Top 5 Reasons Americans Need to Get an Electric Kettle ASAP

There are many electric kettle uses that can benefit you and your kitchen. See the top 5 reasons why you need an electric kettle ASAP.

One frequently used kitchen appliance is a kettle. It’s the first thing that you reach for in the morning to make your morning coffee, and it is sure to get regular use throughout the day. Electric kettle uses are almost unlimited.

There seem to be two kinds of people when it comes to kettles: those who favor the stovetop and those who couldn’t live without an electric kettle. While most Americans prefer the stovetop kettle, the electric kettle is a kitchen staple for many people in the UK and other countries.

Electric kettles have come along way since their invention in 1891. Back then, they took a long 12 minutes to boil. The modern-day electric kettle boils in just a few minutes and is available in many stylish styles, sizes, and colors.

How Electric Kettles Work

Electric kettles, often made of steel or plastic are one of the simplest kitchen appliances available. All you need to do is lift the lid, add water, click the button, wait for it to boil, and then enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea.

A metal coil known as the heating element is at the bottom of the kettle. Once plugged into an electric outlet and switched on, a large electric current will flow into the heating element. This element will then turn the electrical current into heat, which heats the element. This, in turn, heats the water.

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Electric Kettle Uses

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The benefit of owning an electric kettle is that it has many uses, some of which you may not have considered. Outlined below are some of the best electric kettle uses.


We didn’t want to leave out the coffee fanatics, so we had to include coffee on this list of best electric kettle uses.

Yes, we all know that adding some boiling water to instant coffee will result in a quick caffeine fix, but have you thought about using the kettle to make French Press Coffee? An electric kettle will speed up the process of making this luxurious caffeine delight. Your morning pick me up will never be the same again.

If you need more than a quick instant coffee fix, check out our review on the five best espresso machines.

Home Spa Treatments

Home spa treatments may be an electric kettle use that you would never have considered. However, the electric kettle can be used for a night full of pampering and self-care. The electric kettle doesn’t have to be confined to just the kitchen. The cordless feature makes the pot portable and allows you to heat the appliance and transport it wherever you wish.

Use the hot water from the electric kettle to steam your face or put into a relaxing foot spa. The water will heat up in minutes allowing you to relax and enjoy as soon as you get home from a hard day at work.

Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing more pleasing than a hot chocolate on a cold winters day. The electric kettle is a great appliance to get your steaming chocolatey sweet fix in speedy time. All you’ll need to do is grab a blanket, put your feet up, and enjoy.

Instant Noodles

It may surprise you that instant noodles, or ramen noodles as they are known, can be made with an electric kettle. Ramen noodles are an everyday food staple for many students as they are super easy to make and only require minimal dishes and a folk.

If you are a student and would like to try out some more delicious, easy-to-make foods, check out these dorm room recipes.

Instant Oatmeal

An electric kettle can help make your morning oatmeal experience much more convenient. Use a separate bowl for your oatmeal preparation, boil the kettle, and add the hot water to the oatmeal dish. Why not try using an electric kettle next time you make oatmeal?


Alongside making instant cups of soup by adding boiled water, your electric kettle is perfect for soup. Some electric kettles have a stay warm creature that will keep your soup that the right temperature, which ensures that your soup is still warm when you go back for more.


One of the most common uses for an electric kettle is to make tea. If you can’t get enough of the stuff, consider making the switch to an electric kettle. Electric kettles are fast, which means that you can get your hands on a hot cup of tea within minutes.

Water for Baby Bottles

As all moms know, water for babies’ bottles has to be the right temperature. That’s why electric kettles are a fantastic idea.

Electric kettles stop boiling at a set temperature. Some models even allow you to adjust how warm or hot you want the water to be. You’ll be able to boil the kettle at the perfect temperature for your little one without having to keep checking with a thermometer if it’s safe. As long as the water temperature is in line with your body temperature (sprinkle some water on the underside of your wrist to check), you are good to go.

But electric kettle uses aren’t just the things you can make in them. See the top 5 reasons you need an electric kettle to make these things and more.

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5. Electric Kettles Are Fast

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It’s safe to say that electric kettles boil quicker than a standard stovetop kettle. An electric kettle will boil water in half the time of a stovetop pot, making it a more convenient choice,

Electric Kettles Can Save You Time

No one enjoys waiting for water to boil, and that’s even truer when you are parched and in need of a hot beverage. It’s like waiting for paint to dry — it’s a necessary part of the process, but surely there are more important things you could be doing.

As electric kettles boil faster, it frees up your time to do extras tasks like reading the morning newspaper or cooking an awesome meal in your toaster oven. You can do anything you need to while enjoying a hot beverage that you made super quickly in your electric kettle.

Not Limited to a Wire Cord

Cords don’t restrict electric kettles because they sit on top of a circular base that plugs into the wall. These appliances are nearly cordless.

This cordless feature allows you to use an electric kettle in many ways not restricted to the kitchen area.

4. Electric Kettles Are Safer

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In comparison to a stovetop oven, electric kettles are a safer option.

Electric Kettles Don’t Explode

Many of us have had an incident where the stovetop kettle has blown up while in the boiling process. It’s rare for an electric kettle to blow up when boiling because it automatically switches off once it reaches the set temperature.

Less Chance of Burning Hands

There’s no denying it: stovetop kettles get hot. Their handles are meant to be heat resistant, but that is not always the case.

Stovetop kettle handles can get hot, and as a result, accidents will happen. For instance, you may drop the kettle if you weren’t expecting the handle to be warm. You might even burn your hands if you aren’t careful. Electric kettles don’t have this issue. Yes, electric kettles get hot (as does anything used to boil water), but the heat is on the inside of the pot or in the steam released from the spout. You can use an electric kettle safely without burning your hands.

Electric Kettles Purify Water

Boiling water to purify it is something that we have been doing for many years. Boiling water at a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit or above will kill almost all bacteria and pathogens within it.

Using an electric kettle to boil water will make it safer to drink and give you health benefits. Some experts say drinking hot or warm water can help with digestion, improve blood circulation, and aid weight loss.

3. Electric Kettles Are More Efficient

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Electric kettles use much less energy than a stovetop kettle on a gas stove does.

Save on Electric Bills

Stovetop kettles consume much more energy than an electric kettle because the surface has to be heated first, then the water.

If you were to compare bills for one month of stovetop use to that of a month of electric kettle use, you’d be surprised by how much energy you’d save by using an electric kettle, especially if you take advantage of all the many electric kettle uses.

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2. Hot Beverages Will Taste Better

hot beverages will taste that much better

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To enjoy any hot beverage at it’s best, you need to have the right equipment. Electric kettles help ensure that your hot drink is at the right temperature.

Electric Kettles Are More Precise

If you are a coffee or tea lover, you’ll know that temperature is key to making the perfect hot beverage. But when you boil water for tea or coffee in a stovetop kettle, it all comes down to guesswork.

What if it is too hot? Or worse, what is it is too cold? You may even need to let the kettle boil then allow it to cool down for a few minutes before adding the water to your beverage. The wrong temperature can ruin good coffee or tea.

An electric kettle eliminates this guesswork. One of the great uses of an electric kettle is that it will allow you to heat the water to a precise temperature, resulting in a perfect cup of tea or coffee.

1. They Have Auto Turn-Off

Electric kettle uses they have auto turn-off

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Electric kettles have an auto switch-off feature that will kick in as soon as the water has reached boiling point.

Many of the new modern electric kettle models also have a built-in feature that will let you pick which temperature you would like it to boil. The kettle will then automatically switch off once it reaches this temperature. There is no need to keep checking to see if the water has boiled yet.

Electric Kettles Don’t Whistle

That’s right; electric kettles don’t give off an annoying high pitched scream once they have finished. Some models may give out a little noise once they have reached the boiling point. Some don’t even make a sound and automatically switch off once boiled without any noise at all, saving your ears from any unnecessary torture.

Unlike a stovetop kettle where you will find yourself running to take the whistling kettle off the gas quickly, the electric kettle can be left unattended. As a result, you’ll have more time to get out those delicious biscuits, put your feet up and relax.

Electric Kettles Are the Future

Unlike the stovetop kettle, electric kettles won’t heat your kitchen on a warm summer’s day, which is a bonus when you are already sweating buckets and need to boil the kettle. Another benefit of an electric kettle is that on a cold winters day, they will heat water pretty much immediately so you can enjoy your hot chocolate ASAP.

The modern-day electric kettle is the way forward. Electric kettles are faster, more precise and save energy. Consider making the switch to the electric kettle to get these advantages and try these electric kettle uses.

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