Do I Really Need a Home Security System?

Do I really need a home security system? We lay out all of the details on the what, the why and the how much of home security systems.

Nowadays it seems like everyone has a home security system, but are they really worth all the fuss? A simple Google search will leave you with an overwhelming amount of information and leave you wondering, “Do I really need a home security system?”

There are pros and cons to installing a home security system, but at the end of the day, being protected is important. In the United States, more than 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported per year, and the likelihood rises during the summer months. While most Americans’ top priority is protecting their property and belongings, the number of homes with security systems is still at an alarmingly low 17%.

So do I really need a home security system? Read on and see for yourself!

Do I need a home security system? security keypad

Before we jump into why you may need one, let’s lay out the facts. Numbers can reveal a lot, and the statistics can let you know if a home security system should be a priority for you.

Out of the 2,000,000 home burglaries, 30% occur in homes that are with open windows and/or doors. But even if you don’t leave your doors or windows open, you are still susceptible to burglary. An alarming 60% of break-ins happen with force.

Another thing to think about is the type of property you have. Despite popular belief, renters are just as likely to be burglarized as home owners. Break-ins are likely to happen on any type of property and in any type of neighborhood. But, most break-ins do happen in homes with a lot of cover, like fences, large trees and gardens, since they provide a lot of coverage for the thief.

The highest season for break-ins falls during the summer, with July and August being the months with the highest averages. They also most commonly happen during the day when residents are away at school or work, leaving hours on end of not being protected.

Why Get a Home Security System?

do i really need a home security system

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No one wants tocome home to see their home broken into and their valuables stolen. No matter how small or big the break-in is, it’s an extremely unfortunate event that can happen to anyone. Depending on where you live, investing in a security system may be a priority for you.

Reports show that 90% of burglars who see the security system will be deterred from breaking into the property. With a home security system installed, your house will be less vulnerable to attacks. So why do only 14-17% people have home security systems in their homes?

Costs of Securing Your Home

do I really need a home security system

The biggest deterring factor for securing your home is the cost. While most people would want to pay to make sure their belongings are safe, the time, cost and overall hassle of installing a security system are big factors.

Most security systems are a monthly bill plus the start-up installation costs. The prices can also rise if you add on special additional products, like alarm monitoring. But if you think the costs of recovering and repairing a damaged home after a break-in don’t outweigh the monthly costs of securing your home, then protecting your home may not be for you.

Those who live in or close to neighborhoods where there is high crime should also consider investing in an at-home security system, especially during the summer months when people are more frequently away from their homes on vacation or working.

Types of Home Security Systems

By now you may have answered the “Do I really need a home security system?” question for yourself. If your answer is yes, then you need to learn about the different types of home securitysystems.

Local Alarms

One of the most generic types of alarm systems for your home is a local alarm system. Local alarm systems include individual unmonitored alarms that you can place throughout your home. Most of these alarm systems include motion sensors, and when they are triggered, they go off.

Since they are the most basic kind of alarm system, they are usually the cheapest ones to install. Prices are usually in the $100 range, and the installation process is pretty simple. The only downside to local alarm systems is that there is no monitoring, so they don’t offer much when it comes to protection. Local alarm systems could be the best if you’re on a budget and want minimal coverage.

Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems

Wired alarm systems are the ones that you find in most homes. They have a bunch of cameras with wired motion sensors and a control panel. When the alarm is triggered, it goes off and notifies the owner. A wireless alarm system is essentiallythe same, with the only difference being one is battery operated and the other relies on electricity.

Wired and wireless alarm systems are monitored so they provide much more safety; hence why they are the more popular choice for those seeking a home security system. A downside to wireless and wired alarm systems is the complex installation process. Usually it’s better to get a trained professional to make sure the systems are installed correctly. Also, if you move, uninstalling a wired system can be a bit tricky, too.

However, the great thing about these systems is that they are high-tech and offer monitoring from your phone and computers. You can feel secure in knowing that if anything goes wrong, you will have video proof and can properly alert the authorities.


do i really need a home security system