Do You Know the Hidden Logo Facts Behind These 15 Famous Brands?

By Youmn September 2, 2018 View all posts (74)

Have you ever looked at a cup of Starbucks, the back of your iPhone or the menu at the McDonald’s drive-through and wondered, “What do these logos really mean?” If you’re a natural-born curious mind, you probably have wondered about the origins of your favorite brands’ logos and tried to come up with logical interpretations to the most peculiar ones.

We’re here to help you on your quest with 15 logo facts you absolutely need to know, so that next time you order a frappucino, you know why the long-haired lady behind the counter is mysteriously smiling at you!

Check out these 15 fun logo facts:

15.) Toblerone

toblerone logo facts

If only all triangles were made of chocolate. The popular chocolate bar is a favorite of many, and its logo story will make you even fonder of it. At first sight, you can notice the outline of a mountain, but upon further observation, you will spot a bear facing sideways nestled within the mountain.

The mountain symbolizes the Matterhorn Mountain in Switzerland, near Bern, the city where Toblerone is based, also known as the “City of Bears.” That’s a great way to remind everyone about the origins and roots of the brand.