Hilarious Instances Where The Internet Has Caught People Making Unsuccessful Attempts


Not So Private 

The privacy that once came with making a fool of yourself behind closed doors no longer exists. The good days of only the people in the room knowing you messed up are long gone. 
Nowadays, anything and everything can easily find itself on the internet and on the screens of millions of people worldwide. Here are a few times when people having an off day ended up on the internet. 

Soft And Crunchy 

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Hard-boiled eggs are among today’s most beloved treats. Many of us keep them in our fridges, awaiting those late-night snack runs. As standard practice, one removes the egg’s shell before eating.

But it seems that crucial step escaped this poster, who complained about the egg’s crunchy-soft mix. Not to worry, a kind soul was sure to explain the proper way to indulge in this treat.

Read A Book

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The responder that came to this poster’s rescue presented his comment with the right amount of ‘oomph!’ See what we did there? We hope his ‘proof’ is enough to inspire the poster to research more before making such bold proclamations. 

That aside, maybe Johnnie could have handled the situation differently. He does have a point, though, and the lesson is clear. Think before you speak.

We’re Being Watched

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There is this common belief that the government is using all these new technologies to track us. As such, this particular post isn’t that surprising.

But we seem to have forgotten that long before the use of Face ID, there was the trusty old ID. These were a collection of our pictures and information, which ensured the government identified most of us since we were 16.

Who Is Better?

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When you decide to take on the mantle of ‘grammar police,’ ensure that you are outstanding in whatever language you are policing people to perfect. Otherwise, you end up embarrassing yourself in front of millions of people.

We shouldn’t be quick to criticize people, especially for things we haven’t perfected. Everyone is different, and just because they don’t parade aspects of themselves around doesn’t mean they’re worthless or unknowledgeable.

Welcome To Rio

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Our next post shows that some subjects weren’t everyone’s forte back in school. For most, knowing towns, cities, countries, and continents come as easily as breathing. This isn’t the case for others.

It becomes worse when the less knowledgeable try to correct those who know what they’re talking about. The original poster, in this case, came equipped with enough evidence to set the record straight!

A Small Place 

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Captioning photos is something most people love to do. After all, nothing immortalizes a memory better than powerful words alongside a particular photo.

But some take it too far, perhaps trying to impress, teach, or inspire others. Practicing what you preach is essential in these cases, as is being legitimate and telling the truth. This guy missed the memo when he used his grandma to pass himself off as a gentleman. But he had forgotten just how small a place the internet can sometimes be.

Funny Bone

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They say laughter is the best medicine. For the couple in this post, laughter became their weapon against someone out to rob them of their property.

Most thieves usually break into houses when then the owners are away. This story is why that is an essential part of the nefarious activity. The robber couldn’t contain himself after one of the owners cracked a joke downstairs. He was quickly cornered and found himself in the police station with a court date staring at him.

A Face Lift!

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Tires with deep, defined treads are necessary for anyone who wants to take a turn behind the wheel. Safety is more important than reaching a destination. It’s puzzling that the person in this post sanded away every tread in her tires.

What’s even more mind-boggling is that she seemed pretty proud of herself, even terming that she loved the new look. Luckily, someone took the chance to warn her of the dangers behind such a daring tire renovation.

It’s Just A Rock

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Many folks across the globe operate under the rule of ‘See it to believe it.’ If you want to make a point, a visual aid usually goes a long way in helping you achieve that goal. This person wanted to do just that and had even armed themselves with a prop. 

But their view was instantly debunked because of the very thing they hoped would help them prove their point. The person who came to their rescue was quick to help them see the flaw in their reasoning. 

Tomorrow’s Another Day

Public Domain

The stress of writing exams is enough to make anyone’s brain a little foggy but with that being said, getting the exam date mixed up is pretty unacceptable.

We hope this kid was able to turn his bad day around and is all signed up to write the supplementary test. He should at least be able to try writing the test before feeling so unsuccessful. Our heart does go out to you, dear Diego!

Use The Postbox Next Time

Public Domain

Delivery systems nowadays are known to be pretty efficient and accurate, so if you ask for your parcel to be sent through a window, then that’s exactly what you’re gonna get! It’s not the Delivery company’s fault for what happened after that.

The fact that this parcel went into the toilet is totally on the homeowner, who stupidly requested this odd location. Sorry to be crass, but this unsuccessful attempt here falls on the dude with the ugly handwriting!

We’re Not All Mathematicians

Public Domain

It is fun to play with riddles, especially when they are a stumper like this one. This person doubled down on their answer, and everyone just let them. We think that someone should have spoken up more emphatically to let them know this answer was not correct.

The answer is actually 67, and someone should have let the guy know that. Now he is going to go around telling this riddle until someone corrects him in person. That will hurt more than over the internet!

Oh, Snap!

Public Domain

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we hope that when they use it, they use real scientific proof. That is why this person’s opinion fails to make any headway.

It’s funny how sometimes when people try extra hard to sound smart, they often misuse words or phrases and end up sounding like anything but smart. And by the way, if you want to dye your hair a crazy color, more power to you!

Poor Christina!

Public Domain

It is always nice when someone gets called out by a big name on social media, especially like this guy who thought this woman was a drag queen. Though drag queens love her, she is, as most people probably know, the very talented Christina Aguilera.

Netflix, of course, had to chime in and do the two snap to let the guy know that it seems pretty apparent that this person doesn’t get out that often. LOL! Drop the mic and walk away.

The Sodium Mystery

Public Domain

We really dislike it when people dangle something in front of us without giving us sufficient substance. Such was the case with this mysterious sodium post. Plus, the poster insinuated that we don’t have the brain capacity to unpack the joke.

Well, jokes on him because the person who responded seemed to make a mistake in the sentence and it reads that “most people are smarter than you.” We hope this was done on purpose because the original poster needed to be knocked down a few pegs.

Wrong Profile

Public Domain

Insurance companies have advanced a lot in the last few decades, and often they don’t even have to send anyone out to the accident. This is because now everyone has a camera with them at all times. So they often just ask for pictures instead.

This poor woman thought they wanted pictures of her. So she failed to get the job the first time, but she got it eventually. It was nice that the agent was so understanding and complementary.

Come On Kylie

Public Domain

Kylie Jenner may be the youngest billionaire to date, but that doesn’t exempt her from being a total hypocrite. Don’t believe us? Just check out these two posts, which were posted back-to-back.

She posted a heartbreaking photo about the harshness of the Australian wildfires and how they claimed so many animal lives, which is incredibly sad! But, not long after, she showed off her pedicure in this plush, super expensive, branded slippers made from – MINK!!

Are You A Psychic?

Public Domain

It seems to us that they should have said ‘spoiler alert’ before posting this graphic. Why would you ask the man with the knife if he’s going to stab you? It sounds like you’re provoking him, which is the last thing you’d want to do in a dire situation like this.

We know that news stations have to be quick in order to ensure they’re reporting on the news in real-time, but there is usually someone in charge of all the visuals and graphics, and they clearly failed with this one.

Tit For Tat

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Parenting is challenging! That is why everyone has to form their own opinions and ways of dealing with it. But when you have controversial ideas, and you willingly put them out into the universe, you are bound to receive some pushback.

So when this anti-vaxxer of a mom announced her efforts to the world, she was met with an analogy that we have to say is pretty accurate! A little harsh but well-worded and will definitely give the original poster something to think about.

Who Is That?

Public Domain

How could anyone see this picture and think that the late and great Kobe Bryant (RIP) was anything but great? The fact that this person legit thought the all-star basketball legend was a creeper just goes to show how ignorant and uninformed people can be.

But it’s okay as someone out there was willing to show this poster the error of their ways. After all, it’s clear that he was their coach! Or is that just us?


Public Domain

Revisionist history is how a lot of people explain their positions in the world. This guy clearly is a fan of legalizing a certain green plant, but he chose to back up his claim using a biblical argument, and well… someone had something to say.

The rebuttal for this post is priceless and entirely accurate. Maybe the first person just hadn’t read the Bible in a while because there was this apple tree that God said not to eat of as it had poisonous fruit!

Expanding The Business

Public Domain

Sometimes parents make decisions that they think are the best for their kids. If that means moving their kids to another school to keep them out of trouble, then that is what they will do. Unfortunately, this mom’s attempt backfired in an ironic way.

The young entrepreneur just took his business to a high-class customer, and though he got a better education for sure, he was also able to build his unsavory empire.

A Designer’s Flaw

Public Domain

Many of us like to wear clothes that have cool graphics on them. This hoodie was intended to let people know that those who wear it are against animal cruelty, but the designer responsible failed to check how it would look with the hood down.

With this faux pas in mind, now the hoodie’s message is totally unsuccessful in that it now promotes the very thing it’s against. The analogy of shooting oneself in the foot is befitting to this scenario.

What’s The Address?

Public Domain

The Queen of England actually really loves to drive, but she doesn’t often get to do it. So when the press can catch her, those pictures are worth something. But this person brought to our attention that her license plates were blurred out.

We hope that the second part of what was said in his post was a joke because you’ve got to be living under a rock if you don’t know what Buckingham Palace is.

Messed Up!

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When you run for public office, you just assume that your family is going to vote for you. This may be a little naive, as this Indian politician found out. Clearly, there is some division when it comes to politics in his family.

We wonder how hard he tried to figure out which four family members voted for the other guy. Maybe they just didn’t vote? That would be better, right? What an awkward conversation to have over a family dinner!

It’s All In That Suffix

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Though many men and women in the movies are trying to get the use of ‘actor’ as the only title there is, that doesn’t seem to be catching on. So until then, when you are looking for actresses, you need to google just that.

The person who responded to this young lady’s post was trying to inform her of the truth but it probably could have been done in a nicer way. No one enjoys being called an idiot. Besides, just by correctly her, her intelligence is already called into question.

Not A Good Vacation

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Going to any Disney amusement park is a big deal for kids (and some adults too!). So when parents look to tell them, they want to do it big. This parent thought it would be fun to let his girl try to word puzzle the answer to where they were going on vacation.

However, the girl seemed to fail at the attempt, though her solution for the puzzle is very funny but not quite the place that we would be excited about!

False Advertising

Public Domain

When you buy something that says it is indestructible, you assume it is just that. Apparently, this company needs to hire this guy to perform their quality control checks because he was able to totally take that lock apart in seconds.

Even if he was experienced at cracking locks, if the design is supposed to be unbreakable, he shouldn’t have been able to get into it so fast. This seems like a prime example of false advertising to us!

An Expensive Brag

Public Domain

Companies like to let people know that they give back to the world. This gives them a favorable reputation when it comes to public opinion. So, they’ll understandably spend a lot of money to get the word out there, but this just seems like a financial waste.

We’re no expert on smart business but we can tell you for free that this is not it. We’re all for bragging rights but not if it’s going to cost you millions. Plus, using social media as opposed to creating commercials seems to be the route nowadays.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.