Neighbors Notice Why Girl Gives Garbage Man Cupcake Every Week


What Was Going On?

The garbage truck made its way through their neighborhood every Thursday and stopped at one particular townhouse. The driver would get out of his truck and stand on the side of the street, waiting. But what on earth could he be waiting for?

She watched as three-year-old Brooklyn Andracke approached the man. She wondered what was going on. She quickly got her phone from her bag and started recording the incident.

A Well-Known Man

Facebook/Delvar Dopson

Delvar Dopson was well-known in the community. He’d been a sanitation worker in that neighborhood for years. Even though he was a reserved man and a majority of people had never spoken to him, everyone recognized him.

A neighbor had the opportunity to get to know Delvar up close one day. The events that followed were recorded on video and have been seen by people worldwide.

He Kept To Himself

YouTube/Eregon 206

Bloomington, Illinois, was the setting for this story. There are a lot of unspoken things that go on in our communities that we can learn from this story.

Delvar Dopson, as previously said, was not a particularly gregarious individual. This, however, does not imply that he was rude. In fact, he appeared to get along well with one family in the area, the Andrackes.

What Was Their Relationship?

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Each Thursday, Dopson used to greet the Andrackes family with his distinctive greeting when the garbage truck rolled through the neighborhood.

Honking and waving at the Andrackes every time he passes by their house were his routines. The question is, why? What was his bond with them?

His Number One Fan

Facebook/Traci Raymond Andracke

The answer is straightforward: he had never met them before. Brooklyn, the Andrackes’ 3-year-old daughter, was a massive admirer of the area’s beloved sanitation worker.

It was a treat for her to see the enormous truck drive past her house on Thursday mornings for some unknown reason. And she’d make sure everyone knew about it.

Thursdays Were Her Favorite

Facebook/Traci Raymond Andracke

Every time the garbage truck passed, she waited at the window with her mother and waved. That was the highlight of her week.

When questioned about the event, her mother, Traci Andracke, said, “To Brooklyn, he is our favorite wonderful cheerful garbage man.”

A Weekly Occurrence


This continued for a few weeks. Delvar Dopson knew Traci and Brooklyn Andracke would be expecting him every Thursday morning, peeping out their window to see his arrival.

In turn, Brooklyn was relieved to learn that Dopson’s truck would be driving past their house, and he would be honking and waving at them. However, she will soon get the opportunity to meet him in person.

A Step Further

Facebook – Traci Raymond Andracke

Brooklyn and Traci started to leave the house every Thursday morning to watch the truck pass by and wave at Dopson from a closer distance.

“After that, it was all about him,” Andracke claimed. “It wasn’t the ‘trash truck’ that she wanted to see anymore; it was the ‘garbage man.'”

Almost Perfect


It was Brooklyn’s fourth birthday, and it was a fantastic day; however, it was not without flaws. She was heartbroken over the fact that it was Wednesday.

Meeting Dopson as he drove his truck down the block would have improved her day. Brooklyn and Traci, on the other hand, have devised a strategy to compensate. And it was all witnessed by one of the locals, who didn’t think twice about filming it for all to see.

They Waited For Him

Facebook/Traci Raymond Andracke

It was Thursday the following day, which meant that Brooklyn got to see Dopson again. She wanted to make sure that he felt included in her birthday celebration, even if he was not there.

Brooklyn and her mother got up early the following day and stood in front of the property with one of Brooklyn’s celebration cupcakes. They smiled at Dopson and signaled for him to come over when the truck finally came.

She Gifted Him A Cupcake

Facebook/Traci Raymond Andracke

From his truck, Dopson saw Brooklyn and Traci and, just like every other week, he waved and honked at them. But then he noticed that the mom and her daughter wanted him to stop. And so he did.

He walked out of the truck and walked towards Brooklyn and Traci. And his heart melted when the little girl, with a shy smile, gave him the cupcake while Traci told him about how it was her birthday yesterday, and they wished he would have been there.

She Was Ecstatic

Facebook/Traci Raymond Andracke

“As a mom, I can’t even describe how happy it made me that she got to meet him finally,” Andracke told the press when she was questioned about the story some days later.

“She was literally starstruck and could not even say a word. I had to do all of the talking for her. And she is never usually short on words.”

Best Day Of Her Life

Facebook/Traci Raymond Andracke

“I explained to him that he makes our day every Thursday, and we really appreciate the honking and waving, and how special of a day it is for us,” she added.

“After he left, we continued on to daycare. Brooklyn was unusually quiet in the backseat. I asked her if she was okay, and she said, ‘Mommy, I’m so happy.'” And the story doesn’t end there.

Delvar Comes Back

Facebook/Traci Raymond Andracke

One week later, Dopson’s truck was rolling down the street again. And as usual, Brooklyn and Traci were waving at him from their yard. But suddenly, Dopson stopped in front of their house and got out of the truck with a box.

With a smile, he handed the box to Brooklyn. What could that be? Brooklyn and Traci couldn’t wait to find out as they opened the box, intrigued.

Delvar’s Gift

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It was full of toys from Brooklyn’s favorite movie, “Frozen”! The little girl couldn’t contain her excitement. She and her mom wholeheartedly thanked Dopson. And one week later, they had something prepared to thank him.

Brooklyn made a big note with the words “THANK YOU DELVAR” written on it. Dopson was moved to tears by this gesture, and from then on, he hung the letter on his truck so the whole neighborhood could see it.

Far From Over

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

In today’s fast-paced, social media-driven world, it seems like something new goes viral every day. Sometimes these stories end up that way for the wrong reasons, and in cases like Delvar’s and Brooklyn’s, because of great reasons.

With so many seemingly ordinary people being thrust into the spotlight, many viral stories end up as sensations today and forgotten tomorrow. Delvar Dopson’s story wasn’t one of these. His story was only just beginning.

He Had Big Dreams

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

Before Delvar became a viral sensation, many people did not know he was quietly working his way up in the world. For Delvar, being a garbageman was a job that he took pride in, just as he did with everything else he set his mind to.

However, to Delvar, being a garbageman was also a stepping stone. He had other plans, and the time came to make them a reality.

Who Was He Really?

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

People who learned of Delvar’s story were touched but probably thought it was a once-off occurrence. As Delvar’s fame grew, it soon became apparent that his kindness wasn’t an isolated incident.

Actually, Delvar had brought great joy to other kids around the neighborhood too. But his life’s mission was far from over.

The Next Step

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

Delvar was an avid family man. Sharing a deep connection with his wife, he quietly went about making his dreams come true. Delvar was indeed a unique person, and it shone through in everything he did.

After years of working as a garbageman, he could finally start working on his passions and spreading his wings. This started with his plans to launch a new career.

He Worked Tirelessly

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Millions of people had gotten to know of his kindness and inspirational bond with Brooklyn. Most people didn’t realize that in addition to working as a garbageman, Delvar worked tirelessly during his nights too.

In fact, he was studying towards a new profession. After all his hard work and dedication, he was finally on the verge of a breakthrough and a life beyond the garbage truck.

The News He Was Waiting For

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

After all his efforts, Delvar was on the cusp of a new life. He waited with bated breath for his results. He had put in so many extra hours after work to achieve his first dream.

When the news was finally confirmed, Delvar took to social media to share the wonderful news. He had passed his final examinations and was now a licensed realtor.

The Good News Kept Coming

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

Delvar was ecstatic. While he never minded being a garbageman, Delvar had always dreamed of a life beyond it. Being licensed in Nevada, Delvar moved to the city of Henderson to begin his new career.

His magnetic personality soon landed him a prestigious position as a realtor with the Realty One team. Delvar knew he was now well on his way to achieving his other dreams too.

His Other Dreams

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

Drawing inspiration from another special person in his life, Delvar also worked on his dream of starting a movement. The other person was his mother, who had taught him how to be the best version of himself he could be.

Therefore, helping others bring out the best within themselves was a passion of Delvar’s. He was now ready to take that passion to the next level.

The Next Chapter

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

Delvar had always dreamt of sharing his effervescent zest for life with others. To do this, he didn’t want to just inspire others. Delamar wanted to be part of a movement that could act as a beacon to others.

Delvar envisioned a life as a motivational speaker and leader to help others manifest their full potential. With all the pieces of his life in place, Delvar made it happen.

The Movement


By becoming an influential part of the Eregon 206 movement, Delvar is able to share his journey and inspire others. As someone that championed self-care, fitness, self-love, leadership, and empowerment, Delvar led by example and lived these values.

As his influence grows, Delvar does his best to stay grounded. To this, he always makes time to indulge his first passion.

Back To His Roots

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

Delvar’s fame and support all started when he showed kindness to a little child. He has always loved spending time with kids and continues to do so every chance he gets. In his own words, “Children have the best hearts.”

Delvar has undoubtedly come a long way since sharing a cupcake with Brooklyn. Years had passed, and Delvar now lived in a different city. So what became of Brooklyn, the little girl that started it all?

Delvar And Brooklyn

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

Remarkably, after all the time had passed since that fateful day, Delvar never stopped being friends with the Andracke family. Delvar has also never forgotten Brooklyn, always staying in contact with her and visiting whenever he can.

By now, Brooklyn was almost nine years old and had a younger brother that Delvar has grown just as close to. Delvar often posts about this special bond to this day. Delvar has also continued growing from strength to strength personally.

An Inspiration

Facebook – Eregon 206

Delvar now has an impressive online following. After his fame that all began with Brooklyn, Delvar has genuinely become an inspiration to others and a motivational figure in life.

While others might have sought to milk or exploit the fame, Delvar chooses to use the platform his viral story created to better the world around him.

What A Ride


When Delvar first began working in the Andracke’s neighborhood, he probably never imagined what an impact this would have on his life and theirs.

All these years later, millions of people still view the video that catapulted both of them to viral fame. So much has changed since, but Delvar still often reflects on the special moment he spent with a special little girl that started it all.

Paying It Forward

Facebook – Delvar Dopson

Delvar’s mission in life has been to spread as much kindness and joy as he can. In doing so, he has always hoped to motivate others to follow. His example has become a true beacon of positivity in a world so often marred by nastiness and unkind actions.

Delvar’s actions show us all that simple acts of kindness can go a long way in changing our circumstances. Therefore, the question remains, what can we do to change the world too?