Dog Causes A Scene When She Sees This Car Coming



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It was a day like any when Amy Ryan was walking her dog. Molly was a big dog but was still frightened when there was a big bang. That’s what started it all.

She set off in fear, dragging the woman holding the leash along with her. The woman knew something was amiss when she looked into her dog’s eyes.  

An Independent Woman


Amy Ryan was a single woman with an active lifestyle. Her father had left the family when she was a child, and she often had to help care for her siblings with no one to take care of her. She grew accustomed to doing everything alone.

As capable as she was, things would make a radical change once she made room for an addition to her small family.


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Amy decided to grow her family by adopting a dog from a local shelter. She had never done anything like this but made the trip without major expectations.

She saw that the shelter was filled with all breeds, but one caught her eye. It was sitting still at the back of the cage, and, after hearing her story, Amy adopted her right away.

A New Home


The dog was a female with a past similar to that of her owner, having been abused and disowned because of her dangerous size.

There was an instant bond between the two. Amy named her Molly and wasn’t feeling so alone anymore. She spoiled her with the best toys and had no idea how fascinating her life would become.

Trauma Response

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Molly was aware of Molly’s past and expected her to move on from it while she lived a comfortable and happy life in her new home.

She was proven wrong when they encountered a teenager during a walk. Molly was terrified when she tried to run away, and Amy realized it must have been due to past trauma.


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Amy wasn’t fazed by Molly’s reaction and made a mental note to be careful around teenagers in the future.

She wondered how she would avoid the many teenagers in the neighborhood while they walked until Molly could warm up to them.

Another Reaction

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A week later, Molly suddenly stopped when she saw a group of teenagers across the road.

She soon started barking at them, and Amy worried she might injure someone. That wasn’t going to happen this time.

Group Of Teenagers

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Molly was kept in the yard for a while in the hopes that she would calm down. Amy knew it wasn’t over when she heard loud barking coming back home. What was she barking at?

Amy came home to find her dog being teased by a group of neighborhood teens.  After telling them to find manners and to leave her poor dog alone, she angrily chased them away.  

Angry Neighbors

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Two women were displeased to have a “dangerous” dog in the neighborhood and angrily told Amy a few days later.

Amy was confused. Her dog had never hurt anyone and only barked occasionally at passers-by. She had the right to be mad because a group of teenagers had teased her dog.

Frantic Barking

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Amy finally took Molly out when she saw the street was empty. She thought nothing would go wrong.

She was proven wrong when her dog grew frantic and started barking. She barely held onto Molly while she was dragged across the grass. She finally understood what evoked Molly’s reaction when she turned around.

Out Of The Way

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The woman was eventually dragged down on the grass, and then a car hit the sidewalk at high speed. If Molly didn’t drag her out from the sidewalk, she would have been hit. 

The woman was still in shock. She came to it when Molly began licking her. She just realized she had avoided a huge tragedy. And all thanks to her dog. 

Her Owner

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At that point, Amy realized why the dog was acting out. Molly was trying to save the woman, and by dragging her away from the sidewalk, she avoided being hit by the speeding SUV. 

The dog was her savior, and she didn’t know how to thank her better. While Amy was kissing her dog and checking if she was hurt in any way, the driver of the car quickly left the scene of the accident. 

The Police Comes

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Amy quickly called the police, and people started gathering around as well. There were visible signs of the accident all over the sidewalk. The lamp post was broken, and bushes were all torn out. 

But it was difficult to identify the driver as Amy was so scared at the time she couldn’t remember the license plate number of the black SUV. But then the cops noticed something. 

Security Cameras

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The cops who showed up at the scene realized that a local shop had surveillance cameras installed outside, so they decided to check those for some clues. 

Thanks to the footage, they apprehended the suspect and brought him in front of the law. But the cops realized something else as well when checking out the video. 

Going Viral


When looking at the video, the cops realized that Molly, the dog was a hero. She dragged her owner outside harm’s way as she noticed the car before her owner did. 

The footage was shared on social media, and it quickly became viral. Everyone was praising Molly and said that Amy was a lucky woman to have such a furry friend. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.