnosis made Adam’s heart sink.

As the doctor continued to speak, he remained at Robby’s door, his vision clouded by tears. Lucy had stayed by Robby’s side all day, exhausted from doing tasks and staying the evening with him. Adam was well aware that their lives would be anything but ordinary.

A New Normal

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The Woodsworth family experienced a lot of change as a result of Robby’s condition. They set aside a significant portion of their salary for Robby’s treatments. Adam and Lucy also took up part-time employment to help support their kids.

Lucy told Adam that they did not have enough money to pay for Robby’s next treatment. Adam was lost in thought when his phone vibrated.

Dividing Their Time

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Adam was in charge of managing the household while Lucy took care of Robby. This allowed the pair to adequately divide their time between work, taking care of their daughters, and spending time with Robby.

Adam was daydreaming about spending time with his wife and son when he received the text message. He wanted nothing more than to take his daughters to be with them. Tensions were high, and he needed the support of his wife. His phone vibrating abruptly pulled him from his thoughts.

A Strange Number

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Adam took out his phone and unlocked it. He glanced at it for a moment, puzzled as to why he had received a message from a strange number.

Adam opened the message, assuming it was from one of Robby’s physicians or Lucy, who had reached out to him using a different phone. His head tilted back in surprise at what he discovered. He wasn’t the intended recipient of the communication.

Two Paragraphs

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A young woman had sent Adam the SMS, but Adam had never met her. In her message, she had included two photographs, each of which sparked Adam’s interest.

An elegant dark blue gown was worn by the lady in the pictures. Two photos were taken; one from the front, one from the back. Despite Adam’s suspicions, he scrolled down to read the lady’s message.

He Reads The Message

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The lady was asking for the recipient’s opinion on the gown. Adam stared at the picture for a while, realizing that the girl was probably searching for the perfect prom dress.

He set his phone aside to ponder the matter. The text wasn’t meant for him, and he had other things to worry about. Would he go out of his way to reply to something that had nothing to do with him?


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Adam called his daughters, explaining the situation before asking them what they thought about the dress. His eldest daughters deemed it one of the best gowns they’d ever seen.

The little ones graded it as pretty, a grade they rarely gave out as per Adam’s experience. With his answers in tow, Adam quickly drafted his response, not knowing his family lay in the balance.

His Response

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Adam sent his answer, telling the lady that though she’d sent her text to the wrong number, he and his daughters thought the dress was perfect, and she should pick it.

He went to sleep that night, but when he woke up in the morning, his life was no longer his. Adam was trending on Facebook and Twitter, with his reply on full display. But that wasn’t the most unbelievable part.

The Power Of The Internet

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Through the power of the internet, people worldwide dug through Adam’s social network profiles, learning about his family. They noted his wins and losses, praising him for taking the time to reply to the girl’s text.

People opened an account for donations meant for little Robby. They vowed to put a smile on the Woodsworth family as they had done the stranger who sent the text. But it didn’t stop there.

A Good Deed Deserves Another

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The donations came in heaps, surpassing what the Woodsworth’s needed for Robby. Looking to honor such an uplifting venture, Adam turned the donation account into a charity for kids who needed cancer treatment in his state.

The donations kept coming in. With Robby on his way to recovery, the cash helped hundreds of kids all over the state. To think it all started with a wholesome response to a random text.