5 Powerful Tips For Getting Started Running

Getting started running can be a big challenge, so we've put together 5 tips to make running more enjoyable! Get those shoes on and go!

Running, undoubtedly, stands as one of the most polarizing physical activities in existence. People either love it or hate it. Those who fall in the “love” category will gladly boast about the rush of endorphins they receive, the breathtaking scenery they devour during their outdoor jaunts, and the fact that running helps them achieve peak physical condition. In contrast, individuals who abhor running truly detest it with a burning passion. For every positive point you raise about running, they counter with predetermined arguments. They claim it’s tough getting started running, that time eludes them, or that running is simply mind-numbingly dull.

However, fear not! I specifically crafted this article for those who either dislike running or are novices in the running realm. We aim to divulge the top 5 tips that can make running a more enjoyable endeavor. Our ultimate aspiration is to ignite inspiration within you, prompting you to experience the multitude of marvelous benefits that embarking on a running journey can yield.

5. Find Your Happy Place

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Tip. 1 on how to make running more enjoyable is to find your happy place. By happy place, we mean discovering the location where you enjoy running the most. If you aren’t particularly fond of the great outdoors or live in a scorchingly hot area, or if you simply prefer running in an air-conditioned environment, opting for the treadmill at the gym or home is an excellent choice. Treadmills are always a great option, especially for beginners just starting to run.

On the other hand, if you adore being outside in nature, find running on a treadmill boring, or desire the challenge of real hills, venture outside for your run! The key concept to remember is finding a place where you genuinely enjoy running. When you appreciate and relish the environment you’re running in, you’ll be more motivated to maintain a running habit consistently.

4. Listen To Music

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Some would argue that selecting the right playlist for a run is as important as choosing the right shoes. The appropriate song can motivate you to go the extra mile, with its perfect beat helping you find your running rhythm. In fact, the best playlists can help you ignore fatigue and surpass your running goals. Take some time to reflect on the type of music that truly inspires you.

For classical music enthusiasts, it is an ideal choice as it can transport you to another time and remind you of the beauty that running brings. On the other hand, house music offers a fast-paced beat that can power you to the finish line, while heavy metal or rock can push you to your physical limits through their intense sound. Regardless of your preferred music genre for running, remember that listening to music during your runs will undoubtedly enhance your overall experience. If you are struggling getting started running, you might just need the right soundtrack to get you on track!

3. Reward Yourself

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Some people genuinely love running. They don’t need any incentives to commit to a running habit; they simply enjoy the activity. However, for the rest of us, it’s important to reward ourselves for the hard work and dedication running demands. Starting a running routine can be challenging for many.

To make it more enjoyable, set a distance or time-related goal, and then reward yourself with a guilty pleasure at the end. For example, you could have a beer after completing a 5k or treat yourself to some cookies after an hour-long run. Find something that you can look forward to throughout the entire run, and you’ll find greater satisfaction in the effort. By rewarding yourself, you’re positively reinforcing the habit of running.

2. Buy New Shoes

Running is an activity that doesn’t require much of an investment to participate in. You really just need some athletic clothes, a little bit of inspiration, and some good shoes! If you think that your running shoes are lacking in style or functionality, we suggest spending a little bit of money and purchasing a new pair of running shoes. You will be amazed at how much more enjoyable the activity of running is when you are rocking a brand new pair of shoes. Treating your feet well will make running somuch better.

Go for a pair of shoes that are comfortable, lightweight and stylish. By purchasing a great pair of shoes, you are setting yourself up for running success! You’ll be proud of the way you look as you run all over town in your new shoes. Also, you might feel guilty skipping out on a run after splashing some cash on new shoes. Buying new shoes is a necessary step in getting started running, and it can certainly make things more enjoyable!

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1. Download Running Apps

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We are currently living in the golden age of technology. Nowadays, there is an application available for almost everything, even for running. One valuable tip to enhance the enjoyment of running is to download applications on your smartphone that allow you to track your running progress. These applications are not only beneficial for monitoring distance and duration but also for reviewing your progress after each run and discovering new routes to keep your running routine exciting and refreshing. Additionally, these apps provide a social media feature that lets you share your running accomplishments with friends and family, fostering healthy competition among fellow runners. It is worth noting that these applications will only continue to improve with time, so it’s worth considering incorporating them into your next run.

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As evident from the aforementioned options, there are numerous ways to enhance the pleasure of running. For avid runners, consider integrating any of the aforementioned suggestions into your existing routine to elevate your running experience. Conversely, if you’ve always disliked running or find it challenging to get started, utilize the tips mentioned above to transform your next run into an activity you eagerly anticipate. Embracing a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise is contingent upon the right mindset. Keep in mind that running is a privilege, not a chore! Wishing you happy trails!

Do you have any other tips for making running more enjoyable? Are you currently training for a 5k or a marathon? Share your thoughts and tips below!