Pharmacist Notices Stray Dog At The Door And Realizes She’s ‘Asking For Help’

A pharmacist noticed a stray dog at the door and knew she had to help. The dog seemed to be asking for help and knew where to find it.


A pharmacist noticed a stray dog at the door and knew she had to help.

The dog seemed to be asking for help and somehow also knew exactly where to go. What makes this possible?


Banu Cengiz is a pharmacist who is very kind towards animals in general, but she seems to have a really soft side for pooches.

She rescued a dog from the street that also now lives with her. How could she help the next dog?


Its no wonder Banu is a pharmacist, but she would also have thrived as a veterinarian.

Another dog must have caught wind about this wonderful lady because she was waiting at the door expectantly. How would the dog get help?


Word must have spread among the dogs because this dog wanted help and knew where to find it. Banu proceeded to help the dog when she noticed it had a wound on its paw.

So she stopped what she was doing to help the dog. Would she adopt the dog?


The dog was very appreciative of the medical attention received from the wonderful lady and proceeded to rest peacefully, while she tended to him. Banu had also given him some antibiotics.

Unfortunately, the lovely lady couldn’t keep the dog, but the cut would heal and Banu would always make efforts to rehome the dogs. How was Banu recognized?


Banu, without seeking recognition for her efforts in the community, would always manage to help stray dogs — she knew they needed help and nobody else was taking the initiative.

So naturally, she became recognized. What would she do?


Banu stepped to the plate to help stray dogs. In all her efforts, Banu would raise awareness about these dogs, primarily by helping them.

She felt it was her duty to help the animals that were less fortunate, but most of all she felt compassion for them.


Banu would let go of this dog at the end of the day, but she had helped the dog with a wound and reached out to make a difference.

The dog surely picked the right location to get the help that day! Banu would continue to do good deeds and make a difference.