Girl Comes Home From School With Missing Tooth, Next Day Teacher Gets Fired


At School

The little girl picked herself up from the ground, her hands were scratched and there was mud on her clothes. She cried a little as she realized that she had fallen down.

He tried to dust herself off but that only made the mess worse. She felt a sharp sting in her mouth and covered her hand to her mouth.

Was the little girl okay?

Part Of Growing Up


Maddie Benjamin was an ordinary six-year-old girl with an extraordinarily loose tooth. The pesky molar had been wiggling about in her gums for what felt like an eternity.

Jennifer, her mother, patiently awaited the day it would gracefully exit her daughter’s mouth on its own.

But little did they know that this tooth had its own plans.

It’s Time


Maddie Benjamin was an ordinary six-year-old girl with an extraordinary secret. It was a secret she couldn’t help but share with everyone who would listen.

That secret? She had a loose tooth, and it wiggled with every bite of her favorite apple slices.

It was annoying her but she enjoyed being the center of attention at school the past few days.

Playing At School


One sunny Tuesday, as Maddie frolicked on the playground with her friends during lunchtime, fate decided to intervene. Probably hyperactive from a sugar overload, Maddie ran across the playing field.

She was in the middle of a lively game of tag when an accidental collision sent her tumbling to the ground.

She tried to stop herself but she couldn’t stop herself in time.

Center Of Attention


Amid the laughter and gasps from her friends, she felt an odd sensation in her mouth. The other little girls were pointing at her face and laughing at her.

The scared little girl put her tongue in the small gap where her tooth once was. Her tooth, as if seizing the perfect moment, finally decided to make its grand exit.

It was the first tooth that fell out.

The Moment


Her mother, 46-year-old Jennifer, had been expecting this moment for weeks. She knew that loose baby tooth would eventually fall out, and she couldn’t wait to see the gap-toothed grin that would replace it.

Jennifer had assured Maddie that it would happen naturally, but Maddie was growing impatient.

She kept complaining that it was bugging her, and well she finally got her wish.

A Bang


One sunny afternoon, Maddie was at school, playing with her friends during lunchtime. The excitement of the playground was enough to make her forget about her loose tooth for a while.

But fate had other plans. As Maddie ran to tag a friend, she collided with another student, and her loose tooth flew out of her mouth, landing on the ground.

Would she be able to find it?

An Accident


Mrs. Parsons, their watchful and kind-hearted teacher, happened to be nearby. She was used to the children being a little rough on the playground, but she was extra weary when it came to the girls.

She saw the whole scene unfold, a blend of surprise and concern washing over her face as Maddie clutched her mouth.

Was the little girl okay?

On The Scene


Mrs. Parsons, her vigilant teacher, happened to witness the whole incident. She picked up Maddie’s tooth, a knowing smile on her face, and slipped it into her pocket.

Maddie, unaware of what had just happened, held her hand to her mouth, feeling the sting of a bloody lip.

She had completely forgotten about her tooth and tried to stop the blood from falling down her white school uniform.

A Mess


Maddie stumbled towards Mrs. Parsons, tears in her eyes, her bloody hand now revealed. Her fellow students gathered around, a mix of worry and fascination in their eyes.

The little girl struggled to speak and she was now shyer realizing she had a slight lisp from the missing tooth.

A few of the boys started whistling, mocking her. The little girl blushed in embarrassment.

Call The Nurse


Mrs. Parsons gently looked at Maddie, her expression betraying her surprise. “Oh, my dear, are you alright?” she asked, a soothing hand on Maddie’s trembling shoulder.

She gave Maddie a new tissue and helped her wipe her mouth. “We have to get you to the school nurse quickly,” the teacher said hurriedly.

Would they get to the school sick bay in time?

It’s About Time


The school nurse didn’t see any immediate cause for concern.

She gave Maddie some antiseptic liquid to gargle her mouth with and told her to sit down quietly for a few minutes until the bleeding stopped.

Maddie nodded, her voice muffled by the blood and tears. She felt a strange mix of relief and sadness, saying goodbye to that stubborn tooth.

It’s Not Serious


The little girl wanted to go home but the teacher refused to dismiss her. “Don’t be a big baby Maddie, there’s only 2 and a half hours left of the day, I’m sure you’ll be fine.”

Maddie didn’t have a choice; she couldn’t phone her mother and the teacher wasn’t allowing her to sign off early.

It was her first tooth and it wasn’t a very good experience. Maddie sat through the next period, her face throbbing.

Home From School


With a worried frown, Jennifer was busy preparing for Maddie’s return from school, entirely unaware of the drama that had unfolded on the playground.

As her daughter walked through the front door with puffy eyes and a bloodstained tissue, she gasped, dropping her phone on the kitchen counter.

She immediately started dialing 911, fearing something terrible had occurred at school that day.

An Emergency


When the school bell rang, Maddie returned home, tears still in her eyes. Jennifer, waiting anxiously, saw her daughter’s bloody mouth and panicked.

Panic surged through her veins as she immediately dialed 911, fearing the worst.

Her trembling fingers struggled to press the numbers, her heart racing as she imagined all sorts of terrible scenarios that could have befallen Maddie at school that day.

It’s Okay


Maddie could see that her mother was stressed and asked her to stop calling. Jennifer was puzzled but relieved it wasn’t a more serious situation.

She halted her call to 911, her concern now shifting to the odd behavior of Maddie’s teacher.

What was going on in her school? Why didn’t Mrs. Parsons call her and notify her of what happened with her daughter?

Not To Worry


Just as Jennifer was about to make the call, Maddie found her voice amidst the tears. “It’s okay Mom, I’m fine!” Maddie said through her tears. Her mother inspected her face to make sure.

Maddie told her mother that another student had accidentally bumped into her on the playground.

She explained that her teacher, Mrs. Parsons, had taken her tooth.

The Story


Jennifer was taken aback by what happened. Maddie explained that after she found a tissue for her mouth, she looked for her tooth on the ground, but it was nowhere to be seen.

She asked some of the other students if they had seen it, but nobody gave her a straight answer.

It was only after she went to the nurse, that she remembered that she didn’t manage to find her tooth at all.

A Sore Mouth


Realizing that the biggest problem was that Mrs. Parsons didn’t contact her to inform her of the small bump on the playground, Jennifer tried to calm her daughter down.

She sat her down in the lounge and gave her some soup to eat.

She was still uncomfortable with chewing and found it easier to sip through a straw.

A Child’s Concern


Before she could complete the call, Maddie, with a shaky but determined voice, uttered the words, “Mom, my teacher took my tooth. Now the tooth fairy won’t know where to find me.”

Jennifer blinked in confusion, her phone still in her hand. “She didn’t return it?” she asked, bewildered.

Maddie nodded and slowly opened her palm, revealing the bloodstained tissues that had caused all the commotion.

Fine For Now


Jennifer’s relief washed over her in waves as she realized her daughter was not in any immediate danger. She tried to keep her company and put her favorite TV show on.

However, a new wave of questions and concerns flooded her mind. Why had her teacher taken Maddie’s tooth?

He would have to take matters into her own hands.

Mom Will Save You


As the suspense thickened in that small, cozy living room, Maddie looked up at her mother with tear-filled eyes, waiting for Jennifer’s comforting embrace and the promise that everything would be okay.

But what they didn’t know was that this was just the beginning of a story filled with intrigue and unexpected twists.

Would her mother fight her battles for her?

She Did That


Jennifer sat Maddie down and gently probed for more details. She wanted to be prepared when she went to school in the morning. She didn’t want to be that parent.

Maddie explained that she thought that Mrs. Parsons had kept her tooth, and this sent a shiver down Jennifer’s spine.

Why would a teacher want a child’s tooth? It didn’t make any sense.

Till Morning


Without wasting another second, Jennifer called the school, hoping to get some answers. However, she was told that Mrs. Parsons had already left for the day.

The mystery deepened, and Jennifer couldn’t help but worry about what her daughter’s teacher might be up to.

But she would have to wait until the morning to find out.



The following morning, determined to uncover the truth, Jennifer marched to the school. She sought out Mrs. Parsons in her classroom and confronted her about the bizarre incident.

The tired teacher looked like she had already forgotten about the incident. At first, she didn’t even know who Mrs. Benjamins was.

Then she remembered that there was a girl whose tooth had fallen out on the playground the day before.

A Sorry Teacher


58-year-old Mrs. Parsons looked genuinely sorry and admitted that she had forgotten to return Maddie’s tooth. “There’s just so many children ma’am,” he said looking genuinely guilty.

She promptly retrieved it from her desk and handed it over. She held out her tiny, crimson-stained tooth, cradling it as if it were a treasure.

Was it the right tooth?

Slipped Her Mind


Jennifer couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss, but with the tooth safely back in Maddie’s possession, she chose to put it behind her. Maddie, on the other hand, was thrilled to have her tooth back.

She clutched it in her small hand like a treasure and couldn’t wait to share the story with her friends.

She kissed her mother goodbye and ran off to find her friends.

Task Completed


That night, Maddie carefully placed her tooth under her pillow, anticipation dancing in her eyes. She was looking forward to the moment when she would finally meet the famous Tooth fairy.

Jennifer, true to tradition, played the role of the tooth fairy, slipping a crisp twenty-dollar bill under Maddie’s pillow.

The girl was none the wiser and didn’t know that it was her mother making all her dreams come true.

A Happy Girl


The next morning, Maddie awoke with excitement bubbling within her. She reached under her pillow and gasped with delight as her tiny fingers touched the bill.

Jennifer entered the room to find Maddie beaming, her gap-toothed smile brighter than ever.

“Look, mom! I got a reward for taking good care of my teeth!” she laughed proudly.

Dreams Are Made


Maddie’s loose tooth had caused quite a stir, but it had also brought a touch of magic into her life. As she clutched the twenty-dollar bill in her hand, she couldn’t help but feel that her tooth fairy, despite the mysterious detour, had come through for her in the end.

And Maddie Benjamin, the girl with the extraordinary secret, went on to share her tale of the tooth fairy who had briefly gone astray, creating a legend that would be retold for years to come.

This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!