5-Year-Old Acts Strange, Mom Finds Stash Of Money In School Bag


Mom Knows Best

When she finally found out the truth, she was heartbroken. Knowing that she could not allow her daughter to fight this battle alone, this mom sprung into action.

It’s a well-documented fact that a mother’s instincts are a powerful weapon. When 35-year-old Sandy Lensher, a Michigan resident, felt her “mommy sense” tingling—she knew something was wrong.

Her Little Girl


Her daughter, 5-year-old Kira Lensher, had always been remarkably sensitive for her age. From the time she was 2, Kira had always been a lively and cheerful child too.

So when little Kira began Kindergarten at a private school but became withdrawn soon after, Sandy noticed immediately. Despite Kira’s insistence that she was “fine”, In her gut, Sandy knew something was going on.

It Was A Delicate Situation

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As any parent knows, when trying to get a young child to open up, tact and diplomacy often work better than being forceful.

Sandy and Kira had always been close though. Sandy could tell that Kira was clearly hiding something but was afraid to open up. Whatever her reasons, Sandy was beginning to really worry now.

It Was Getting Worse


Rather than push, Sandy decided to take a step back in the hopes that Kira would open up to her on her own.

As the days went on, not only did Kira remain tightlipped—to Sandy’s dismay she became even more secretive and withdrawn. Horrible scenarios plagued the young mother’s mind, each one more disturbing than the next.

A New Clue


Sandy always ensured that Kira had a packed lunch for school and a little pocket money. Kira usually spent this on milk and “treats”.

Sandy noticed that Kira wasn’t bringing home empty bottles or sweet wrappers like before. Stranger still, she had begun asking for extra pocket money. Suddenly, Sandy had a new worry—was Kira being bullied?

The Signs Were There

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As Sandy did some research, the signs all certainly pointed to bullying. Knowing what a sensitive and difficult issue this could be for a young child, Sandy mulled over her options.

After weighing up the pros and cons, Sandy finally decided that the first step was to check in with Kira’s Kindergarten teacher. She soon regretted this decision.

The School Was No Help

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When Sandy approached Ms King, Kira’s Kindergarten Teacher at Parkside Elementary, she expected to be received with concern and a helpful attitude.

Sandy had always been an active parent who was supportive of the school and its teachers. It seemed this counted for nothing though. To her surprise, the school’s attitude only enraged her further.

Fuel To The Fire


When Sandy enquired of Ms King as to whether Kira may be being bullied, she was instead treated with hostility.

This made no sense to Sandy. Her little girl had always been a sweet, kind, and caring side to her that was beyond her age. However, according to Ms King, it was Kira that was the problem.

Nothing Made Sense


Initially expecting help from Ms King, Sandy was instead reprimanded for being an “inattentive parent”.

To make matters worse, Sandy was told to keep a better eye on Kira. To her horror, Ms King informed Sandy that she had witnessed Kira taking money from other children on more than one occasion.

It Couldn’t be True

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Sandy was devastated to hear these accusations being leveled against her daughter. That afternoon, she secretly searched Kira’s bag. At first, she found nothing.

About to give up, she heard the distinct sound of jingling coins. Checking the bag again, she discovered an inner compartment that she hadn’t noticed before. When she looked inside it, her heart dropped.

She Had To Know The Truth


To Sandy’s horror, the compartment was stuffed with coins and crumpled bills. After counting it all, Sandy was stunned that it all amounted to over one hundred and fifty dollars.

Something still did not sit right with Sandy though. Refusing to believe the worst of her daughter, she was determined to get to the bottom of this.

A Mother’s Instincts Are Never Wrong

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Sandy followed Kira the next day. Catching her in the act of collecting money from other students at the school grounds, Sandy demanded the truth. Kira broke down and confessed.

Her best friend, Arianna, had left school, as her parents could not afford tuition. Kira’s plan—Donate money, get other kids to contribute, pay Arianna’s tuition, and keep her at Parkside Elementary.

Detective Mom


Now that she finally knew the truth, Sandy felt vindicated and could not have been prouder of Kira. Still, something did not add up.

To Sandy’s knowledge, Parkside Elementary collected a surcharge on tuition fees which was meant to benefit students in need. The question still remained, why had Arianna not been made a beneficiary of this fund?

The School Was At Fault


Sandy began trawling through the old announcements that had been made for the year on the school’s online communicator.

Tucked away in fine print, she finally found out the truth. Earlier that year, the school had taken a unilateral decision to divert money from the needy students’ funds and use it to expand the teacher’s parking lot.

Activist Mom


By making Kira’s story public, Sandy sparked an uproar against Parkside Elementary. Leading the charge herself, other parents began pulling their kids from Parkside Elementary.

Providing needy students with tuition, stationery, and meals, Arianna’s new school was the popular choice. Without added funding, Parkside suspended its parking lot project—thanks to a resourceful little girl with a heart of gold.