Reporter Finds Ex Waiting For Her At Scene, Takes Off Running When She Sees His Sign


She Couldn’t Believe It

Wendy Reid simply couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She had no idea what was worse. Was it the fact that her ex was standing right behind her the entire time?

Was it what was written on the sign? Or was it the fact that he did this on her first gig? She didn’t know. But she didn’t plan on finding out either.

Wendy Reid


Wendy Reid was a tough, determined young woman who had always achieved her goals. She was the type of person who would fight for what she wanted. But one of her downfalls was that she didn’t care about what happened in the process.

When her mind was set on something, everything else was forgotten. And that was exactly how she ended up in this position.

A Lifelong Dream


Wendy had always had her dream career in mind. Since she was a little girl, she wanted to be a reporter, and she spent her entire childhood trying to achieve that goal.

All of her studies revolved around journalism. Every single one of her part-time jobs was done to help her achieve her goals.

And she even went as far as to volunteer at the local news station to get some experience. But she soon discovered that it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought.

It Wasn’t Easy


After graduating from college, Wendy got her first actual job at the news station. And that was when she learned that reaching her goal would take far more than a few years in college.

Her qualifications meant absolutely nothing. And her experience didn’t do any good either. She started right at the bottom, and the pressure that was put on her was tremendous.

She Lost A Lot


Wendy hated being a gofer, but she knew it was the only way for her to work her way up. So she stuck with it, not knowing what the consequences would be.

But after a few years of fighting for her dreams, Wendy started losing things she never planned on losing. Some of the other important dreams she had turned to ash because of what she was trying to do.

Biggest Loss


One of her biggest losses was her husband, Blake. In the beginning, he was very supportive and did whatever he could to help her achieve her goals. But he picked up on certain things that Wendy missed.

He realized that she would never work her way up at the station she was working for. And when he brought it up, they ended up having a massive fight that ended in divorce.

Moving On


Wendy was devastated, but her mind was made up, and this was one of those times when she didn’t really think about the consequences. That was one of her biggest mistakes yet.

But Wendy moved on, thinking that she was right and her husband was wrong. If only she knew that Blake was actually on the right track.

She Couldn’t Forget


Years passed, but Wendy couldn’t forget about what had happened that night. As she grew older, she started realizing that her loss was bigger than she ever thought.

She had loved Blake since they were in high school. He was the man of her dreams, and she never stopped loving him. He was the one person she would never forget. She had no idea what he had planned for her.

Bigger Fish


But Wendy also knew that there was no way she was getting him back. So she focused on the bigger picture. She still wanted to be a journalist, and she would do whatever it took to get there.

What Wendy didn’t know was that Blake was right about the company she was working at. She would soon discover that she would never be able to make it there.

Working Her Way Up


During the six years Wendy spent working at the local news station, she didn’t get far. Sure, she went from a gofer to an assistant. And a few years later, she was in charge of sourcing stories.

But she never got a chance to be on the air. And she never would. The station already had its reporters, and they didn’t plan on changing them anytime soon.

Arduous Process


Those six years were the most grueling years of Wendy’s life. The work was backbreaking, and the payments were nowhere near what she deserved for the efforts she had put in.

It took her some time, but she eventually realized that she was going nowhere slowly. If she wanted to be successful, she’d need to go somewhere else.

A Change Of Scenery


That was when Wendy started looking for a new job. She sent through a few applications, but there was nothing available in her area. If she wanted a chance, she’d need to go to a bigger city.

Before long, Wendy was invited to New Orleans to have an interview with a news station there. Was this her chance?



Wendy went for the interview and felt good about how it went. She hoped that this would be her ticket out of the small town she had grown up in and learned to hate.

If she got this job, the world would be open to her. After a few successful years, she’d be able to go anywhere she wanted. But she’d need to get it first. Would she be successful?

Was This Her Chance?


A couple of days later, Wendy received a call from the station. She had gotten the job, and they wanted her to start immediately. Wendy was delighted. She had finally gotten the job of her dreams.

Now she just had to show them that she was worth the spot. Would her experience be enough? Or was she just fooling herself?

A Few Weeks In


Wendy started her new career path behind the scenes. She was the head of the research department and was proud to say that 90% of her stories were a hit.

A few weeks had passed, and she was just getting comfortable when her manager told her that she was about to report on her first story. She was completely unaware of what she would find at the scene.

Nervous Wreck


Wendy was overjoyed to finally have her chance to be on-screen. But at the same time, she was incredibly nervous. There was nothing about this story that she couldn’t handle.

She just had to report on an alligator sighting, after all. But she had never been so anxious in her life. This story could make or break her career.

Trying Her Best


Wendy was introduced to her cameraman, and she was handed a microphone before getting into the van and heading to the area where the sighting was reported to have taken place.

When they arrived, she took a few deep breaths in an attempt to calm down. Then she waited for the channel to get in touch. It was a matter of time before her face appeared on television.

Telling Her Story


Before Wendy knew it, she had a microphone to her mouth, and she was talking about an alligator being spotted nearby.

She was in her element. The fear she felt before had all but melted away. But what she didn’t know was that things were about to take a turn for the worst. Someone was watching her, and they planned on interrupting her broadcast.

Talking To The Locals


After telling the viewers about the reports that had come flooding in over the period of 24 hours, Wendy started interviewing the locals who had made the reports.

She spoke to three people before things started taking a strange turn. The fourth person she was talking to seemed to be paying attention to something else.



The man seemed to be confused by something that was happening behind Wendy. Being a professional, she kept her eyes locked on the camera.

What Wendy didn’t know was that the thing that was happening in the background had absolutely nothing to do with alligators or some random passerby trying to appear on-screen. It had everything to do with her, though.

What Was He Looking At?


The more time passed, the more Wendy wondered what it was that had caught the man’s attention. She had asked him multiple questions, but he hadn’t responded to any of them. Why was that?

As Wendy considered kicking the man off-screen, she saw something that would force her to look. What did she see? What was the man focusing on?

He Wasn’t The Only One


Wendy realized that her guest wasn’t the only one who was focusing on whatever it was that was going on behind her. Her cameraman and sound guy were focused on it too.

That was when Wendy realized that there was more to the situation than she thought. This situation wasn’t as innocent as it seemed.  And the time had come for her to act.

When She Turned Around


That was when Wendy decided to turn around, and what she saw had the air rushing from her lungs. For a split second, she thought that everyone was looking at an alligator. But the truth was so much worse.

When Wendy turned around, she saw that Blake was standing behind her, and he had a massive sign in his hands.

At A Loss For Words


Wendy was at a loss for words. How on earth did he find her there? And what was written on the sign he wanted the world to see?

Wendy couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Of all the things she thought she would encounter when she arrived at her destination, this never crossed her mind. Had he lost his mind?

Shrouded In Disbelief


At that moment, Wendy had forgotten all about the fact that she was on air. She had no idea that her cameraman was still filming or that everyone in the studio was watching this unfold.

Her mind was shrouded with disbelief, and she had no idea how to respond. All she could think about was the man that was standing in front of her and the sign he was holding up.

So Many Memories


All the memories of the years they had spent together flooded her mind. She thought about the day they met. The day they got married. And the fight that led to their divorce.

Six years of loneliness crushed her heart as she stood there, wishing this didn’t happen. What had Blake done? And how would it affect her future?

What To Do?


Suddenly, the severity of the matter became clear. Her boss and everyone she worked with were watching her. And so were millions of viewers. What was she going to do?

Would she continue her report and pretend that he wasn’t there? Or would she respond to him? What was the best way to deal with this? What could she do to ensure that his actions didn’t cost her the job she had worked so hard to get?

Without A Second Thought


As panic gripped her heart, Wendy did the only thing she could think of. She dropped her mic, turned on her heel, and ran in the other direction.

She kept running until her feet were unable to carry her. Then she sank down on the side of the road and burst into tears. How could he do this to her? How could he ruin her first broadcast like that?

What Happened?


But what actually happened that day? Was Blake trying to make Wendy lose her job? Or did he have something else in mind?

What did the sign say? And why did it have such a drastic effect on Wendy? That was something millions of people saw, and they wanted answers. They wanted to know what Wendy’s answer was.

The Sign


Blake didn’t just hold up one sign. He held up two. One said, “I’m so sorry. Please give me another chance”. And the other said, “Will you marry me?”

The broadcast became a local sensation, with viewers sending through countless emails asking for a follow-up. It didn’t ruin Wendy’s career. It made it flourish. But what was her answer?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.