5 Powerful Tips For Getting Started Running

Running has to be one of the most polarizing physical activities in existence. People either love it or hate it. Those who love running will cite the rush of endorphins they receive, the beautiful scenery they enjoy while running outside, or the fact that running helps them keep their body in peak physical condition. On the other hand, people who hate running typically hate running with a passion. They have a predetermined counterpoint for every positive thing you can tell them about running. They will tell you it’s hard getting started running, that they don’t have enough time, or that running is just plain boring.

For the people who don’t enjoy running, or people who are getting started running, this article is for you!

We are going to discuss the top 5 tips to make running more enjoyable in hopes that it inspires you to start experiencing all of the great benefits that getting started running can provide.

5.) Find Your Happy Place

getting started running

Tip No. 1 on how to make running more enjoyable is to find your happy place. By happy place, we mean finding the place that you enjoy running in the most. If you aren’t a big fan of the great outdoors, you live in a place where the sun is scorchingly hot or you simply prefer running in an air conditioned environment, running on the treadmill at the gym or at home is a great choice. Treadmills are always a great option for those just getting started running.

If you love being outside in nature, think running on a treadmill is boring, or want to challenge yourself with real hills, head outside for a run! The important concept to note here is finding a place that you are happy running in. If you appreciate and enjoy the environment that you are running in, you will be more inclined to keep up with a running habit and consistently go running.