Selena Gomez Takes a Ginger Shot Everyday, Should You?

The queen of social media has a wellness hack that could seriously improve your health. Try Selena Gomez's favorite ginger shots and see for yourself!

The reigning queen of social media takes a ginger shot every single morning. No not Queen Bey, the other Queen. Selena Gomez revealed to James Corden, during her car pool karaoke segment, that ginger shots are her secret to maintaining her health. Why?

After throwing back ginger shots with Corden, Gomez revealed, “It’s killing everything inside- all the bad things.” And she’s mostly right. While ginger doesn’t kill “everything” inside you, it does kick bad gut bacteria to the curb. It’s a serious anti-inflammatory and eases digestion. Adding raw ginger to your diet can improve your over health in a number of amazing ways.

Here are 10 reasons to take ginger shots every day:

1.) Ginger Calms Nausea

ginger shot benefits ease nausea

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Feeling nauseous? According to The World Health Organization, ginger is an effective way to treat your symptoms. Two new studies recently found that 0.5g to 1.5g of ground ginger could be the answer to treating nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. Good bye morning sickness!

It’s not just pregnant women who need relief from constant nausea though. Nausea effects many people while traveling, after surgery, and during chemotherapy. If the thought of throwing back ginger shots every morning makes you feel woozy already, try taking raw ginger in a capsule form instead.

2.) Ginger Shots Improve Digestion

ginger shots improve digestion

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If you feel like you’re constantly battling belly bloat, try adding ginger to your diet. Consistent bloating is usually the result of build up of bad gut bacteria, which slows down digestion. New research is showing that a healthy gut and digestion is the key to maintaining your health. There’s even claims that your gut health is directly related to your mental health.

Enter ginger. Thanks to the active ingredient, gingerol, raw ginger can revamp your digestion, which can also ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. Gingerol stimulates the production of bile and digestive enzymes that help break down bad bacteria and escort it out of your system. When your gut is healthy it’s also much easier for your body to absorb more nutrients.

3.) Ginger Reduces Muscle Pain

ginger shots reduce musle pain

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Exercise fanatics listen up. A study from The Official Journal of American Pain Society found that ginger is an effective way to reduce muscle pain caused by exercise. All that working out can put a lot of strain on your muscles and body, resulting in injuries.

Ginger is here to relieve you. The journal of pain noted that just 2g of ginger taken for 11 days straight resulted in moderate to large reductions in muscle pain. The study also noted that both raw and heated forms of ginger were effective. If you don’t want to take the raw ginger shots Selena Gomez takes every morning, a cup of hot ginger tea with lemon and honey also works wonders.

4.) Ginger Warms Your Body

ginger shots warm your body

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If you’re someone who always feels cold add some ginger to your diet. Ginger helps keep your body warm from the inside out. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this immune boosting elixir is used to regulate temperature and warm the body up.

If you’re suffering from a cold or just feeling a little chilly pour yourself a cup of ginger tea. Just add fresh ginger slices to warm water with lemon and/or honey. Studies have found that this spice enhances thermogenesis, the creation of heat in the body.

5.) Ginger Prevents Colon Cancer

ginger shots colon health


Thanks to its major anti-inflammatory properties, ginger can prevent the development of colon cancer.  According to the American Society for Cancer Research, ginger supplements reduced colon inflammation markers. When inflammation is reduced in the colon, cancer isn’t likely to develop.

If you’re interested in trying a ginger supplement try this organic one from Pure Synergy. One capsule has 425mg of organic ginger. It also has 25mg of gingerol and shogaols,the all-important active compounds.

6.) Ginger Eases Breathing

ginger shots eases breathing

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A study from Columbia University found that ginger can help people with asthma breathe easier. How? Ginger root relaxes the airway tissues that tighten up during an asthma attack.

Don’t reach for ginger instead of your inhaler though. Inhalers can be llife-saving Taking a ginger shot or sipping ginger tea when you feel your airways tightening could help, but it’s adding ginger to your daily diet that will have the biggest effect.

7.) Ginger Boosts Libido

ginger shots boost libido

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Not feeling so hot and bothered lately? Try ginger. This heating spice has been used as an aphrodisiac in the East for centuries. While there’s yet to be scientific studies done in the U.S to back up the claim of gingers effects on libido,  studies have shown that ginger does improves blood flow.

Better blood blow could potentially improve you sex life. Whether it works or not, trying ginger as an aphrodisiac can’t hurt. Even if it doesn’t have an effect on your libido, you’ll still be gaining a lot of other health benefits from this powerful spice.

8.) Ginger Boosts Immunity

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After battling lupus for years and undergoing kidney surgery last year, Selena Gomez is serious about taking care of her health. The main reason she throws back ginger shots everyday is to boost immunity. When your immunity is in high gear your body is able to bounce back from illnesses faster.

The immune system’s job is to fight disease. When it’s out of whack your body is left defenseless against intruding viruses. Studies have shown that ginger can balance the immune system and restores it to it’s proper function. To ward of colds or fight the flu look to ginger shot benefits.

9.) Ginger Can Help Your Hair Grow

ginger shots hair growth


Another reason Selena Gomez adds ginger to her diet is to help with hair growth and re-growth. Yes, re-growth. Did you know that one of the effects of Lupus is hair loss?

And it isn’t just Lupus that causes hair loss. Aging and serious stress can cause patches of your hair to fall out. Beauty blog, Into the Gloss, covered Erin Luka’s story of dealing with the embarrassment of hair loss and how she turned to ginger to help with regrowth. Rubbing a piece of fresh, peeled ginger on her bald spots and then letting it sit for 30 minutes helped Erin’s hair “re-sprout” in about a month.

10.) Ginger Makes Your Skin Glow

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The anti-oxidants in ginger help increase collagen production and tame hyper-pigmentation. The result is younger looking and a more even skin tone. Ginger doesn’t just help aging skin issues though, it also helps reduce acne.

Battling break outs with no end in sight? Try adding ginger juice to your face masks or toner. You can also try rubbing a piece of raw, peeled ginger on your trouble spots.

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Now that you’re aware of all the amazing health benefits of ginger, you’re probably eager to try it out for yourself. If chewing on a raw piece of ginger (like Selena sometimes does), doesn’t sound appetizing to you here’s a sweeter way to enjoy it. The ginger shot recipe below uses a few extra ingredients for better taste.

Christina Graves No Equipment Required Ginger Shot Recipe


10 1/2 ounces of ginger

1 sliced lemon

3-4 lemons

2 tsp of honey

1 small tea bag


1.) Juice the 3-4 lemons and set aside.

2.) Peel and slice the ginger into small pieces.

3.) Boil the ginger and lemon slice in 6 cups of boiling water for 30-40 minutes.

4.) Turn off the heat and add the tea bag, honey, and lemon juice.

5.) Let it rest for 30 minutes before straining it.

6.) Take a shot or store the concoction for up to a week.

Other ways to get ginger in your diet:

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