Pitbull Keeps Barking At Pregnant Mom. Vet Tells Dad To Get A Divorce Attorney


Strange Behavior

She had noticed the strange behavior for quite some time now.

She chalked it up to her dog still being a juvenile delinquent. He was only a year old now and hadn’t gotten past his puppy antics.

But she shouldn’t have dismissed his barking as just another annoying behavior. If she had been paying attention, she would have figured out that he was trying to warn her about the danger.

Hidden Danger


Talitha was over the moon when she found out that she was pregnant.

She had been trying for years and finally found the ultimate solution, even if others didn’t accept the method she had used.

She didn’t care about the means. She was just happy that she finally had a life growing in her belly. But unorthodox means also carry hidden dangers.

All On Her Own


Talitha had gotten pregnant all on her own. She didn’t need a man in her life to get to be a mother.

She would do things all on her own, including raising the child and looking after him or her.

Other than the baby on the way, all she had for company was her loyal dog. But she should have listened to his complaints.



She had no idea at the time that things would be more complicated than they should have been.

Her last check-up was okay, but that didn’t mean she should have breathed easy. 

When the dust had settled and everything was said and done, her dog would be the one to try and save her, but she had to listen to him in order for that to happen. When would she take him more seriously?

Talitha Morgan


Talitha Morgan was a strong-willed woman with a handful of dreams that she aimed to accomplish one day.

Her biggest goal in life was to have a child of her own. It had been an obsession since she was a little girl.

Her mother was a great woman, and she wanted to be just like her. There was only one problem, though.



Talitha was exceptional with academic work, but her social life was barely anything at all.

She hadn’t had a boyfriend for a year. After several failed relationships, she decided that she wouldn’t wait around anymore.

She wanted to become a mother so badly and knew she was ready. She couldn’t afford to wait for a man who she could build a life with… if there even was one out there for her.

Looking At Alternative Methods


Talitha looked at alternative ways of raising a child.

The one at the forefront of her mind was adoption. But when she thought about the process and getting approved, she decided against it.

She nearly gave up hope until she thought about a more unorthodox method that would lead to her having a child of her own. But it would come with its own taboos in her community.



Living in Florida meant that certain practices were looked down upon by the church.

She didn’t want to go against her community, but she could only think of one other method to achieve her dreams.

She knew that she would be shunned as an outcast, but she couldn’t think of anyone else to turn to.

Making The Decision


She thought about it for a while until finally deciding that she would go through with her plans.

It wasn’t anyone else’s concern but hers. She went to the doctor to see if she could get it approved.

She had a check-up and was told the very good news. She was a good candidate for artificial insemination.

There Were Risks


Talitha had done her research and knew about all of the risks that came with what she was going to do.

It was a costly procedure that didn’t have a guarantee of working. She was still fixated on her dream of being a mother.

She didn’t care about the cost or the risk. She wanted to be a mom so desperately that she ignored the taboo and the lower chances of conceiving. Then Holden came into the picture.

A Companion


Out of the blue, one of Talitha’s friends told her that there was a puppy in need of a home.

Talitha felt that it was a sign and adopted the pup. She thought that he would make an excellent companion for her child.

She didn’t know that the dog’s behavior would change rapidly once she finally got pregnant. It would be a damning sign.



She had been trying to conceive a child now for months until she got amazing news.

Her third treatment had worked, and her doctor confirmed that she was now pregnant! 

She was over the moon with joy. She had her puppy, and she was pregnant. Life couldn’t be better, but she had no idea how things would end.

Perfect Life


Over the next few months, things felt almost perfect in Talitha’s life.

She had a nice home that was ready for her baby and a loyal pup that was growing at a fast rate. She didn’t need a male influence in her life.

She would get everything done herself. That was until she learned a devastating secret about her baby.

A Change In Behavior



Just as Talitha got comfortable with her life and the baby she would soon be bringing into it, something unexpected happened.

It involved her adopted dog, who was around a year old now. 

He had always had a mild manner and was overall a quiet dog. But he picked up a strange habit she hadn’t ever seen before. He would bark and growl at her now. This was something that had to stop.

Worrying Habit


The habit worried her to no end. What was she going to do about it?

When she told her friends, they seemed scared, but they didn’t know half of it. There was a reason why Holden was an unwanted pup.

It was something that he couldn’t help. It was the kind of dog he was, but she believed in second chances. Now she was just worried.

A Pit Bull


Poor Holden was a pit bull. Because of his breed, he was unwanted when his previous owners discovered the truth.

This fact broke Talitha’s heart, and she knew she had to give the pup another chance.

The pit bull had never shown her his temper before. But now she was concerned for the safety of herself and her baby.

Getting To The Bottom Of It


Talitha had to get to the bottom of what was going on with her dog.

She wouldn’t rest until everything was clear. She knew that her dog had to be doing it for a reason, but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was.

She decided that she would do her research and see what the internet had to offer her. But she would regret it.

Opinions Online


She was afraid of what she would find on the internet, and she was right.

People immediately blamed the behavior on his breed, but she knew better than to condemn him for that.

There must have been another reason for his odd behavior. She was reluctant to take him to the vet and feared the same ridicule. Would they tell her that he was too dangerous to keep? She couldn’t face the truth.

Reluctantly Going


But after some thought, she knew that she had nowhere else to turn.

She had to go to the vet whether she liked it or not. Holden hated going, but there was nobody else to turn to.

She had to do what was best for her baby, even if it was to the detriment of her dog. She just hoped there was a world where she could keep them both and live a happy life.

Vet Visit


Talitha took Holden to the vet the next day. There was no point in delaying it any longer.

She took him to a reputable vet near her house and took him into the examination room.

The vet followed her in and began his examination of the pooch. After giving him a thorough physical, it was only good news. He explained that her dog was completely healthy, but that didn’t explain his behavior.

Giving Him More Info


She decided that she’d have to tell the vet about the barking and growling.

She was concerned he would immediately call for her pit bull to be put down. Surely they weren’t so insensitive, though?

After explaining things, she watched as his expression contorted into one of horror. What was wrong? Why had his mood suddenly changed so drastically? She just hoped he wouldn’t do anything drastic.

Something Wrong


“That means something is seriously wrong,” he said quietly to himself as he looked over at Talitha.

Her pulse started racing, and she started to fear the worst. Was he really going to do what she thought he would?

She wouldn’t stick around to find out. “Sorry, but I have to go,” she barked before briskly walking out with her dog. But she had no idea what mistake she had just made.

“Don’t Go”


“No, wait, you don’t understand how dangerous this is!” the vet called after her.

“He’s a living soul! You won’t take him away from me!” She shouted as she left the building with Holden.

She raced to her car and left without even paying. She wasn’t going to let her dog be terminated or taken away from her. But what she didn’t realize at the time was the vet was only trying to warn her of imminent danger.

The Pain Starts


Two weeks after the fiasco at the vet, Talitha started feeling a sharp pain in her sides.

She assumed it all had to do with morning sickness and being pregnant. But that’s when her dog got even more aggressive.

It would be constant now. Every time she looked at Holden, he’d be barking and growling at her. She was scared.



She was terrified of her dog now. Why had it gotten so much worse?

With her dog being a nuisance and her back being in so much pain, she didn’t know what to do. That’s when she got a phone call.

She checked the caller’s I.D. and noticed that it was the vet. Her blood ran cold. They must have been after the money for the consultation. But what about her dog?

Answering It


Talitha reluctantly answered it. If they mentioned her dog, she could always just end the call.

“Hello, Ms. Morgan. I’m sorry to bother you, but it’s very important. It’s about the consultation you had the other day.”

“Sorry, I don’t want to hear about it. I’ll happily pay for it, but I don’t want any action taken against my dog.” She said, almost in tears.

Not The Dog


“No, Ms. It’s not the money or the dog we were most concerned about.

It’s actually you. You need to get to the doctor as soon as possible,” the voice on the other side of the phone said.

She felt all the blood drain from her face. What did he mean that it was her? Was she in some kind of danger that she hadn’t noticed before? She decided not to risk anything and make an appointment with the doctor.

Good News


Talitha made her way to the doctor, not knowing what to expect.

She feared the worst for the child that was growing inside of her, but there was no going back now.

She sat in the doctor’s office feeling like a nervous wreck. The doctor smiled before examining her. He only had good news. Her baby was completely fine! But, before she could release a sigh of relief, things took a frightening turn.

Turned Sour


Talitha was relieved, but then she nonchalantly mentioned the pain she had in her sides.

The doctor’s face dropped, “That’s not good, not at all.” His face then turned to concern.

He started examining her sides and pushed and prodded them. She cried out in pain as he did so – clearly, there was something going on that she hadn’t noticed before.

I Should Have Listened


The doctor continued his examination before finally finishing up. He looked at Talitha with a look of grave concern.

“We need to get some tests done immediately. I fear the worst,” he said curtly.

Talitha couldn’t have been more terrified. It was clear that she should have listened to her loyal dog when she had the chance. Now she was going to regret it.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.