Girl Celebrates Her Birthday With Highlights, Dad Cuts Her Hair


Celebrating Birthdays

Birthdays make for unforgettable memories in any child’s life. It’s a time in their lives when friends and family can celebrate them and how much they have grown. Some children grow up in two separate households, which means they get two birthdays every year! Kelsey Frederick looked forward to spending her birthday twice with her mom and dad. She was grateful that they each put so much effort into celebrating with her. However, something happened that changed everything.

Feelings were hurt, and people were shocked. But what happened?

A Special Birthday


Kelsey Frederick was looking forward to a significant birthday. She was soon transitioning from being a little kid to a teenager. She was excited to share her 13th birthday celebrations with her parents at two different parties.

She and her parents had been doing this for years, and she had grown used to it by now.

Different This Year


Considering it was a special birthday, Kelsey expected this year to be different from any other. She felt differently this year – more grown up – and she wanted her party to convey that feeling.

They figured that she might enjoy hosting a sleepover with all her friends. They could paint their nails, braid each other’s hair, and bake cupcakes.

Her Mom’s Gift


Her mother wanted to make her birthday extra special and decided to take her daughter to get her hair done. She was willing to pay for her to get highlights put in, which she had never had before.

Kelsey had seen many girls at school have highlights, and she had hinted to her mom that she would like to get her hair done, too.

A New Look


Kelsey was thrilled and didn’t mind how long they had taken at the salon. She loved how her hair looked now and couldn’t wait to show her friends. But the next person who would see her would be her father.

She was so excited she didn’t even think about how her father would react when he saw her new look.

Split Equally 


Kelsey wasn’t the only child who grew up in separate families and different homes.

When her parents divorced, they signed a contract stating that both mom and dad got to spend equal time with Kelsey. That meant that she got to spend ample time with her parents, and they got to see her grow up.

A Sister


She alternated between her parents every weekend, which meant she lived a relatively exciting life. The soon-to-be teen enjoyed accompanying her dad to baseball games.

Kelsey was also a sister to her two younger brothers. She was close with the boys and enjoyed spending time with them because of how much they made her laugh.

More Than Just Her Mom


Kelsey had a relationship with her mother that many other children wished for. They were closer than ever, and Kelsey knew she could talk to her mother about anything.

Christin shared a house with her daughter, but their lives had much more to them than that. Christin was more than Kelsey’s mother. Her daughter considered her to be her best friend.

Closer Than Ever


Everyone dreams of having a relationship like theirs, one with which they can share anything and everything. It was a relationship where Kelsey felt safe to express herself.

Her mom would listen to whatever her daughter had to say without holding any judgment. She knew when to be a mom and when to be a friend, and it was something young Kelsey was grateful for.

Not The Same


She got along with her father just fine, but her relationship with him was not the same as that with her mom.

Whenever she would go to him with stories about school or her friends, he didn’t hold the same keen interest as her mom did. Kelsey spent less time with her dad and more time with her mom.

A Family Affair


When Kelsey was young, her parents, Schaffen and Christin, split. It was very hard for Kelsey since she was so little, but it was nice to have a big family and always be surrounded by cousins and siblings.

Without a great support system in place, the divorce may have affected Kelsey much more.

Sports Gal


Kelsey has been into sports since she could walk. Continuing to do something she loves helped keep her grounded through the big changes going on in her life.

Her parents made sure to keep Kelsey’s life as similar as possible to how it was before the divorce.

In Agreement


Kelsey is also lucky that her parents stayed friends, maintaining a good relationship fo their daughter’s sake. They were mostly in agreement on how to raise their daughter as well.

They sat down and made a set of rules and guidelines they both agreed to follow when disciplining and raising Kelsey.

A Little Fish


It may seem like something small, but the pair decided to take Kelsey to nearby Lake Erie every month, just the three of them.

Their daughter so enjoyed it when they all used to do this fun outing when she was just a young girl, so they decided it needed to not stop.

New Love


Not long after the divorce, Kelsey’s father found love with a different woman, a colleague of his at the fire station.

This was okay by Kelsey, she actually liked her dad’s new girlfriend a lot.

It’s Official


He soon proposed and the two tied the knot at the local courthouse. They still decided to dress up to celebrate the occasion but decided to forego a big, expensive ceremony.

Kelsey couldn’t be happier for her father.

The Deal With Her Dad


Schaffen’s new wife was not an issue at all between Kelsey’s parents.

As long as she or their relationship did not interfere with the way they had to team up to raise their daughter.

Nothing Would Change


The way they agreed to parent their daughter would not change now that Kelsey had a step-mother, that was for sure.

Kelsey was perfectly fine with the whole idea. As a matter of fact, she was happy that her dad was happy!

Strong Women All Around Her


Kelsey was accustomed to being around strong women since they were constantly around her growing up. She had her Aunt Kelly, who was around often and served as a second mother to her.

There was also her godmother Haylee Ann who played an important part in Kelsey’s life.

Endless Maternal Figures


Both women never failed to give her advice and new perspectives with all of their stories and experiences.

With many maternal figures in her life, Kelsey was not threatened by her father’s new partner.

Close Proximity


Kelsey was lucky her mom lived in Fostoria, Ohio and so did her dad and his new wife. Thanks to their close proximity to one another, they could make Kelsey’s birthday one to remember.

All three are going to play a huge part in the surprise that unfolded on this special girl’s birthday.

A Challenge


It is always difficult to choose a gift for such a young girl, but Kelsey was even more challenging than her peers.

Her hobbies were not the typical things girls that age enjoy, making it hard to pick a practical gift.

No Glitz


Kelsey just had one simple request: no glitz. She wasn’t a so-called “girly-girl”, so she didn’t want her gift to be anything too pink or sparkly.

Her mother enlisted the help of friends and family to pick something Kelsey would absolutely love.

Not Like Other Girls


Kelsey was a softball player, but she already owned everything the sport required. She also loved to fish with her cousins, but it would be hard to give fishing gear during a party, and she had all the fishing gear required anyway.

Moreover, she was already a happy girl. What would she like?

Something A Bit Cheaper


Kelsey had been wanting a Mia Hamm jersey for quite a number of years now, but they were just way too expensive for both Christin and Schaffen to afford right now.

They had to think of something more in their price range.

Taking Forever


Kelsey felt like her birthday was taking a lifetime to get there, which is not all that unusual at that age. Pretty much every single 12-year-old counts down the seconds until they officially become a teenager.

Kelsey and her friends from school began searching cool party ideas on the Internet.

An Important Milestone


Christin could hardly believe that her lovely daughter was growing up right before her very eyes.

Had it really been 13 years since she gave birth to Kelsey? Now she knew what people meant when they said, “time flies”!

Her Choice


This birthday was an important milestone in her life, so Christin wanted to pick a special gift. All the celebrations that came before this one always involved a surprise of some sort.

However, she also wanted to give Kelsey the opportunity to choose what she wanted.

A Beauty Queen


Like most young girls, Kelsey loves to do hair and make-up with her friends. She was always excited when the family was invited to a wedding because it meant a glam day!

Christin obviously knew her daughter loved makeup, she did always borrow her mother’s! However, she did not expect what Kelsey asked of her.

Highlights For My Birthday


Kelsey said, “Mom, I want to get highlights for my 13th birthday”.

The teenager was hoping to spice up her brown hair with some blonde highlights. How would Christin respond to such a request?



It was a normal enough request, but no mother is ever prepared for the day her child asks for a major makeover.

Christin became worried that Kelsey wasn’t confident with the way she looked, so she began to worry a bit.

Like Her Mother


But, Christin couldn’t forget that she herself had been getting highlights long before Kelsey was born.

Maybe her daughter was just influenced by her mother’s own actions. She decided there was no real need to worry.



Christin was a little taken aback, although she made the offer for Kelsey to pick whatever she wanted, so she knew she could not refuse. Kelsey’s hair had darkened over the years, and people got highlights all of the time.

It was no big deal. Christin was a bit nervous, but luckily, she figured out exactly what needed to be done.

A Great Big Sister


Christin didn’t just comply because it was Kelsey’s birthday, she also did because of her daughter’s actions. Kelsey has 3 younger brothers and she’s a great big sister to them.

She always helps out and serves as a great role model for the boys.

Mom And Daughter Bonding Session


Christin decided to go all out and let Kelsey experience the royal treatment for her birthday.

The two of them did not know what to expect, so they decided to turn this exciting but nerve-wracking procedure into some mother-daughter time at the salon.

Nails Too


Good thing the local salon where Christin has been getting her hair done for years also offers manicures, pedicures, and massages. Kelsey was in for quite a big birthday treat!

Since Christin was a loyal customer, they also gave her a nice discount.

Matching Mom And Daughter


Mom and daughter ended up getting matching manicures and pedicures.

What could be better! Little did Kelsey know though, something else was about to happen, and she had no idea it was coming…

A Relaxing Day


They waited for her transformation and hoped for the best. After spending a long yet relaxing day together, Christin showed Kelsey the mirror. At long last, she could finally see the result.

They were both in for quite a surprise…

Could Not Believe Her Eyes


Kelsey took a look at herself in the mirror and could not believe what she was seeing. The highlights changed the way she looked! Even Christin could hardly recognize this girl.

However, she had to say that she had never seen Kelsey look so beautiful with that smile on her face.

A Surprise Up Her Sleeve


Christin had a surprise up her sleeves that Kelsey did not see coming. She wasn’t just getting her daughter’s hair and nails done…she was also going to get her makeup done! Thought that was exciting enough?

They were going to none other than makeup superstore, Sephora!



Christin snapped a photo of the apple of her eyes after all of the treatments and posted it on Facebook for all of their friends and family to see.

The two of them did not know how a certain someone reacted to it, but they remained blissfully ignorant at that time.

Next Stop Is Dad’s Place


Kelsey was eager to go out and show off her new hairstyle to her friends, but she had to go to her dad’s place first.

He was also ready to shower his lovely daughter with love and gifts but knew he had to wait for his turn with her.

His Turn


Christin was happy enough to send their darling over to her ex-husband, so they hopped into the car and drove over to Schaffen’s place. The plan was that Kelsey was going to stay at his home for the entire weekend.

It was only fair she split her time with both parents.

Something Smells


Whenever Kelsey spent some time with her father, she typically stopped using her phone. Since she split time between her mom and dad, she always made sure to make the most of her time with each parent.

Christin had no reason to hear from the teenager. But she woke up that morning with the feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

Mother’s Instinct


Christin tried to convince herself not to worry, but a mother’s instinct is always best, right? The minutes slowly ticked, but today was finally the day Kelsey would be coming back to her mom’s house.

She wondered how her daughter was enjoying her new do!

Who Was She?


When Kelsey finally rang the doorbell several days later, something odd had happened. Christin did not even realize the girl ringing the doorbell was actually her daughter!

Kelsey’s face was not only swollen and puffy from crying, but something else was off. What could it be?

What Was It?


A million things raced through Christin’s mind. Was Kelsey hurt? Had she gotten into an argument with her new step-mom? Did something happen to her dad? Maybe she spent some time at the firehouse because Schaffen had to work over the weekend?

Christin knew it wasn’t her daughter’s favorite place but was that a reason for all of the tears?

Completely Different


Then Christin did a double-take and saw that something was up with Kelsey’s hair. It looked completely different than it did when Schaffen had picked her up just a few days earlier.

What had happened to their daughter?

Horrible Haircut


Not only were the expensive highlights gone, but Kelsey’s beautiful long locks disappeared as well! Had Kelsey had second thoughts about her new look and decided to get rid of it all?

Christin was shocked, she couldn’t even move or breathe.

A “Chop Off”


Her locks were clearly butchered away sometime during the weekend.

A professional hairstylist commented saying, “what they did to that poor child, it’s a “chop off”, it’s a boyish cut with no styling whatsoever”.

From Extreme High To Extreme Low


It did not make things easier that Kelsey was cupping her face in her hands and refusing to show her face. Clearly, the young girl was humiliated by what happened.

Christin couldn’t believe it and didn’t know what had happened or where to go from here…

Self-Esteem Plummeted


In just a couple of moments, she went from feeling like the most beautiful and confident she had ever been to getting her hair chopped off on her birthday. Kelsey could not stand to look in the mirror.

Her self-esteem clearly took a beating after the ordeal she went through. Christin knew she had to get to the bottom of this.



Since Christin could not get her daughter to talk about it, she got in the car and drove to Schaffen’s place. Christin was fuming the entire car ride. She couldn’t believe the man she once loved would treat their sweet daughter in such a manner.

On her birthday no less!

How Could You


When she arrived at their house, she sprinted up to the door and screamed at her ex and his fiancé Sarah, asking why they let that happen to her daughter. Moreover, why didn’t they get in touch with her?

Christin was so mad she couldn’t even think clearly.



Apparently, they could not stand her new hairstyle and punished her for it. They thought the highlights were too precarious for her age.

According to them, “actions have consequences”.

Against Her Wishes


Little did Schaffen and Sarah know, Christin was about to show them how true this was. Christin went to the police. The chief commented saying, “the mother was upset at how her child was being cared for.

The haircut was done against the child’s wishes under the direction of the girl’s father and stepmother”.

Smile No More


Her smiling little girl was smiling no more. She couldn’t stand to see her sweet daughter in such a state.

She also couldn’t believe her ex didn’t like it. It was simple blonde highlights, not blue hair!

Taking Her Frustrations To Facebook


She was beyond her wit’s end, so she decided to take out her frustration by shaming her ex-husband online.

That was why she went on social media to give him a taste of the humiliation.

Sensitive Person


Christin wanted him to feel the pain he decided to inflict on a young and sensitive person on her birthday no less.

She hoped by posting it online, Schaffen and Sarah would see how much pain their actions caused Kelsey.

When You Go Viral


However, it was not Christin’s intention to make a viral post. She just wanted her family and friends to validate that Schaffen behaved unreasonably…in all likelihood, it was her way to blow off some steam as well.

However, the photos ended up doing more than that…

In No Time


What she didn’t expect was the number of people it reached in such a short amount of time.

When people around the country found out just how extreme his reaction was about something as trivial as highlights, they spoke out.

People Were Outraged


Can you believe that people shared it 24,000 times and it received 33,000 reactions in only a week?

The online users did not hold back at all from talking about how they felt about the incident. Here is one response in particular.

A Little Too Much


For Kelsey, the replies to her mother’s post and the questions at school were overwhelming.

The attention all became a little too much. This is only understandable, in the end, she is only 13 years old.

Outrage From Strangers


Well, Christin definitely received all the support she initially wanted and then some. This was more than she bargained for.

People she did not know started calling what Schaffen and his partner did “ridiculous” and “disgusting”.

Stand For Your Kids


Another stranger left this comment: “What a cruel thing for a parent to do to their child. So sorry that happened…beautiful no matter what!”

Meanwhile, Kelsey was not prepared to have both her face and newly butchered hair make rounds on the internet.

Middle School Woes


She was also not ready to show her face in the hallways at school. The haircut was bad enough, but now all of this attention since the Facebook post?

No way. How is a middle schooler supposed to deal with all of that?

Like Nothing Had Happened


While her younger brothers were enjoying school, and her dad and step-mom went about their daily routines, Kelsey was hurting inside.

She felt betrayed, humiliated and angry at what they did. They acted as if nothing had happened.

Theories And Speculations Abound


It was not at all unexpected that the people who heard about the story would feel critical about what Schaffen did. However, some of these strangers thought there was a bigger issue than an impulsive and controlling father.

What was the problem?

Everyone Had An Opinion


This was what one commenter had to say: “I think the daughter was unfortunately in the middle of a get back at you between both parents fighting.” Could it be true that Christin actually upset him on purpose?

We cannot say for certain, but there were more speculations to come…



Pear Tree Salon hairstylist of 27 years, Jennifer McVay commented on the incident.

“Your hair is what really makes you feel good. If your hair looks good, you feel good. She had beautiful long hair, that beautiful little girl is now walking around embarrassed”.

A Fine Line


She also said, “Another person, aside from the father, is at fault. The one holding the scissors. But, back to the father, why would they want to humiliate their daughter that way?”

“That was crossing a fine line.”

The Highlight Problem


People who have children of their own had mixed feelings about Kelsey’s highlights after hearing what happened. It was fairly easy to see that others thought they would also be upset if their daughter got a makeover without telling them.

Of course, this did not mean they excused the way the father reacted.



Many people said 13 was too young to start putting dyes on her hair. They thought Halloween was the time for this but by using wigs and wash-out hairspray. On the other hand, others said it was not a problem because it was only temporary.

However, the chopped hair raised other concerns. This was the thing that made people feel unsettled.

Sympathy From Strangers


It was a good thing that these internet people knew how the young girl must have felt. Although Christin was receiving comments that talked badly about Schaffen, some of the strangers started to address Kristin since they felt sympathy for her. Some complimented her, others suggested different things she could do with her hair and shared other heartwarming sentiments. She took comfort in their kindness.

Kelsey could not understand how these people could possibly understand her better than her father did.

Making Up For It


When the story got too much attention online, Christin realized she could use the clout to make things easier for the family. Since there were so many individuals reading and then sharing it, she thought it would be a great idea to launch a fundraiser that will help pay for her daughter’s new hair treatment. She created an account on GoFundMe to put more attention on the situation and asked readers to donate money to help make things right for the birthday girl.

At that time, they did not know if this would work.

Showing Off Her Daughter


Christin was surprised by the attention people paid the story, so she tried to update the page with events and other things happening in her daughter’s life.

Kelsey and her emotions were all over the place, and who could blame her after what she went through?

She No Longer Hid


At the very least, she was starting to do things she enjoyed and no longer hid her face.

Christin enjoyed doing these updates and showing everyone how Kelsey was doing, regardless of their stance on the situation, just how good a kid her daughter was.

Forgetting About The Trauma


People could see the young girl playing softball and going on fishing trips with her cousins. The whole time, she was sporting the hairdo she did not ask for nor wanted.

All she could do was live her life and move on.

Strong Support


People began to understand Kelsey more and drew inspiration from the way she handled the situation. Her team also always had her back, which definitely helped. However, there was more drama that was about to go down without Kelsey or Christin knowing about it.

They only realized how much the situation escalated when someone paid them a visit.

Press And The Police


Some of the people who got wind of the story apparently thought there was parental abuse involved! Now that authorities were in the mix, Fox8 interviewed Police Chief Colby Carroll.

What would he say?

Never Before


They broadcasted the way Kelsey got a forced hair cut from her father and his new wife as punishment.

“I’ve been doing this since ’92 and I’ve never had a case I would say that’s like this,” said the police officer.

Administrative Leave


It did not take a long time before the authorities knocked on Schaffen’s door. They received suspensions from their firefighting duties at the Middletown Township fire department. During this time, they were placed on “administrative leave”.

They did not want people like that working for them.

Consequences For Their Actions


There was an investigation, which ended in the local judges determining that the couple needed to pay a price as well.

People argued some more if the punishment was too much for what they did. Others argued that it was definitely a criminal offense.

Actions & Consequences


But hey, do not forget what they said about actions and consequences!

Even though the investigation was done, the family drama was not over yet…What was next for Schaffen and Sarah?

The Court’s Decision


The authorities granted Christin full custody of their daughter.

Christin took to Facebook to post this: “After 5 hours of testimony and ‘evidence’ provided by both parties, the magistrate’s decision was for Kelsey to live with mom and her siblings!”

No More Joint Custody


She continued, “A huge weight has been lifted off of everyone’s shoulders and we cannot be any [happier]!!”

Although Christin and Kelsey were both happy and relieved about how it turned out, Kelsey had to pay a rather big sacrifice.

Aunt Kelly Helps Kelsey Out


Kelsey did not have the chance to get her belongings from Schaffen’s house before she was legally removed from the place. In all honesty, she did not feel eager to come to get her things because that meant she would have to see her father and his wife. However, it still meant that she had no choice but to surrender many things dear to her.

To make up for this situation, Aunt Kelly created an account on GoFundMe to raise money so that Kelsey could live a normal life once more.

It Would Be Different


While every member of the family would agree that they managed to get the best outcome possible, it still did not make the situation any less painful for Christin and Kelsey.

After all, their relationship with Schaffen completely changed for the worse without so much as a warning.

Encouraging Words From Strangers


It certainly helped when their followers, such as Tatum Mathis, took the time to write their sympathies.

Luckily, things were about to get much better from that point on. What do we mean exactly? Read on.

Reaching Their Target Goals


It took a pretty short time before the audience decided to show their support for the young girl by donating their hard-earned money. Aunt Kelly only had a target of a thousand bucks, but they go to nearly double that amount without any problems! No one could have predicted what happened next – an anonymous person made a contribution of $2,000 in one go, effectively bringing the total to $3,543!

Now, the next question is this: what should they do with these donations from generous strangers?

Lady Jane’s


It was not hard at all to find the answer to that question.

They went back to the salon to get her hair fixed before they do anything else. They chose the Lady Jane salon, but the staff apparently knew about the situation already.

Going Back To The Salon


As a matter of fact, her godmother Haylee Ann already dropped by ahead of time to make sure she gets a nice surprise.

Kelsey was greeted by a welcome committee as soon as she got there! How exciting for the 13-year-old!

Incredible Results


Back at the salon, the staff was already anticipating the arrival of the young girl. They were prepared to make magic happen yet again. Everyone knew how much strength the young girl displayed despite the trauma she underwent.

They did all that they could to make Kelsey one happy girl.

The Sky Is The Limit


They asked her what she wanted because everything was possible now. Haylee Ann was also present in a show of support, which gave Kelsey more courage to do what she wanted. She listened to the advice they had and agreed to another huge change.

What could it be? Maybe she dyed it or got extensions?

Happy Once More


She knew she had to wait before her natural roots grew back, which is why Kelsey decided to get a wig for now.

She liked the choices the salon offered and was happy with the end result. It nearly made up for what went wrong in the first place!

Forever Grateful


Kelsey’s mom was so grateful after hoping hard that Kelsey would feel more like herself once more.

She said, “I’d like to thank the ladies…for making my baby feel more like herself!” she said. “We truly appreciate you ladies so much!” Her daughter’s smile was finally back!

Her Very Own Fairy Godmother


Christin was aware that she could not have pulled this off without Haylee Ann. There was no way the salon could have known what to do if her friend were not there. She was the one who ensured that the fundraiser would go well and never failed to show her support for the mother and daughter, especially when things were going badly with Schaffen.

After posing for photos on Salon Day #2 with all these lovely women, no one could have predicted there were more surprises in store for them.

Happily Ever After


The happily ever after of this story succeeded in warming the hearts of the people who kept up with the story.

Surprisingly, more and more people tuned in. Who would have thought that the traumatic ordeal could bring out generosity and sympathy in other people?

Going Viral Again


Several months later, the post earned nearly five thousand likes and hundreds of comments and shares.

One commenter even said, “You’re beautiful!” We definitely agree with that assessment! We’re so happy so many strong women came together and brought Kelsey the justice she deserved!

Grades Above


Although we know that Kelsey was not happy with her botched hair job, she left the salon looking way better than some people do.

Let’s just say her chop off was an A+ compared to these botched jobs…

Nice Headphones


If Bose headphones are out of your price range, why not just get a haircut like this guy?

He only spent a few bucks and around 20 minutes at the barber instead of a whopping $250. He seems like he knows how to save some money.

Like Father, Like Son


Poor little Kevin decided to go with his dad to the barber that warm Saturday in April. Little did he know, his barber and his father had a little prank up their sleeves.

It’s safe to say that Kevin was less than thrilled when he was given a style to mirror his dad’s receding hairline.

It’s Salvador Dali


This is one unique haircut, so different in fact we don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like it.

The attention to detail in this buzz-cut is something only the most talented can achieve. Check out those long whiskers!

Don’t Pull The Plug


We’re not sure what this young guy was thinking when he walked into his town’s barber shop that day, or if he was thinking at all.

The top of his head looks something like a whirlpool and on the front and back of his head he has these weird braids…we’re not even going to ask.

Beautiful Doll


What can one do when you’re in a shaven-head biker group, but still want to look pretty on the weekends.

This guy decided to go with a little patch of hair on his head cut to look like a bowtie. Whatever makes him feel good…right?

Whatsapp Emoji


If this haircut looks a bit familiar, it should, you probably have looked at it once already today.

It’s the poop emoji, of course! Whatever made this fella get a cut mirroring something so vile, we have no answer for.

Static Electricity


We hope this look was on purpose, and this guy didn’t just happen to get hit with some crazy strong static electricity that said day.

Although this scenario is likely, our best guess is that he used lots of gel and hairspray to achieve this look.



We all know Miley Cyrus has sported some wild hairstyles in recent years, but this one has to win the cake.

The spiked look, together with the bleached blonde tips, is hard for us to look at for more than 3 seconds. Rocker girl, for sure!

First Fault


If tennis is your favorite sport, it only makes sense you get a haircut that makes your head look like a tennis ball…right?

No, no, no. Everything about this hair-do is so wrong. We hope that color dye wasn’t permanent!

Future Branding


Although Oreos are many people’s cookie of choice, not many would get the logo and color scheme plastered on their hair.

Either this woman loves the said sweet treat, or she’s just signed on as the brand’s walking advertisement.

Ariel Winter Too


Normal everyday citizens aren’t the only ones who get crazy hairstyles, celebrities do too!

Ariel Winter from Modern Family decided to color her hair a bold pink for a recent music festival.

Noah’s Ark


This masterpiece has us asking all sorts of questions, the first being: how many bottles of gel and hairspray did he use?

Our guess is a whole lot! He definitely achieved the Noah’s Ark look…it’s quite the boat he has under there!

Smurf Dipped


When you’re a big fan of the Smurfs, you may get your hair dyed to look just like them.

This girl is obsessed with the said films, so she did just that. We think she missed the top, or maybe that’s the style these days?

Hat Hair


Carl wears a hat every day, it’s sort of a staple of his. He decided to try out a new look and get his haircut in the shape of a hat.

The result is insanely accurate! Just look at the long brim and all…the sun has nothing on him!



Showing support for your favorite presidential candidate is imperative if you want them to win the race.

This man was a huge Hillary fan, and he wanted all of the world to know it. Although she didn’t win, he sure did with this haircut.

Up Or Down?


When in doubt…attach a zipper? She couldn’t quite figure out how to style her hair for the wedding, so she decided to do something a bit out-of-the-box.

Oh, do we wish she left that zipper out of her hair, and in the craft store where it belongs!

Chopper Chop


This woman’s boyfriend is a pilot, so she decided to surprise him for his birthday with this special jet-settin’ do! She has the tail, along with the top of the helicopter.

Can you believe that it even spins?!

Eyes At The Back Of His Head


We’re guessing this was a bet gone wrong, and this guy was the loser.

would definitely scare the little ones, and we bet it would creep out some adults as well!

Carrot Top


This woman tried really hard to get on board with the healthy-eating movement, and what better way than to literally attach vegetables to your head?

Not real carrots of course, but ones made of hair and colored orange!! Oh, dear…

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.