Man Raises Hurt Bird, Learns It’s Not So Helpless


He Needed Help

Martin’s heart began to pound in his chest. Did the animal even recognize him? It steadily narrowed the gap and glared him down with its massive claws. In comparison to what he recalled, it appeared to be enormous.

The bird grew even more since he last saw it. He fondly recalled the time when he first spotted the bird as a small baby. Even though the bird had been small and helpless previously, he was now the one who required assistance.

He Loved Nature

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Martin Acosta and his family resided in Argentina. Ever since Martin was a boy, his father would take him into nature and show him all the different fauna and flora. Due to this influence from his father, Martin grew to love nature.

Martin maintained his interest in all things involving nature as an adult, making it a point to return to the old routes he and his father used to hike. He’d try to go on a trip every weekend if he could. But one morning, he discovered something unexpected.

Working Hard


Martin worked an average 9-5 during the day in an office too small with too many employees. He was a diligent worker and ensured that he did everything he needed to do so that he could have a work-free weekend. He had planned this hike for weeks, and he could not contain his excitement.

The reason he was so fond of walking in nature was that it gave him the opportunity to clear his head. Often, he would recall his father’s words as he worked his way up the trail while breathing laboriously.

It Was Time


Martin finally left the workplace and returned home, where he prepared supper for his family and retired early. He was looking forward to the morning. He enthusiastically opened his eyes after a peaceful night – it was time for his hike.

Martin’s grand ideas were about to materialize. He brought crackers, drinks, a blanket, and a first-aid kit in his bag just in case. He then continued on his way to begin the quiet hike. He simply had no notion what he’d come across.

A Small Bird

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Martin noticed an odd sound after walking on the route for an hour. He took a short detour off the path and came across something wonderful in the meadow. In the shadows, there was a Condor chick whimpering.

There was no sign of its mother. The small animal was all alone and didn’t appear to be capable of flight. Martin understood he needed to take action. He was merely thinking about how his father would have approached the situation when he came up with his proposal.

Taking It To Safety

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Martin was relieved that he had packed a blanket. He walked cautiously to the bird and picked it up with the blanket as he traveled back down to the route’s beginning while he cautiously handled the baby bird.

He returned to his house after walking back into town. He placed the baby condor in a shoebox and covered it with a blanket before showing it to his family. Clearly, the small bird was unable to fend for itself.

Nurturing The Bird

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Martin chose to keep the chick and nurture it himself over the next two weeks. He had the impression that its survival was entirely in his control. He got everything he needed, including feeding syringes, a tiny cage, and even medications.

As he continued to hand-raise the young animal, Martin began to form a connection with it. He’d witness the bird blossom into something magnificent over the next few days. But after he released it, everything would change.

Saying Goodbye

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Martin had discovered the bird trembling by itself in the woods two months before. The bird was now considerably larger than it had been before, and it was almost fully developed. Martin realized he needed to release the bird now that it couldn’t remain inside any longer.

Martin took it out to the outskirts of the town and released it. It took flight before landing on a tree at the valley’s border. Before flying farther into the woods, it turned back to gaze at Martin as if to express gratitude. Martin had no idea that things weren’t ending there.

A Good Deed

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After releasing the bird, Martin returned home. He informed his family that the act had been completed. To say the least, they appeared dissatisfied. Martin was well aware that his kids had made a connection with the condor.

Martin grinned again at the notion of doing a noble thing that would make his father pleased. He’d be able to sleep a little better at night knowing that he did the right thing.

Going Back

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Martin kept working at his boring desk job every week, and the bird slipped from his consciousness. However, he could not help but the beautiful hiking spot, and he knew that it was time to go back.

He intended to return to the exact location and walk the route alone like he usually did. It was then he realized there was something else awaiting him there that he had not anticipated.

Bigger Than He Remembered

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Martin felt his heart racing in his chest. Did the animal even recognize him? It slowly closed the gap with its huge claws and stared him straight in the eye. It looked huge compared to what he remembered.

It somehow had grown even more since the last time he had seen the bird. He remembered how much smaller it was as a baby when he found it in the forest. Even though it was small helpless before now, he was the one that needed help.


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The condor spread its wings out in front of Martin. He fell back in fear as he watched it edge closer. Then it did something completely unexpected that Martin could never have expected.

The enormous bird nuzzled its beak against him. It recognized him and actually seemed fond of him. He smiled broadly and petted the animal carefully. He couldn’t believe it had gotten so huge.

A Satisfying Encounter

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Martin was touched by the encounter with his old friend. The animal followed him as he walked through the trail. He heard the flapping of wings as it left. Now he knew where to find it if he ever wanted to visit it again.

It was an experience that stuck with Martin. He was touched by it and knew he had done right by the bird to have saved it when he did. But things weren’t over yet.

Walks In The Forest

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Martin kept up his walks on the trail now that he had a friendly face to visit every day. It became a regular occurrence, and he even decided to bring his family along to visit what used to be their house guest.

The condor would always be in the same spot on the hiking trail. It would watch the family as they visited the trail. It was a special feeling for Martin as he had good memories of his father and now would make new ones with his kids.


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Martin was so touched by the satisfying encounter that he decided to take things a step further. He decided to donate what he could afford to a local bird sanctuary in Argentina. He knew that he could have taken the bird there if he hadn’t felt so responsible for its own wellbeing.

He just hoped that more people would think twice before leaving helpless animals on their own. Martin would go on to start funding more and more sanctu