New Dog Wakes Mom At 6 AM Daily, Gut Tells Dad To Film It


A Horrible Situation

She leaned against the bathroom wall, her legs drawn up to her sternum. Sweat coated her forehead as it dripped down her neck.

She clutched him tightly, squeezing his lips together so that no sound could escape alerting what she had just witnessed. She could not help but wonder if they would make it through the night.

A Peaceful Existence

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Emmaline Richards resided in New York with her daughter Jenny. Jenny recently graduated from high school, and she was on the brink of starting college. Emma could not be prouder.

Emma and Jenny lived a good life. A few years ago, Jenny’s father, Ron unfortunately passed away. Emma raised Jenny to the best of her capabilities. They lived a peaceful life, but things were about to get disrupted by the newest addition to the Richards family.

Choosing A Companion

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Jenny was about to start college, and Emma struggled with the thought of being alone in their house. In order to combat this, the girls decided to adopt a dog. They were lucky enough to meet a furry friend named Bosco at a local animal shelter.

From the moment they stepped into the shelter, they knew that Bosco was the pup for them. The dog greeted them with a happy yelp and a wagging tail as he twirled around in his kennel. Did he pick them out as well?

A Special Boy

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Bosco climbed onto his cage, licking Emma’s hand, his only means of welcoming her. Although the liveliness in his eyes and the enthusiasm he emitted piqued Emma’s curiosity, he stood out among the other pets for one reason.

Bosco was a three-legged golden retriever was recovered from a bad situation. That same day, Emma and Jenny carried him home, unaware of how profoundly he would affect their lives.

A Special Connection

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Bosco integrated well into the Richards family. After a few weeks had passed, Emma and Bosco cemented a very strong bond.

She’d been on the fence about getting a puppy at first, but now she couldn’t imagine a life without Bosco. Everything was going swimmingly until disaster struck one day.

Saying Goodbye

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Emma purchased a bed for Bosco to welcome him into the family, and that was where he was supposed to sleep. However, despite having a comfy bed, Bosco would usually curl up next to Emma on her bed.

Bosco sprung to his feet and began barking the night Jenny departed for college. His loud barks shook Emma awake from her slumber because he’d been right next to her. What she saw next stunned her to her core.

What Was Going On?

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Bosco was standing in the middle of the bed. His ears were pointing toward the shut door. He snarled and growled for a long time before barking. Emma muttered, her gaze fixed on the door, “What is it, boy?”

She could feel the sweat drip down her forehead, and her heart was pounding with fear. She slid one leg out from under her blankets. She had to find out what was going on, despite her apprehension.


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Emma wrapped her bathrobe around her body and reached into the wardrobe for a bat that her late husband kept hidden. She crept up to the door and yanked it open.

Emma was trembling with fear as she stepped into the dark hallway. She switched on a light to illuminate the darkness before making her way downstairs.

She Found Nothing

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Emma was unable to locate anything in her home. She gazed at Bosco as he crouched next to her while wagging his tail. Emma caressed him, unsure if he’d had a bad experience with his previous owner or if there was something strange going on here.

She gave him a soft kiss on his forehead, trying to make sense of what had just happened. Her dog had become agitated and began barking as if someone had entered the house. But she’d come up empty-handed. She then came up with a fantastic idea.

Security Camera

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Emma recalled that there was a security camera hidden somewhere in her bedroom. She thought it might provide her with answers if she placed it on the stairwell.

She had no clue what she would find. She made her way to her room to find the camera and placed it underneath the railing. Afterward, she grabbed her phone and connected it to the camera. What she would find would make her heart stop.

It Works

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After Emma put up the camera, a few hours passed. She’d drifted off, tired of waiting to see if anything was going on, knowing Bosco would wake her up if he heard something.

The night was quiet until Emma was startled awake by Bosco’s growl. She grabbed her phone and pressed the camera button. She heard Bosco barking and then saw it.

Freezing Fear

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Fear flooded Emma’s veins, flash-freezing her body as it powered through her. Her lips quivered, and her limbs refused her commands to move.

Bosco began barking, his voice rising by the second. Adrenaline fired through Emma, jerking her body to life. She fumbled with her phone, dialing 911 as she tore toward the bedroom door to lock it.


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Something rattled outside the door, and the doorknob twisted. Emma backed away until her bed stopped her in place. Bosco’s barks had doubled, and he was now on the bed, ready to charge, when the door opened.

Emma scooped him and ran into the bathroom. She locked the door, sitting against the wall with her hand covering Bosco’s mouth. Would they survive until morning?

Waiting It Out

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Emma and Bosco sat quietly inside the bathroom. Emma checked her phone, noticing the hall leading to her door was empty. She was glad Bosco had quieted down as soon as she’d needed him to.

Police sirens sang from a distance, and soon enough, police officers flocked to her house. They came and saved her from the bathroom. They explained everything to her when she mentioned what she’d seen on her camera.

Is It Over?

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Unknown to Emma, an escaped convict was hiding in her attic that night. Bosco heard him going down for food when he began barking.

The police found him trying to make a run for it when they entered Emma’s neighborhood. She remembered the fear that washed through her when she saw him on camera. What would she have done if she hadn’t had Bosco tell her something was wrong?