Grow Your Greens: 5 Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

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Hopefully you are not one of those people who despises any food that’s leafy and green. Most of us grow out of the “I hate spinach” phase by about junior high school, right? These days it is wise to start your own vegetable garden if you can since there are so many pesticides used on our fruits and veggies and buying organic usually means spending a lot more on produce.
Whether you have a giant yard with a large garden or you are renting a plot at the nearest community garden, there are several easy, low maintenance crops you can grow. How great would it be to decide to make a salad and run outside and clip your own tomatoes instead of running to the store and waiting in a long line? You get a sense of accomplishment when you grow your own food, and you are helping the environment as well. What’s not to like? Here are five ideas for vegetables you can grow at home.

5 Radish

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These are delicious in salads and chopped up in tacos and Mexican food. The colors are also nice and can add a burst of red, purple and white to your plot. Radishes are a great source of potassium, folic acid, magnesium and calcium. Find a sunny spot and plant the seeds a half inch below the surface of the soil. Water lightly every few days – easy!

4 Tomatoes

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OK, obviously tomatoes are technically a fruit but we all know they’re in most vegetable gardens. These are a must for most gardens – who doesn’t love fresh tomatoes ripened on the vine? They need plenty of sunlight so pick a spot out of the shade. Water the plants generously and spray them with water as well. Check the Ph level of your soil and make sure it is between 6-7. You can add lime to increase the Ph level and sulfur to decrease it.

3 Zucchini

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This is a garden staple since the plants are pretty easy to grow, and you can eat the fruits and the blossoms – zucchini and squash blossoms are delicious sautéed or stuffed with cheese and baked. The yellow “Gold Rush” zucchini is great to grow. Regular moisture is needed, but keep leaves and stems dry if you can. Water them heavily ever other day.

2 Peppers

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These look pretty in your garden, adding red, orange and yellow for a pop of brightness. A good choice is “Mariachi” peppers, which are mildly spicy and great for cooking. In areas with short or cool seasons, you should extend the growing time by using clear plastic mulches. Put them in meats, soups, salads because it’s always good to add a little spice and flavor to what you’re cooking.

1 Cucumbers

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You can put them in salads, on sandwiches, or just eat them plain. You can also slice them up and put them in water and pretend you’re at a fancy spa. Vining cucumbers grow up to 25 feet and you can also choose a bush variety if that works best. The yellow, round Lemon cuke is great too. Plant five or six seeds about three to six feet apart and once they grow trim to the two strongest plants.

Any veggies you would add to this list? Let us know what works for you, what’s easy, and what’s the most rewarding!

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