Doctor Denies Help To Pregnant Girl (19) – Then He Finds Out Who She Really Is



A young girl gasped for breath as she stormed into the room.

Her biggest fear was not making it in time. “Please help me and my baby,” she hoarsely cried. A wheelchair was quickly delivered by the nurses.

“Save my baby, please! Please!” she pleaded frantically, “What’s your name? ” “Could you let me know who we should contact?“

Trust Fall


She clutched her stomach in pain as she stumbled through the hospital doors.

Despite feeling sick for weeks, she ignored it until now. On the floor, she collapsed after staggering forward.

Did the staff have the ability to assist her? It was impossible for her to speak. There was a sense of delirium in her voice.

Having A Hard Time


She was dizzy and weak when she entered the hospital.

There was something wrong with her, but she couldn’t quite pinpoint it. The girl whispered quietly, “Can someone please…”.

Upon seeing her walk in, a nurse saw that she desperately needed assistance. Upon approaching the receptionist, she collapsed.

Medical Attention


Seeing what had happened, Dr. Henry Sebastian, who was on call that day, dashed over.

The doctor quickly detected Sarah’s pregnancy and the need for urgent medical attention as a result of an uncommon blood disorder. 

“I see you have no previous medical history recorded at any of the hospitals,” he optimistically said, looking over the top of his glasses. Despite his desire to help her, she refused to tell him her insurance information or payment method when he asked.

Fun Fact


After rushing her to the ER, doctors found she was already eight months pregnant.

Afraid and alone, Sarah felt helpless. Neither her insurance nor her finances covered her medical expenses. 

Despite Sarah’s inability to afford the tests and ultrasound, the doctors advised her to go ahead with the procedure. Having to speak embarrassed her.

A Part Of Life


Dr. Sebastian served others with kindness and compassion throughout his life.

As soon as he heard about Sarah’s situation, he suggested she be treated with an emergency fund for less fortunate patients.

Sarah’s unborn child’s life was at risk, so Sebastian had to act fast. What if the other board members disagreed?

A Worthy Cause


To treat her, the board said it used the hospital’s emergency fund for poor patients.

It was up to Dr. Sebastian to prove Sarah’s worth.

The kindness of Dr. Sebastian was greatly appreciated by Sarah. In the absence of his assistance, she knew she wouldn’t be able to receive the care she needed. She was closely monitored by Dr. Sebastian throughout her pregnancy and received the best medical care.

Grateful Beyond Belief


The doctor had become like a guardian angel for Sarah now. As her treatment progressed, Dr. Sebastian took great care of her. 

Their connection formed as he was impressed with her strength and tenacity.

Sarah appealed to him because she was different; she had a sad story to tell.

The Best Of Friends


Sarah’s due date drew closer, and Sebastian quickly grew more attached to her.

As she faced adversity with patience and humility, he admired her greatly.

In spite of his inability to explain it, he felt a deep connection to her. It was evident from her politeness towards the Doctor that she must have felt it as well.

The Final Hour


Sarah’s due date approached, and Dr. Sebastian was there at the birth.

Despite the epidural, Sarah was still unconscious at the end of a long and hard labor.

He saw how much Sarah loved her newborn when she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The scene reminded him of his own family at home.

Feels Like Family


Sarah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Dr. Sebastian was overjoyed at the arrival of the new life.

He held the baby in his arms and knew that this moment would change his life forever.

“I feel like I know you from somewhere,” he said to Sarah. “Sarah looked up at him and smiled, “I wonder why that is,” she grinned. Did she know something the doctor didn’t?

A Familiar Story


The next day, Dr. Sebastian went to visit Sarah and her baby in the hospital room.

As they talked, Sarah mentioned that she had been estranged from her father and needed a father figure in her life. “My father left us a few years ago; it’s been hard on my mom.”

She hoped to connect with him and learn more about his family. The Doctor felt that Sarah was going through great emotional distress and listened to her.

More To It


As the days passed, Dr. Sebastian couldn’t shake the feeling that he knew Sarah from somewhere.

He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he felt like they had a connection that went beyond just doctor and patient. 

Unfortunately, she didn’t have any family or friends that she was in close contact with. Nobody could confirm her statements. He had to do something.

A Hunch


One day, as he was reviewing Sarah’s medical records, he saw a name that caught his eye.

The name was Michaels. He knew who her parents were. Dr. Sebastian couldn’t believe it. 

He had been searching for some information for years, but they had lost touch after a family feud. He knew that there was something special about the girl.

It’s A Match


Dr. Sebastian was intrigued and asked her more about her father.

As Sarah spoke, Dr. Sebastian realized that her father was somebody important. Did the girl know?

He was shocked and overwhelmed with emotion. Should he tell the girl about her father? Would she even believe him? This was a tricky situation; he had to tread carefully to reveal the truth.

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He approached Sarah and asked her about her family.

She told him that she had been estranged from her father for many years and that she had lost touch with most of her family.

But she did have an uncle who had disappeared many years ago. After some investigation, they confirmed their relationship, and Dr. Sebastian became an uncle to Sarah’s baby.

Family Knows


Dr. Sebastian knew that Sarah had to be his niece. The information added up. He couldn’t believe the coincidence.

He had been searching for his brother for years, and now he had found his niece through an unexpected twist of fate.

It all seemed like it was too good to be true. Should he go after his brother and ask him face-to-face? Or was it too soon to open up old wounds?

I Want Details


Dr. Sebastian felt like it was a sign. He wanted to talk to Sarah more about her family and her history.

He knew that his brother may still be angry with him, so it might not be worth the while to travel all the way to him.

The good doctor wanted to do right by his niece. He knew he had to do everything he could to make up for lost time and make sure that Sarah and her daughter had everything they needed.

That’s Amazing


The Doctor told Sarah what he suspected and she was shocked. She couldn’t believe that the doctor who had saved her life and helped her deliver her baby was really her uncle.

They hugged and cried tears of joy as they reunited after so many years. 

She shouted at him for fighting with her father for so many years. “You don’t understand what happened,” the caring Doctor said, “He was being unfair and he stole money from our father’s business.” Dr, Sebastian was taken aback, this girl did know about him.

Too Young For Fights


Sarah said that she remembered her father speaking about the fight as a child.

She also confirmed that he was still just as stubborn and arrogant today. He would have a hard time getting through to him.

Dr. Sebastian assured her that he would try. He offered to help her find a place to live and get back on her feet. He also introduced her to his wife and children, who welcomed her with open arms. Or was his wife just pretending?

Help Me Too


Over time, Sarah and Dr. Sebastian’s bond grew stronger, and he became a mentor and father figure to her daughter.

He loved watching her grow up and seeing the strong, independent woman that Sarah had become. 

He wanted to gain her trust. But she still wouldn’t divulge her father’s address; she was still playing games. How could he get her to open up? She was playing games.

Fine, I’ll Talk


One day, Sarah called Dr. Sebastian aside, “I’m ready to tell you now,” she said sweetly.

“Yes, anything; I just want to make things right again,” he said.

 “My father doesn’t want to meet with you; he has never forgiven you for stealing my grandfather’s wealth.” Dr. Sebastian was furious; he hated being called a thief. “That’s a lie!” he said.

I Was Told


Sarah looked scared. As though somebody had told her to say that. “Is that what he told you?” he shouted back. “Would a thief do what I’ve done for you? What are you playing at girl? I felt sorry for you!” he shouted.

“I’m still a child; I don’t even know why my father has a grudge against you, I never even met my grandfather,” she was rambling.

Dr. Sebastian grabbed her by her shoulders and tried to shake some sense into her, “What are you saying, Sarah? Where is my brother?” he fumed. “What happened to them?”

Things Are Bad


Sarah burst into tears, “I wasn’t supposed to tell you; he told me not to say, he’s sick; he needs money.” Her snot was falling all over the ward floor.

The Dr. was in shock, he couldn’t believe it. All this time Sarah had been lying. She always knew that he was her uncle, she was just manipulating him.

She knew exactly what she was doing, “I could lose my job for this. If you’re related to me and they find out I was biased towards you, they will fire me,” he said.

It’s Just Money


The doctor was a kind and understanding man, and he knew what he needed to do to solve his family drama.

He told Sarah that he was willing to financially assist them, but he wanted to give his brother, her father, the money in person. Maybe he could meet his brother, that’s what he thought.

Sarah agreed, and their relationship continued to grow stronger as they spent more time together. He became a doting uncle to her baby girl, and they all became a family once again. But for how long would the peace last?

More To Life


They never spoke about their relationship as doctor and patient, as they had formed a deeper connection that went beyond that.

However, Dr. Sebastian was grateful that he had been there to help Sarah and her daughter when they needed it most.

As time passed, Sarah recovered from her illness and was stable in her pregnancy. But she still didn’t disclose the secrets of her family. What was she waiting for?

A Better Generation


The time was drawing for Sarah to give birth. Dr Sebastian had hinted a few times that he wanted to meet his brother. She was always grateful for the support and love that her uncle had given her, but she was afraid.

Eventually, Sarah gave in. She said that she would take Dr Sebastian to her home.

But would Dr. Sebastian be able to keep his cool with his cowboy brother?

Family Fits


Dr. Sebastian was always the bigger man. He knew that he had been blessed to have found his long-lost brother and his family but he knew the reunion wouldn’t be easy.

Spending time with his brother reminded him of his parents, Michael didn’t even bother to show up to their mother’s funeral many years ago. Would he have a different attitude?

The Best Things


As they traveled on their journey together to Sarah’s home, Dr. Sebastian realized that sometimes the most unexpected connections can become the strongest bonds.

His work as a doctor had taught him the complexities of human nature.

He always made another generous donation to the hospital fund. He was grateful for the chance to have been a part of Sarah’s life and for the love and family that they had found together.

Family Kindness


Sarah and Dr. Sebastian’s relationship remained a secret to everyone else.

They both knew that it was their own special bond, and they didn’t want to complicate things by revealing the truth to others.

They had arrived at Sarah’s house. The house was dilapidated and falling apart. Dr. Sebastian squeezed Sarah’s shoulder and said, “Come my child.”

Going Back


Sarah held her heavily pregnant belly and looked at her house. “It’s strange to be back here,” she said. “But this has to be done, let’s go meet your brother,” she said.

Dr. Sebastian looked at the old house and immediately felt sorry for his niece and brother. They must have had some hard times. If only he knew, then maybe he could have helped.

It’s Time


Sarah stood outside the door of her father’s house, her heart pounding with a mix of anticipation and nervousness.

It had been years since she had seen her long-lost brother, Dr. Sebastian, but circumstances had led her to seek his help.

She took a deep breath and pushed open the door. Would Michael be happy to see his brother Dr. Sebastian?

My Home


Inside, the house was bustling with activity. Sarah spotted her father, his face lined with the weight of years gone by, attending to a patient.

He glanced up and his eyes widened in surprise as he recognized her.

With a warm smile, he excused himself from his work and rushed towards Sarah, enveloping her in a long overdue embrace. He didn’t see that she wasn’t alone.

Blast From The Past


Michael recognized his brother and his face went pale. “Come inside,” he said. As they sat in the lounge, catching up on lost time, Sarah couldn’t help but notice the tension that lingered in the air.

It didn’t take long for her to learn about the deep-rooted animosity between her father, Sebastian Michael, and Dr. Sebastian.

Her father accused him of stealing their grandfather’s hard-earned money, tearing their family apart.

The Truth Comes Out


Dr. Sebastian looked into Sarah’s eyes; his voice filled with sadness. “Sarah, I swear on our grandfather’s grave that I never stole anything from him.

He paid for my medical school education and supported me willingly. When we were young, he even helped me set up my practice.”

Sarah replied, “Dad, you can trust Uncle Sebastian, he helped me, it’s true.” Her father’s eyes filled with tears.

What To Do


Sarah’s heart ached, torn between her loyalty to her father and her newfound connection with her uncle.

She pleaded with Dr. Sebastian to understand her father’s perspective. “He always felt overshadowed by our grandfather’s favoritism towards you. He never felt seen or valued.”

Dr. Sebastian took his brother’s hand. It’s been over twenty years Michael, let it go. I have money, let me help you and your family, please,” he begged.

All That Time


Michael looked at his brother, “It was hard Sebastian, you went to med school and never looked back.” “Michael when I came back, you already left for the city,” the doctor said.

Dr. Sebastian sighed, a mix of sorrow and understanding in his eyes. “I never wanted this rift between us, Sarah. I miss the days when we were just kids, dreaming of the future together.”

Closing Wounds


An idea struck Sarah, and she proposed they visit their mother’s grave. “Let’s go get some fresh air, ” she suggested.

She believed that in the presence of their mother’s memory, they might find solace and a way to heal the wounds of the past.

Reluctantly, Dr. Sebastian agreed, hoping it might bring some resolution to their fractured relationship. They walked outside in silence.

Brothers In Arms


As they stood before their mother’s tombstone, memories flooded their minds. The laughter, the tears, the shared moments that only siblings could understand.

Sarah looked at her father, who seemed lost in his own thoughts. She took a step towards him, her voice trembling with emotion.

Could Sarah break down the shackles of her father’s heart?

Let It Go


“Father, we have lost so much time and love because of this feud.

Can we not find it in our hearts to forgive and move forward? Our grandmother would have wanted us to be a family.”

Michael was lost in his own world. Dr. Sebastian put his arm around his brother. It was the first time he went to his mother’s grave. He cried, he remembered who he used to be.

You Are Right


Michael’s eyes glistened with unshed tears as he looked at his daughter and then at his long-lost brother.

He drew his daughter close to him and looked at his brother.

The weight of resentment slowly began to lift from his shoulders, and he nodded, his voice choked with emotion. “I forgive you, Sebastian. Let’s rebuild what we have lost.”

Happy Ending


The sunset on that memorable day cast its warm golden glow upon the siblings, now united by the hope of a brighter future.

Their reconciliation was a balm for their wounded hearts, and they vowed to never let bitterness and misunderstandings separate them again. They had a new life to look forward to.

New Birth


Months passed, and Sarah’s pregnancy blossomed. The impending arrival of a new life became a beacon of joy and renewed love for the family.

They eagerly anticipated the birth of Sarah’s baby, a symbol of a fresh beginning and the ties that bound them together. She was going to give birth to the first grandchild in their family.

Fresh Start


Finally, the day arrived when Sarah went into labor. Dr. Sebastian, with a mixture of excitement and nerves, assisted his sister during the delivery. As the cries of a newborn baby filled the room, tears of happiness streamed down their faces.

It was a baby boy, and they named him Phillip Sebastian, in honor of the grandfather who had played such a pivotal role in their lives.

A Good Man


Dr. Sebastian had arranged that Sarah receive the best medical care at his hospital. He took care of all the bills. He helped his brother get back on his feet.

It was a proud moment for the new family. Although there are disagreements, the family should stick together. And so, the circle of life continues for future generations.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.