Girl Comes Home With Feet Marks Every Day Until Officer Trails Bus Driver


Such Shock

Nicholas Davis was devastated when his daughter finally decided to open up. He knew that something was happening to her, but he never expected it to be so bad.

What gave that man the idea that he could treat children in such a horrific way? What made him believe that he would get away with what he had done?

Nicholas And Amanda


Nicholas loved his daughter, Amanda, to bits and pieces. She was the only thing he had left after his wife passed, after all. And he thought that the two of them had a good relationship.

Since her mother passed, his daughter turned to him, and that made the bond between them even stronger. But something was about to happen that would make him question everything he thought he knew.

The Best Of Friends


As far as Nicholas knew, he and his daughter were best friends. They discussed all their troubles and helped each other through them.

But since his daughter returned to school, something had changed. He didn’t know about it at first, but it would only take two weeks for him to find out that things weren’t as innocent as they seemed.

That Changed


Two weeks after the school reopened, Nicholas realized that things had changed. His daughter wasn’t the girl she used to be anymore, and he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.

The changes were subtle. But Nicholas knew his daughter well, and he could spot them in an instant. Was she just struggling with puberty? Or was there more to it?

A Sudden Shift


The shift was a sudden one, and at first, Nicholas thought it was just the teenage years that were getting to her. She had just turned 13, after all, and he knew that those years would be the toughest.

But he quickly discovered that his assumptions were wrong. Something was happening to his daughter, and that was what caused her to change.

Sad And Quiet


Amanda always used to be an adventurous, bubbly girl who saw the best in life, but since she had returned to school, she had become withdrawn and quiet.

On the best of days, she would say five words to her father. And on the worst, she wouldn’t speak at all. But that wasn’t all. Nicholas could see a lingering sadness in her eyes, and he couldn’t help but wonder what had caused it.

Questioning Her


Nicholas left the situation for about a week, but then he got fed up. When his daughter got home on Friday evening after ballet class, she just locked herself in her room and refused to let him in.

That was the last straw for Nicholas. He burst into the room and started questioning the sudden shift in her behavior. What she did in response shocked him to his core.

No Response


Amanda refused to answer any of her father’s questions. She simply told him that everything was fine, even though she knew that he knew that she was lying.

He couldn’t believe that she would do something like that, especially not when she knew how close they were. But why was she doing it? Was she trying to protect someone?

Waiting A Little Longer


What Amanda didn’t know was that her father had picked up on the fact that she hesitated every time she was supposed to get onto the school bus. And he figured that the problems started there.

So he started staying at the bus stop a little longer than he usually did. And that was when he saw something that would blow the case wide open.

Spotting Something


Nicholas watched as his daughter got onto the bus, but she didn’t go to the back. Instead, her head dropped, and she kneeled down next to the driver.

The bus disappeared from view after that but the image stuck with Nicholas. What happened? Why did his daughter kneel down next to the driver? And why did she look so afraid?

Getting Concerned


That day, Nicholas was frozen in place. He must’ve stood there for about half an hour as his mind tried to process what he had seen.

What he saw wasn’t normal, and it had his parental instincts working in overdrive. He was incredibly concerned about his daughter and her safety. And he knew that he had to get to the bottom of this.

That Afternoon


When Amanda got home that afternoon, she was limping, and she tried her best to avoid her father. But he wasn’t going to let this go.

He blocked his daughter’s path while motioning to the living room. One way or another, he’d get the answers he sought. He would not be letting her leave until she told him the truth.



Amanda tried to avoid her father’s questions. She had changed the subject multiple times, but Nicholas wasn’t backing down.

He told his daughter what he saw that morning and insisted on getting answers. It took some convincing, but she folded eventually, and he managed to get some information out of her. What did she have to say?

She Showed Him


Amanda pulled off her shoes and socks and showed her bare feet to her father. The sight that greeted him had his stomach turning.

Her feet were filled with scars, blisters, and a sticky substance he couldn’t identify. But that wasn’t all. It looked like Amanda had been wearing shoes that were two sizes too small.

Protecting Someone


“Who did this to you? And why?” Nicholas asked as he tried to hold back his tears. But Amanda didn’t answer. With sadness in her eyes, she put her socks back on and left the room.

Nicholas was too shocked to follow. But there was one thing he was sure of. His daughter was doing everything in her power to protect the person who had done this to her.

A Simple Question


Later that night, Amanda came out of her room to have dinner with her father. She was quiet, and he could see that she was filled with fear, so he just asked her one simple question.

“Does this have something to do with the new bus driver?” he asked, hoping she would finally start opening up about what it was that was actually going on.

She Opened Up


“Yes,” Amanda said, her voice laced with sadness. “He said my feet aren’t those of a ballerina. He told me that if I wanted to succeed, I needed to work on them.”

Nicholas looked at her, horror etched into his face. “So you did this because some random guy told you that you weren’t good enough? Since when do you listen to other people? Aren’t your rewards enough proof?”

He Was Right


That was when his daughter broke down completely. Tears streamed down her face as she looked up at him with big eyes.

That was when he knew that this wasn’t her choice. She didn’t do it because she felt she wasn’t good enough. She did it because she was forced to. But how did someone get so much control over his free-spirited angel?

What Happened?


“Tell me everything,” Nicholas said, and his voice left no room for argument. “When he first told me to do it, I brushed him off,” Amanda whispered through her tears.

“But then he became aggressive, and he started threatening me,” she added. “He said that he would hurt me if I didn’t do what he said.”



“What is he doing to your feet?” Nicholas asked, trying to hold back tears of his own. “When I get into the bus, he makes me tape them,” Amanda said.

“Tape?” Nicholas asked. Amanda nodded. “He hands me a roll of duct tape and watches as I tie it around my feet. I have to make it tight… If it’s not good enough, I have to rip it off and do it again.”

Shocked To The Core


Nicolas was left dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe that some random bus driver was being so cruel to his daughter. He couldn’t believe that his little girl was being threatened.

Rage built within his chest as her words replayed themselves in his mind. He would put an end to this madness, and he would make that man suffer for what he had done.

He Needed Proof


Nicholas knew that he needed to do something. But before he could act, he needed proof. Without that, it would be Amanda’s word against that of the driver, and he couldn’t afford to lose this battle.

But he already had the perfect idea in mind. He knew how he’d get the evidence he needed, and he would get it the next morning.

Following The Driver


The following day, Nicholas waited at the bus stop as he always did. The bus came, and he waited for it to round a corner before jumping in his car and following it.

He had a GoPro clipped to his shirt, recording the first encounter, and the GoPro in his car recorded the rest. There was no way this man was going to get away with what he had done.

He Saw It Himself


But Nicholas was shocked by what he saw. Even though Amanda had already told him everything, seeing it with his own eyes broke him.

He saw the man raise a hand when she refused his order. He saw the tears running down his daughter’s face as she did what she was told. And it crushed him.

Taking His Daughter Home


The instant the bus stopped at the school, Nicholas got out of his car and ran up to his daughter. He shared a look with the bus driver, and he was sure that the man got the point.

After that, he lifted his daughter into his arms and carried her to the car. There was no way he was going to let her attend school in the state that she was in.

Serious Damage


When they got home, Nicholas soaked Amanda’s feet in hot water and slowly peeled off the tape. But her feet were seriously damaged.

He could see that they were practically folded in on themselves, and the blisters looked far worse than they did the day before. His daughter needed help, and she needed it right away.

Getting Medical Attention


Nicholas did all he could before putting his daughter back in the car and driving her to the nearest emergency room.

The doctors examined her immediately. They gave her a cortisone cream to help with the visible issues. But something else was going on beneath the skin, and it would cost her everything she held dear.

Structural Issues


Because of all the damage she had sustained, Amanda developed structural issues. The doctor explained that it was similar to Chinese Foot Binding, where the woman’s feet were forced into a new form.

Amanda’s feet had suffered the same kind of trauma. Her bones would need to be broken in order to get back into shape again.

He Was Fed Up


“She will never be able to dance again,” the doctor said. When Amanda heard that, she burst into tears. Dancing was all she wanted to do, and that was taken away from her by some lunatic.

Nicholas was furious. He was fed up with this madness and knew it had to come to an end before other children suffered the same fate.

Calling The Police


Nicholas waited until Amanda cried herself to sleep. Then he got up, walked out of the room, and called the police.

He explained the situation and stated that he had proof. He wanted the man to be arrested immediately, and if he had his way, the man would never be allowed near children again. Would he get his way?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.