Baby Girl Invades Dog’s Personal Space To Kiss Him Prompting Unusual Reaction


Much Bigger

The baby girl did everything she could to get the dog’s attention as she tried to show it affection. But the dog didn’t seem to care. He was just trying to sleep.

The girl was not even a little shy about touching the dog, even though he was much larger than her. It looked adorable, but the parents had to act fast when the dog decided to react.

Struggling Family 


Mike and Colleen Milano got married young. They both came from broken homes where they never really felt true happiness until they found each other. But that meant they also didn’t have the support of their families. 

The young married couple worked since high school to afford to pay the bills, and at times they were struggling to make ends meet. And things would only get more difficult. 

A New Member

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The young family adopted their dog, Marley, a few years back. Mike had found him on the street and couldn’t leave him there. The couple fell in love with him as he brought more joy into the home. 

But now, there was another member of the Milano family coming. Colleen had gotten pregnant, and the couple expected a child. They were the happiest in the world but also worried about the financial toll this would take. 

Working Hard


The young couple decided that Colleen would stay home for a while after the baby was born, and Mike would take two jobs to care for the family. 

Mike was a hardworking young man, and he was ready to face any hardship for his family. But no one prepared him for the challenges that would come. 


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When the couple’s baby Amalia was born, it was the happiest day of their lives. They were excited to be parents to such a lovely baby and couldn’t wait to get her home. But when the baby got home, someone wasn’t so happy about her presence. 

The family knew that Marley wasn’t getting along with children in general, but they didn’t expect him to have this reaction with their baby as well. The dog was agitated and acted as if an intruder had entered the house. So the couple decided to keep the two separated for a while. Maybe they’d get used to each other.  



Then one day, the baby managed to escape her crib and crawled directly to the dog’s area. When Mike saw that his heart had sunk into his chest. When he grabbed Amalia, he felt relieved, like he had just avoided a disaster. 

Because of the worry and stress from work, Mike lashed out at his wife, saying she should be more careful. Their fight wasn’t really about that. He knew it wasn’t her fault. But the two jobs and the situation at home had taken a toll on the young man. 

It Happened Again


After only a few days, the baby managed to escape her crib and head for the dog again. This time the mother caught her right before reaching him. 

The dog stood up as if waiting for the little girl to approach him. What would have happened if she got to him? Things started becoming serious, and Mike decided it was time to do something. 



After long and arduous discussions, the young family decided to try to get the dog used to their baby girl Amalia. So they’ve come up with a plan they hoped would work. 

Mike was very stressed about the arrangement, but he knew he had to reach a compromise. The situation in the house couldn’t go on. But to the family’s surprise, things wouldn’t go as expected. 

In The Same Room


Mike and Colleen decided to bring the baby into the same room with the dog sometimes, so they could get used to each other. They thought this would get the dog to calm down. 

Marley watched the baby girl carefully but always kept his distance from her. The couple didn’t know if this was a good sign, but they were about to find out soon. 

Getting Closer

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The family froze when they saw the scene before their eyes. Their baby crawled toward the dog, and the animal didn’t move, as if waiting for the girl to get to him. What was going to happen?

When the baby girl reached her hand to touch him, the family quickly jumped from their seats. They couldn’t believe what was happening. 

Touching Him 

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The little girl did the unexpected. She slowly touched the dog with her hand. Then she smiled and went for a second touch. 

The parents got worried, and as they jumped from the couch, Mike told Colleen to wait. They were both watching to see how the dog would react with them in the room. But they never saw this coming. 

The Dog’s Reaction


Marley, the dog, didn’t move a muscle. He let the little girl touch him as much as she wanted. He even seemed to enjoy it. 

The dog’s reaction stunned the young couple. They were happy to see that the dog was calm and behaved nicely. But then they realized that they had to do something quickly or it might be too late. 

Parents Act Quickly

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This was the first time their baby girl interacted with the dog. She even went in for a kiss on the dog’s nose, for which he didn’t flinch. 

The couple realized they needed to immortalize the moment, and Mike quickly grabbed his phone and recorded it. It was truly magical. The girl’s giggles were making the young parents tear up. 

A Miracle


As the young couple was recording the beautiful moment, something incredible happened. They couldn’t believe their eyes. It was nothing short of miraculous. 

The dog got up and started licking the baby’s face, giving her a few cute doggy kisses of his own. It was an amazing thing to witness, and the couple couldn’t be happier. All their worries about the dog not getting along with the baby were gone. 

Going Viral 

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Colleen had the brilliant idea to share the video on her Facebook page, which got her much more attention than expected. 

Everyone loved the video and thought it was the cutest thing. Some, like a Connecticut resident shared their own stories as well. But his story would conclude in an dark room, the last place he and his wife thought they would be standing that night. 

A Good Life

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Matt and Gwen Fabrick led a good life until they had their first child, a little angel named Hazel. The two had met in college and, after years of courtship, ended up exchanging vows on a beautiful Florida beach. 

They had always planned to have a big family, and soon enough, their wish would be granted. But the two weren’t ready for the issues coming their way. 


Unsplash – Priscilla Du Preez-

Matt and Gwen had most of their life in order. They were doing well in their jobs and had a lovely house to live in. But everything took a different turn when Hazel was born. 

The girl was beautiful and equally responsive. She was a joy to be around when she was awake, and her parents loved her to the moon and back. But the more she grew, trouble started rearing its ugly head. 

Trouble Sleeping 

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Hazel had always had trouble sleeping in her room alone. This was okay when she was one, and the parents loved to have her crib in their room. 

But the behavior didn’t improve as she got older. Two years later, things weren’t looking up. If anything, it became even worse. The parents didn’t know what to do. 

Separation Anxiety 

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Most parents are familiar with separation anxiety in kids. This happens when the child develops a phobia or fear of being far from their caregiver or parent. 

Matt and Gwen thought this was what they were dealing with at first. Hazel displayed all the tale tell signs of separation anxiety. But what she was going through was far more severe. 

It Get’s Worse

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Hazel cried and clung to her parents every time they meant to walk away. But it got worse. She would cry even when Matt and Gwen were in the same room with her but sitting away from her.

She couldn’t sleep alone at night, not even in her crib, which was in Matt and Gwen’s room, the way she used to when she was younger. The young parents were at their wit’s end. 

Adding To Their Family 

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Matt and Gwen had talked about adding to their family for the longest while. As someone who grew up on a wonderful farm in North Carolina, Gwen suggested they get a beautiful dog.

She knew several pet stores in town that had the most groomed and well-trained dogs. But what did Matt think about her suggestion?

 He’s On Board! 

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Matt was on board with his wife’s suggestion. After all, a happy wife equals a happy life. Growing up, he also had a puppy and enjoyed every second of it.

He wanted the same for Hazel. The two reached a mutual agreement and quickly set out to find a dog to add to their family rank. But fate had other plans for them. 

Going To The Pet Shop

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Matt, Gwen, and Hazel were out that afternoon when they drove past a local animal shelter. Matt hadn’t planned to stop the car until they reached their chosen pet shop, but he found himself parking the car after Hazel started screaming and jumping for them to visit the shelter. 

The parents had never seen her this animated and were shocked by her excitement. If only they knew what would follow.  

Store VS Shelter 

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Matt and Gwen discussed scoping out the shelter before going to the pet store. It wouldn’t hurt to look around, they agreed. But they knew they would get their dog from a store, not the shelter. 

With Hazel in tow, they walked into the shelter and looked at all the rescues looking for new homes. It was then that they saw him. 

That’s A Big Boy 

Unsplash – Lacellia Pruitt

The dog was a massive, muscular bulldog-pitbull mix. Its fur was a sheening black marked with white paws. It could easily tower over Hazel when standing. 

At first, it seemed disinterested in the family, minding its business as they walked past. But Hazel waved at it, slipping from her mom’s grasp and running to its cage. Gwen’s insides wizened. 

Hazel And The Dog

Unsplash – Christopher Ayme

The dog gave a ground-shaking snarl, but Hazel wasn’t fazed. She laughed, mimicking the sound with a silly face. Matt came to take her away, but the dog sprang to its feet and growled at him before barking. The whole shelter, which had been filled with barks and meows before, fell silent. 

“Daddy, doggy!” Hazel screamed, “I want him, daddy! Mommy!” The dog continued barking but then did something that had the entire shelter flabbergasted. 

A Good Match!

Unsplash – Mladen Scekic

The towering ball of terrorizing fur came and licked Hazel’s hands. It also licked her face, slobbering all over her as she laughed endlessly. Her parents had never seen her this happy before.

But they couldn’t adopt the dog as it wasn’t in their plan. They feared rescue pets had undergone some trauma that would make them dangerous. Additionally, the dog was too massive for their liking. 

At The Pet Store

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They explained this to little Hazel, who was beyond heartbroken. She didn’t even object or speak. She just withdrew into herself and quietly watched as they drove to the pet store. 

Matt and Gwen showed her several puppies, from golden retrievers and samoyed puppies to Australian and German shepherds and huskies. But she wouldn’t even look, let alone greet them.

They’re Meant For Each Other 

Unsplash – Karan Shiwalkar

It was clear that the little girl’s mind was made up. The parents drove back to the shelter, and as soon as they stepped in, Hazel and the large dog ran to each other. 

The parents adopted the dog, and although they initially felt a little uncomfortable, they realized their beliefs about rescue pets were not true. But they had no idea what good the dog, Heimdall, would bring into their lives. 

A Good Choice 

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The family was watching TV that night when Hazel sat up and said, “Mommy, I’m sleepy.” But instead of curling into his mom’s hold the way she always did, she crawled from the seat and beckoned Heimdall to her. 

They walked into the darkness of the corridor and disappeared. The parents soon followed, finding her and the dog fast asleep in her bed in the dark. They couldn’t understand what was happening but knew they had made the right choice.            

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.