Top 40 Easter Photos Gone Wrong That Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever

The only thing worse than a creepy Santa is a creepy Easter Bunny. Check out these funny Easter pics and be grateful it's not you in the photo!

We try to live life with no regrets, but when we look through old family photo albums and see some of the things our parents put us through, we regret not saying no. Take a look at the funny Easter photos below and be grateful your parents didn’t do this to you!

Here are the top easter photos that went wrong: 

40.) The “Don’t Be Scared” Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Those eyes! That creepy stare!

He looks as though he’s about to eat her — or offer her up as a sacrifice. This is not a funny Easter photo; it’s creepy AF!

39.) The Googly-Eyed Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

If you didn’t tell us this was an Easter photo, we’d never have known.

We thought #40’s slanted eyes were creepy, but those googly eyes are just as bad!

38.) The Pink Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

We don’t know what universe pink bunnies come from, much less pink bunnies with creepy eyes.

Whoever designed these costumes seriously failed.

37.) The Hungry Bunn

Funny Easter Bunny

We’d be screaming too if this large-mouthed creature had his lips this close to our heads!

Oh my!

36.) The Bender Bunn

Funny Easter Bunny

This guy looks like he’s been on a diet of nothing but Jack and Coke for the past week, sans sleep (or shower).

How is this a good costume?

35.) The Professor Rabbit

Funny Easter Bunny

Boredom alert! There’s nothing wrong with this Easter bunny. He looks like a tenured professor.

However, sometimes you’re just too old for pics with the Easter Bunny or Santa! Their faces say it all.

34.) The Lap Dance Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Continuing the theme of “too old to be taking photos with the Easter bunny.”

Plus, why is this bunny sitting on the man’s lap?

33.) The Scary Baby Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Thank goodness this child wasn’t introduced to one of the aforementioned questionable Easter Bunnies.

If she freaks out over this adorable baby bunny, we don’t know if she’d ever get over the shock of one of the creepy ones!

32.) The Confused Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Whether it’s his crossed ears or his crossed eyes, this sad bunny just seems lost and confused.

At least the kid doesn’t seem to mind!

31.) The High-Flying Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

His eyes remind us of vintage pilot’s goggles, but that blank expression and one finger hold on the child just leaves us confused.

Again, who was designing these costumes?!

30.) The ‘I’ll Catch You Kid’ Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

No one runs from the Easter Bunny.

At least this one’s friendly looking!

29.) The Scary Baby Bunny II

Funny Easter Bunny

Not really …

But perhaps when you’re a baby, everything is scary!

28.) The So-Close Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

He was so close to being a nice, normal bunny!

Until we noticed his pants. Did he put them on backward?

27.) The Poor Placement Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Just a little NSFW.

That kid must be blocking this memory out.

26.) The Dumpster-Diving Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

With his crooked eyes, grimacing smile and dirty attire, this bunny looks like he’s been living on the streets!

Or in a dumpster!

25.) The Not Having It Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Props to this bunny for being clean and sporting a cute jacket but he looks bored to death!

The baby looks so calm though.

24.) The WTF Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

We wonder if this kid’s grandma tried to make the Easter bunny costume.

With those crooked ears, menacing brows, weird mustache and “O” face, this is one funny Easter bunny!

23.) The Japanamation Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Props to this she-bunny. We love her big eyes and her lashes, and she looks like she’s trying!

Unfortunately, the kid just isn’t having it.

22.) The She Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Props for another female bunny but she’s a bit DIY.

Not that we don’t love DIY trends.

21.) The Ghost Bunnies

Funny Easter Bunny

Bunnies or Ghostbusters?

Thankfully, these little girls don’t seem scared!

20.) The Sinister Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

There are several bunnies here that haunt our dreams and this is certainly one of them with those creepy red eyes!

Close your eyes.

19.) The ‘Plan B’ Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

When his original plan of serving as the official mall Easter bunny failed, he followed through with Plan B: being the Petsmart Easter bunny.

We won’t judge too harshly though — we’d rather sit with these happy pups than crying kids!

18.) The Gummy Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Is it just us or is this Easter Bunny’s mouth looking a little too red?

Like maybe he ate the previous child?!

17.) The Sly Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

This bunny’s throwing shade with that side eye but the kid doesn’t seem to mind!

Oh, well!

16.) The Needs an Orthodontist (and More) Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

This funny Easter bunny looks like he needs some Invisalign stat!

The Easter bunny doesn’t even look like a bunny!

15.) The Pink Tutu Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

We appreciate the effort here: the pink getup, the pink tutu collar, the basket of goodies.

But that face! Still a bit on the creepy side.

14.) The Inappropriate Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

At first, we just thought there was a bit too much camo going on with the orange bunny and the orange background, but then we saw that balloon and wish there had been better camo!

Or better yet, no balloon at all.

13.) The Very Scary Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

We don’t know what the intention was with this funny Easter bunny.

Bonus points for at least having a clean costume, but what is up with those lashes and whiskers?

12.) The Giddy-Up Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Maybe we’re just jealous because we grew up in cities where it wasn’t possible for the Easter bunny to arrive on horseback, but you’ve got to admit, it’s still kind of weird.

What’s next, Santa riding in on horseback as well?

11.) The Bank Robber Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Is it just us, or does that mask look like he’s about to rob a bank?!

Or does it look like a horror film?

10.) The Sad, Shaggy Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

This little girl is a bit skeptical of this funny Easter bunny and we don’t blame him.

With those crooked ears, crooked eyes and off-white dirty attire, we’re skeptical too!

9.) The Crazy Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

Maybe it’s the eyes or perhaps it’s that blood-red mouth.

We can practically hear his maniacal laugh.

8.) The Tampon Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

It’s not just us — Team Jimmy Joe thought so as well.

His head looks like an oversized tampon!

7.) The Drunk Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

This bunny looks like he had one too many margaritas for lunch!

Or he is hungover from the night before.

6.) The High Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

This guy looks as though he smoked a bit of you-know-what before going to work.

The baby is so innoncent.

5.) The ‘Trying To Be Sweet’ Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

For once, we won’t fault the bunny.

He looks sweet, the kids just weren’t having any of it!

4.) The Creepy Lamb

Funny Easter Bunny

We’ve seen a few pink sinister-looking bunnies so far so this one isn’t as scary.

But what’s up with that lamb?!

3.) The Reason These Kids Are in Therapy

Funny Easter Bunny

Once again, we don’t have many regrets, but the ones we do have usually revolve around not saying no to terrible ideas.

We’re sure these kids understand.

2.) The Mugshot Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

If he’s not in prison yet, he looks as though he’s going soon.

He will haunt your nightmares.

1.) The Grandpa Jokes Bunny

Funny Easter Bunny

The only thing worse than “dad jokes” are grandpa jokes.

It is the only rationale we can think of behind this funny Easter photo!

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