Hurt Dog Trapped On Railway Track, Then Larger Dog Appears


The End Draws Near

Fear and anxiety churned within her stomach as the rumbling of the powerful engine got louder. Her muscles knotted, the breath in her lungs seemingly turning into acid. Her pup, her world, was stuck on the rails.

She screamed as she fell into a sprint towards the rail. Her heart pounded with each step, her mind hoping she’d beat the chugging training. She knew she was too late, but a blur sped past her, rushing for the dog.

Living In Ukraine


Henrietta Novac lived in Ukraine with her husband, Cliff Richmond. The couple had met three years before at work and, after a few months, moved in together in a beautiful middle-class apartment.

Henrietta and Cliff stayed with two lovely dogs, which they walked every day to ensure the dogs wouldn’t bark because of being too energetic, disturbing their quiet neighbors.

Ron And Dino

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Ron and Dino were Henrietta and Cliff’s dogs. The couple had been dog lovers and had rescued the two pups right after they started dating.

Ron and Dino were beautiful dogs. They were loyal and friendly, lively and happy. But as the years passed, one of them would lurch on to a habit that would endanger the entire family.

Walks In The Snow


Henrietta and Cliff had the perfect dynamic between them. One of them would walk the dogs in the evening while the other prepared dinner. They each had their preferred routes for these walks, which kept everything fresh for Ron and Dino.

But one day, Henrietta noticed something odd while walking the two balls of happiness. It was something that dredged back memories she’d long forgotten.

An Unexplainable Behavior


Henrietta realized that each time they’d reach a certain point on their walk, Ron would pull away and try to squeeze through a hole in the fence. A loyal brother, Dino would follow suit.

Henrietta would pull back as the dogs struggled to break free. Although she always kept them from running off, this behavior bothered her deeply. She didn’t understand why Ron was keen on going through the fence until she took a peek over the barrier.

A World Of Railroads


A cold chill ran up Henrietta’s back as she realized what was on the other side of the fence. Her mouth fell open. She recognized the place. It was the same spot she and Cliff had rescued the dogs three years before.

Henrietta remembered how they found the pups. They were young then and without their mom. Was Ron looking for their mom now?

Discussing With Her Better Half


That night at dinner, Henrietta mentioned the incident to Cliff, who listened to her attentively before weighing in with his thoughts. They discussed the possibility of Ron and Dino’s mom still living at the railyard.

But what the couple didn’t consider was how the dogs felt about the situation. They woke up in the morning to find Ron was missing. But that was only the start of a bad day.

An Open Door


Henrietta arose to a quiet house that morning. She dismissed it as the dogs being asleep, and set to her morning routine. She took a shower, got dressed, and went to prepare breakfast for her family.

But as she stepped into the living room, she found Dino whining. Ron was nowhere to be seen. Henrietta asked him what was wrong, to which the dog rushed to the front door. Henrietta’s lips parted as panic set in. The door was open.

The Search Begins


Cliff and Henrietta set out to search for their little boy. They trusted Dino to lead them to Ron’s whereabouts, but as they followed the loyal dog, they realized a terrible truth.

Dino was leading them back to the railyard. The couple followed the dog through the hole in the fence, but as they squeezed into the railyard, they met a scene so terrible it would torment them for years.

Tracks Of Doom

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Henrietta’s heart fell to her feet as she finally internalized what she was seeing. Ron was stuck on the rails, a truth that wrenched a cry out of her.

She took a closer look, realizing the dog’s leg was caught on the metallic tracks. Ron couldn’t move. Henrietta had no time to ponder how the dog got into that situation, she made to dash forward, when she heard the hellish rumble of an engine.

A Blur

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Henrietta’s stomach turned upside down as the rumbling got louder. Her chest tightened with anxiety as the unimaginable was happening. Her dog – her everything, was stuck, and the train was only getting closer.

She started screaming helplessly as she broke into a sprint towards her dog, even if it was in vain. She knew she’d never make it in time. But then she saw a blur rush past her. Maybe she was too slow, but he wasn’t.

Brother To The Rescue

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Henrietta couldn’t believe her eyes. There was only one of them that could make it to Ron in time, and it was her four-legged brother. Dino shot past Henrietta like a bullet. She had never seen him run that fast before.

She feared that she would end up losing two dogs now. She watched in horror as Dino got to Ron just as the train got to them, and they both went under. She dropped her knees and started crying, but it wasn’t over yet.

Safe And Sound

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But after the train passed through, Daniela looked back at the tracks expecting to see the worst. But what she saw made her cry even harder with relief. Dino had actually saved his brother. Just as the train got to them, he pushed both of their heads down.

This saved Ron’s life as the train passed over both of them. Henrietta was so relieved, but she knew it was far from over and that there was still work to be done. And she had Cliff to help her.

Getting Them Out

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Henrietta and Cliff rushed to the two canines and started the process of helping. She couldn’t believe that her darling Ron could have been stuck here the entire morning. She saw that his leg was pinned under the track.

Carefully she and Cliff slowly pulled Ron’s leg out of the track. The dog had never looked so grateful before and excitedly licked both of them as a thank you. But it was clear that he was limping, he was safe now, but they had to get her home.

Over And Done

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Cliff carried Ron in his arms all the way home so he wouldn’t have to limp on the ground. Dino followed right behind with a concerned look on his face. Once the couple got home, they put Ron on their couch and examined his leg.

It seemed that it was just a sprain from being stuck and that he would be fine. They rewarded both the dogs for getting through the experience and counted their blessings that they had Dino, who was the hero that day.