Dad Had No Idea Why She Was Expelled, Now She’s Being Tried As An Adult


How Could It Be?

Gracie was crying when she came in. He knew that something was seriously wrong when she handed him the letter. Mike did his best to comfort her.

Mike grew angry as he read the note, noticing that his hands were balling into tight fists. How could they do this to his young daughter? He felt the anger brewing in the pit of his stomach. He hugged his daughter, plotting his revenge.

A Devoted Dad

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Gracie was Mike Morris’ five-year-old daughter and his entire world. Everything he did he made sure to do for her. He wanted nothing more than for her to live a comfortable and happy life.

But Mike had no idea what he was about to be presented with. It would test every urge in his body as he wanted nothing more than to bring down fury on those who wronged her.

Single Parent

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Mike had taken care of and raised Gracie all on his own. He devoted all of his time to make sure she was safe and in a good environment. She was everything to him.

But Gracie had just moved to a new school and was trying to settle in. But Mike was unaware of the drama that would ensue and the effect it would have on his daughter.

Starting A New School


Grace was overjoyed to start her new school. She was excited to meet new people and make friends. It was an important new chapter in both of their lives.

But just on her first day, something would happen that would make Mike furious.

Waving Her Goodbye


Mike dropped his daughter off on her first day and kissed her goodbye. He watched with pride as he hopped along happily into the school gates.

But he had no idea what this day would have in store for his daughter, and by extension him.

Off To Work


While Gracie was at school, Mike headed off to work. He was a chef at his local restaurant, and he loved his job.

But once the clock struck 3 pm, it was time for him to clock off and pick up his little girl. He had no idea what he was about to find.

He Didn’t Know What Was In Store


Mike drove along the highway to Gracie’s school singing out loud to a song on the radio. He couldn’t wait to hear about what she had gotten up to on her first day. (

But Mike wasn’t prepared for what he would find at the school gates.

What Was Wrong With Her?


Mike pulled up to the school and straight away Mike saw his little girl. But as she walked over to the car, Mike realized she had a sad expression on her face. “What’s up, darling?” He asked. But Gracie shrugged it off.

When they got home Mike sat Gracie down and asked what was wrong and if anything had happened on her first day. What she told him shook his world.

Pointing And Staring


As Gracie opened up about her first day at school, Mike could see sadness in her eyes. “People at school were pointing and staring at my hair,” Gracie said, avoiding eye contact with her father.

Mike’s heart ached at seeing his daughter upset. “Was it the other kids?” Mike asked. “No,” Gracie replied, “it was the teachers.”

His Blood Boiled

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Straight away Mike felt anger boil inside his body. Why would the teachers point out her hair? What was their problem? Mike knew for now he couldn’t do anything. “Ok sweetie, I’ll talk to your teacher tomorrow,” he told Gracie.

What Mike didn’t know was that the situation would escalate further the very next day.

Things Were About To Get Worse


Throughout the evening Mike kept thinking about what his daughter Gracie had told him earlier on. Just as he was about to tuck Gracie into her bed, she muttered something about a letter. She then asked her dad what “expelled” meant

Mike was astonished yet worried to hear his daughter ask this. What was going on? He felt fire in his lungs. But things only got worse when Gracie pulled a note out of her bag.

Reading The Note


Mike picked up the note from Gracie’s hands he started reading it. But with each word he read, reality hit him. And he started seeing red.

When he finished reading, his breath started to quicken and he could feel his blood boil. It seemed the school had done something to Gracie without discussing any of it with him.


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Gracie was going to be expelled. All because of her hair. This was some kind of joke, right? Mike wasn’t going to stand for this.

He grabbed his phone and, armed with fire in his stomach, he called the school. Things were about to get heated.

A Heated Conversation


What started as a barely controlled rant to the principal, ended in a shouting match between Mike and the principal. The principal insisted Gracie’s hair violated school policy, and unfortunately, that was the end of the matter.

But the principal had a proposition for the angered father. And it left Mike even more furious.

A Proposition


Either Gracie would have to cut her hair or she would be kicked out permanently. As soon as heard this, Mike felt anger bubble inside. How could they propose such a thing?

It was like pulling teeth to get any sort of answer as to what exactly the violation was, especially with his phone and out already recording. He would have never imagined the answer coming out of anyone’s mouth.

Frizzy Instead Of Smooth


While the other kids had “smooth and neat” hair, Gracie’s was “frizzy and all over the place.”

He stood in front of the weasel-looking administrator, jaw unhinged and eyes wide with utter shock. It took all his self-control not to punch the man. “You do realize my daughter was BORN with that hair?!” But that didn’t end the argument.

Just Lazy


“Flat irons cost less than twenty dollars,” the principal fired back. “There’s no excuse to be lazy with your girl’s hair.”

That was it, Mike had to leave – or someone would end up in the hospital. He might have shut the door on the smug looking principal, but that didn’t mean the battle was over.

Taking Things Public


Mike’s attack would be two-fold.

First, he went to social media and posted the note, recording of the conversation, and the fact there had been no warnings before the threat of expulsion (which was already a disproportionate move). Added on top of that the “solution” of either cutting it or making Gracie’s hair look like the other kids in her class – ones from completely different backgrounds.

Getting Help


The second was to call a lawyer.

If he couldn’t get past the vile school administrator, he would smash through the school walls with the one thing they would utterly hate – a negative spotlight. It didn’t take long for the story to spread like wildfire.

World-Wide Support


The comments were everything he had hoped for.

“Your girl’s natural curls are beautiful. Never cut them!”, “Did the guy seriously not hear the words coming out of his mouth? He basically said he wanted your girl to look like the white kids.” But what was the school’s response to the flood of world-wide viewers?

PR Roundabout


Mike scoffed at the first round of PR drivel that appeared on the school’s social media.

Things like “We don’t condone discrimination” or “We are looking into things”, but there was never anything for Mike directly – that was until the lawyer formally launched a lawsuit.

Sweeping It Under The Rug


The two groups sat on either side of the long table – one side fuming, the other being extra carful with their words.

They offered an apology and “warm welcome” for Gracie to re-enter school with no threat of expulsion. But that was it. Nothing else.

Not Good Enough


His lawyer said exactly what Mike was thinking – only in a far more professional tone with no profanity.

He said there was no school infraction, the expulsion was in serious violation of school policy, but more than anything the entire situation was targeted to a girl with different hair … and skin. There would only be one thing that would even start to fix the problem…

Give Him The Boot


Mike wanted the principal fired and the teacher suspended with a single warning.

It was either that or he would take them to court and clean them out of every penny they had – and then donate the money to anything revolving around girl’s like Gracie and the unnecessary struggles they had to endure.

Finally Happy


In the end, Mike got what he wanted. The snivelling man left without saying a word.

Gracie got to go back to school. And being put in a different class, with a new teacher, made all the difference. She finally was having fun at school! However, he would look into other schools … just in case.