16 Genius Paper Clip Hacks To Save The Day

Paper clips have more tricks up their sleeves than we give them credit for. These 16 life-hack tips will show you how you can use these tiny pieces of bent metal to change your everyday life! Paper clip love all the way!

Let’s take a walk through history. They originally designed the first version of the paper clip to attach tickets to fabric. Samuel B. Fray patented it in 1867. However, we can most likely attribute the current design of the paper clip to Norwegian inventor Johan Vaaler.

Here is where it gets really interesting …

During World War II, they used the paper clip as a symbol for Norwegian resistance to Nazi German occupation. Students of Oslo University were the first ones wearing paper clips on their lapels to express their disobedience to the occupying regime. “We are bound together,” was the message they were sending with that small paper clip. The Nazis soon prohibited paper clips altogether.

To commemorate its role, a gigantic 5-meter-tall paper clip was erected in Sandvika, Norway. Cool, huh?

We’ve brought you 10 genius paper clip hacks to remember to save the day.

16. Tape Marker

paper clip


Save yourself the 1-minute rage of looking for the beginning of the adhesive tape, and use a paper clip to mark it. Simply genius.


15. Cute Love Notes Planner Clips

paper clip

My Paper Moose

Your planner is about to have a huge cuteness infusion. Just cut the paper in any form and color you want and glue it to the tip of the paper clip. You can also use it as a bookmark and personalize it as much as you like.

14. Paper Clip Tie Clip

paper clip


For a tie that doesn’t slip, use a paper clip! Attach it to one of the upper buttons of your shirt, and you’re all set.

Source: Complex.com 

13. The Jewelry Clasp Hack You Didn’t Know You Needed

paper clip

Dollar Store Crafts

Jewelry clasps are life-savers. If you craft your own accessories, use paper clips to hold together chains, ribbons, long strips of fabric or lace fabric. If you have an old piece of jewelry that you absolutely love but that can’t fit your neck/wrist anymore, use paper clips to bring it to the desired length.

Source: Dollar Store Crafts

12. Easy-Peasy Earrings 

paper clip

Pitter & Glink

Your 10-minute craft of the day is here! These lovely earrings only need paper clips, red string, Liquid Stitch and earring hooks. Create a heart shape using the paper clips, attach the string to it and begin looping it around. Cover it with a Liquid Stitch coat, attach earring hooks, and voilà!

Source: Pitter & Glitter

11. Easy Paper Binder

paper clip

In the age of smartphones and computers, few of us use paper that much anymore. However, if you are a student or an employee who prefers using it as a traditional note-taking medium, you might know the struggle of messy paper.

To bind your documents affordably, punch two holes in your stack and attach the paper with a paper clip and an elastic band. Secure it with as many elastic bands as needed.

10. Notebook Add-On

paper clip


Absolutely brilliant! How many times have we forgotten a piece of information on our notebooks and didn’t want to spoil the already filled paper? Simply clasp the end of a paper clip to the paper/photo/ticket you’d like to add and loop it around the spiral binding.

Source: Floria2007

9. Instant Phone Stand

paper clip


Two large paper clips are all you need for this phone stand. Bend the tip of the paper clips 90 degrees, then the inner loop back 45 degrees. In case you don’t have pliers, use a staple remover.

Source: Instructables

8. Tassel Paper Clip Bookmark

paper clip

Cassie Scroggins

Chic tip for book lovers: tassel bookmarks. Grab your nearest paper clip, and loop a tassel (or even a pompom!) through it.

Source: Cassie Scroggins

7. Zipper Head

paper clip


Save the pouch, insert a paper clip zipper! For zippers that have long lost their heads, this is a fairly accommodating substitute.

Source: DIYprojects.com

6. Stylish Key Holder

paper clip

One GoodThing

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but you can still design it however you want. Stick colorful washi tape around the paper clip or add stripes and dots using nail polish. Add as many paper clips as you want – the more the merrier!

Source: One Good Thing

5. Make Your Bra Straps Invisible

paper clip

Claudia Florez – Pinterest

Close the gap between your bra straps using a paper clip. You will be able to wear your favorite tank top and racer-back dress gracefully.

Source: Pinterest

4. Clean Your Brush In 5 Seconds

paper clip

One Good Thing

Clean your hairbrush thoroughly using the tip of a paper clip. Tip: Run soapy water on the brush next to get rid of any residue. If any is left, then use an old toothbrush to clean the small creases.

Source: One Good Thing

3. Make Hemming 10 Times Easier

paper clip

One Good Thing

Want to hem a new dress or pants and need to secure the fold at your desired length? Use paper clips to hold the fabric in place! It’s perfect if you are taking the measurements of a kid and wouldn’t want to use pins around them.

Source: One Good Thing

2. Static Cling Solution

paper clip

Fab How

Dry climate can cause static cling or by friction between two types of fabric. To get rid of it, slide a paper clip on the garment that has taken on a static charge. According to FabHow, this method will also prevent static cling from recurring.

Source: FabHow

1.) Fasten a Bracelet Without Help

paper clip


Putting on accessories don’t need to take forever. Simply open a paper clip in half, place it on one hook of the bracelet or necklace, secure it with your fingers and run the bracelet around your wrist to easily fasten the clasp.

Source: PSYmedia

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What do you think of these paper clip hacks? Have you tried any of them? Do you have more? Let us know in the comments, and read our next article about incredibly easy DIY earrings you can make in the next 10 minutes! 


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