Dog Interrupts Wedding Ceremony, Then Couple Does This


Peculiar Guest

This was the day they had both been waiting for. It was their wedding day, and amidst all the emotion, someone unexpected came to attend.

It had come from wandering the street, and the stray dog had everyone jumping to their feet, unsure of what it wanted or if it was a danger. What would happen next?

Young Love

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Mark Lia had fallen for Ana when he first saw her in high school but never got the nerve to talk to her. He had always been shy.

On the other hand, Ana wasn’t shy and told Mark how she felt. That was the start of their story, but as happy as it sounds, they had their ups and downs.

Broken Homes


Mark and Ana had grown up in broken homes and struggled with things others usually didn’t have to deal with.

They learned to be kind and always support their loved ones. At times, their only safe space from home was their relationship, and it was then that they felt true love.

Closer Together

Public DomainThey shared more about themselves as they got closer and realized how their pasts tied up. They realized that they needed one another.

Mark and Ana grew closer, and their relationship grew stronger, allowing them to live a life they deserved – a happy one.


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They went to the same town university after finishing high school. While studying, they promised each other to get married after graduation.

Nothing would make them happier than being together and starting a family together. They promised each other despite the difficulties they knew lay ahead because they had faith in their love. But things would so go unexpectedly.

Surprise Guest


They had graduated and started their wedding planning. They didn’t have much to work with financially, but they had enough for a celebration of the love they had for one another.

They found a chapel and planned every detail, including all the guests except one stray dog.

Dream Come True

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Finally, their dream day had come. Their wedding day had arrived.

Ana, the bride, was adorned in the most beautiful white dress, and Mark couldn’t hold back the tears when he saw her. Everyone was emotional while they waited for the vows, only for them to be put on hold. Everyone froze when a dog came into the venue.

Special Guests

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Every one of the guests was close to the couple being family or friends from university. Some of their co-workers were there too.

However, someone unknown to them had just joined the ceremony, and the crowd buzzed.

Safe or Unsafe?

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The ceremony had paused while everyone turned to look at the dog at the entrance. It was cute to some, and others wanted to chase it away.

Either way, it was seen as a threat because everyone knew that strays could carry diseases or be aggressive. Nobody wanted any trouble, especially during this wedding ceremony.


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The couple was worried about how this would pan out, never having planned for anything like this.

Mark neared the dog to figure out what it wanted, and everyone was awe-struck when the most amazing thing happened. It had even brought tears to the bride’s eyes.

An Extra Guest

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As Mark reached the dog, he petted him a little, and realizing it was not a threat, he decided to just let the animal be and continue the ceremony.

The dog had just wandered off randomly and ended up crashing the couple’s wedding. He was calm and waited patiently for the ceremony to end as if he had a surprise ready for the newlyweds.

The Couple’s Decision

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When the ceremony came to a close, the couple officially wed, and the sweet stray dog became excited. As Mark and Ana went to exit the chapel, the pup was there to greet them.

The newlyweds were touched. But, mixed with what felt like good wishes from the random dog was another message from the heart. And that made the couple make a decision that would change their lives forever.

A New Member

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When the dog greeted the couple at the end was as if it asked them to take him home. That’s how Ana had felt, at least.

At that moment, Mark and Ana decided to adopt the dog, thus adding a third to the union they had just formed together. Turns out, it would be the pup’s big day, too.

Tragic Past

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After they welcomed the dog into their home, the couple named him Marlo. He was the happiest pooch ever, but there was still something the newlyweds had to do.

Mark took the dog to the vet and found out he had a difficult past. The animal had scars and signs of abuse, but despite everything he’d been through, he still believed in the goodness of people. And the credit for that probably goes to Mark and Ana’s beautiful gesture.

Going Viral

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When the couple shared their wedding photos on social media, they quickly went viral, and it wasn’t thanks to the lovely ceremony.

People loved the story of how Marlo ended up adopted and his incredible antics. The way he crashed the couple’s wedding was both funny and heart-warming. Who wouldn’t love such an uninvited guest at their wedding?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.