10 Genius Paper Clip Hacks To Save The Day

Did you know May 2 is National Paper Clip Day? Yep, that’s right. And if you think this tiny piece of bent metal is too dull to have its own holiday, the next paragraph will show you otherwise.

Let’s take a walk through history. The first version of the paper clip was originally designed to attach tickets to fabric. It was patented by Samuel B. Fray in 1867. However, we can most likely attribute the current design of the paper clip to Norwegian inventor Johan Vaaler.

Here is where it gets really interesting …

During World War II, the paper clip was used as a symbol for Norwegian resistance to Nazi German occupation. Students of Oslo University were the first ones wearing paper clips on their lapels to express their disobedience to the occupying regime. “We are bound together,” was the message they were sending with that small paper clip. The Nazis soon prohibited paper clips altogether.

To commemorate its role, a gigantic 5-meter-tall paper clip was erected in Sandvika, Norway, and Paper Clip Day was created. Cool, huh?

If you’re wondering how you can celebrate this part of history today, we’ve brought you 10 genius paper clip hacks to remember to save the day.

16.) Tape Marker

paper clip


Save yourself the 1-minute rage of looking for the beginning of the adhesive tape, and use a paper clip to mark it. Simply genius.


15.) Cute Love Notes Planner Clips

paper clip

My Paper Moose

Your planner is about to have a huge cuteness infusion. Just cut the paper in any form and color you want and glue it to the tip of the paper clip. You can also use it as a bookmark and personalize it as much as you like.