Man Saves Dog In Lake, Pulls It Up And Realize Mistake


He Could Not Believe It

As he waited in expectation of what they had to say, Lukas could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He could not believe that he left it alone with his wife and children while he was at work.

When he brought it to the vet, he was astonished. When he found out what animal it was, he was taken aback.

Drkaia Lake

YouTube/Paul Clausse

Lukas Petrauskas lived by the Drkiai Lake in Lithuania. On his days off from work, he loved going for long walks along the lake. He had to dress accordingly because it was cold and snowy during the winter.

However, one day he noticed something that required him to act fast.

He Worked Hard

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Lukas was a hard-working plumber. He worked for over 8 hours a day to ensure that he could take care of his family. He was married to a kindhearted woman named Janina and together they had a daughter named Lina.

Lukas usually arrived home quite late during the week and wanted to spend that time with his family. However, he usually spent Saturdays alone.


YouTube/Paul Clausse

Lukas spent Saturdays relaxing after a long week of working. He’d gather a few items and set out on a long journey into the woods. His path would take him directly past the lovely cold lake. On his walk, he discovered that he could finally clear his mind.

But then he’d discover something and be faced with a predicament that would put his life in jeopardy.

He Loved It

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Lukas enjoyed spending time in nature. Whenever he was in the great outdoors, he would be overwhelmed by feelings of calmness and contentment. He enjoyed capturing nature and sharing what he saw with his family, so he always brought his camera along. However, that morning Lukas decided to share his walk with his wife.

Something unusual caught their attention as they walked. Splattering and wild wailing could be heard. He dashed in the direction of the sounds.

Coming To Its Rescue

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Lukas arrived and noticed an animal moving in the lake. He knew that the animal was in danger and that he had to do something quickly. He impulsively dived into the frozen lake and grabbed the animal.

It appeared to be a dog, however, he would soon find out how wrong he was.

Helping It Heal

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Lukas brought the dog back to his home after rescuing it from the lake. He felt obligated to ensure its recovery because he took the blame for its well-being. He used a towel to dry the animal and offered it some of their supper leftovers.

Lukas was tending to the animal, blissfully unaware of what he brought into his home.

Strange Behavior

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Over the next several weeks, the creature began to gain weight and become less frightened, but it also began to become wilder. The creature had also grown considerably.

Lukas ignored it, assuming that it was getting accustomed to his family. He had no notion, though, that it was unrelated to them. It was simply in the animal’s instinct to do so. It would be too late by the time he recognized what he had done.

They Connected

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Lukas started to grow a connection with the dog. It wasn’t like most other dogs, but there was something special about it. However, Lukas could not shake the feeling that there was something amiss about the animal, but he could not place what.

However, the vet would soon inform him of what he brought into his home.

Something Was Wrong


When Lukas awoke one day, he noticed the animal was behaving weirdly. He noticed that something was off when it wasn’t as loud as it usually was. He also realized that one of his daughter’s dolls was without a head.

The dog must have swallowed it! Concerned, Lukas took the dog to the nearest vet to ensure that everything was okay. The vets, on the other hand, would be concerned for a completely different reason when he arrived.

The Vet


Lukas could feel his heartbeat in his chest as he sat in anticipation of what they had to say. To think he had kept it in his house all this time with his wife and child. He had left it alone with them while he had gone to work.

The veterinarian couldn’t believe what he had brought in. When he finally told him what animal it really was, his whole world was turned upside down.

A Wolf

The veterinarian gave the animal a physical exam to make sure it was healthy, but he could immediately tell what it was. He told Lukas that it was, in fact, a wolf.

He also told him that he saved its life, but it was dangerous to keep it in his house.

No Regrets

Even though it was a risk keeping the wolf in his house, Lukas didn’t regret a thing. He was happy to take a chance on an animal in need and save it from a doomed fate. He also bonded with the animal over the weeks he looked after it.

But what would happen to the wolf now?

Taken Back


Lukas was sad when he was informed that he would have to take the wolf back to the wild so it could rejoin its pack. It was cruel to keep it locked up when it needed to roam free where it was meant to be.

But that wouldn’t be the last time Lukas saw the stunning animal.

Another Sighting


The wolf still entered Lukas’s mind every now and then. Especially when he was on his walks, he missed his furry friend. But then, one day, while he was out walking his route, he heard a familiar howl.

He walked by the lake and saw a lone wolf staring at him in the distance. In his heart, he knew it was the same one he had saved.