Top 40 Easter Photos Gone Wrong That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

We try to live life with no regrets, but when we look through old family photo albums and see some of the things our parents put us through, we regret not saying no. Take a look at the funny Easter photos below (many of which we found on awkward family photos) and be grateful your parents didn’t do this to you!

40.) The “Don’t Be Scared” BunnyFunny Easter Bunny

Those eyes! That creepy stare! He looks as though he’s about to eat her — or offer her up as a sacrifice. This is not a funny Easter photo; it’s creepy AF!

39.) The Googly-Eyed Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

If you didn’t tell us this was an Easter photo, we’d never have known. We thought #40’s slanted eyes were creepy, but these googly eyes are just as bad!

38.) The Pink Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

We don’t know what universe pink bunnies come from, much less pink bunnies with creepy eyes. Whoever designed these costumes seriously failed.