Diver Stumbles On Abandoned Restaurant In The Ocean, Can’t Believe What He Finds Inside


The Underwater Treasure

When he reached the bottom of the structure, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He saw tables and chairs and the most peculiar decorations he had ever seen. He expected to see some ancient ruins.

But what he got to see was far from his expectations. Just as he was still trying to process his discovery, the diver saw something placed on one table that would leave him in awe.


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David Levy had lived his childhood in Israel. Because his father was part of the Israel Navy, David spent most of his time near the ocean. Sometimes, his father would even take him to the Naval base to see the ship he worked on.

David grew to love the ocean from a very young age. It didn’t take long before he became obsessed with man-made objects ending up in the ocean. At 16, his parents paid for diving lessons for him. They had no idea what this would mean for his future.

Learning To Dive

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David was excited about taking diving lessons. He was a quick learner and loved what he was doing. After several months, his goals changed. He now dreamed of getting an Open Water Certificate, which would allow him to dive without restriction in the ocean.

But he was aware that he had to improve his skills before he would qualify. Hid dreams of treasure-hunting, though, kept fueling his passion. One day, all the effort would pay off.

Getting Qualified

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It took a year of lessons and practice before David saw some real progress. And now, he was finally ready to try for his qualification. He was excited but nervous too, but he wasn’t planning on giving up.

But he was worrying for nothing. He finished the tests, took off his gear, and proudly walked out of the school with the certification in his hands.

Ready For Adventure

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David couldn’t wait any longer. He was excited to get into the open ocean and try his luck at finding a treasure. He would be finally able to look for any sunken wrecks and hidden ships.

He was only 18 years old, though, and his parents were very concerned about his passion. The fact that he was qualified made them trust their son and let him explore on his own. They had no idea what he would end up doing in his adventures, though.

Diving Alone For The First Time

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David had dived many times before, but never alone. He was always accompanied by instructors who ensured that everything was going according to plan. But now, he would be entirely by himself for the first time.

It was a sunny Saturday morning, and David was ready for adventure. He put his gear on and borrowed a small boat from his friends. He drove the boat on the coast of his country until he got a decent distance from the land.

Diving In

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David put on his gear, took a deep breath, and got mentally prepared for the dive. The ocean was waiting for him. He jumped, and the water began to get murkier as he dove deeper. It became difficult to see what was in front of him.

The adrenaline was flowing through his veins. David realized he was all on his own in the deep ocean. If something happened, no one could ever find him.

Worrying Stories

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After 15 minutes of diving David began to think of all the horror stories he had heard while still training. His classmates had told those more as a way to scare him than anything else. He was aware they weren’t serious, but he still couldn’t help but feel restless underwater.

From dangerous sharks and other sea creatures to aliens, he’d heard more than a few crazy stories. But he toughened up and kept going until he saw something that seemed from another world.

An Underwater Construction

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David could barely see through the dark waters. But he finally noticed something on the ocean floor. He saw some windows that somehow didn’t break from the water pressure. It all looked like a building, but he needed to get closer.

He approached the structure carefully. It was difficult to see through the foggy windows, so he looked for a way in. He noticed a bridge leading up to the surface, and he knew that was his way inside.

Finally Going In

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David resurfaced and saw part of the structure outside of the water. That was his way inside. He climbed until he was on the inside of the bridge. Then he saw something that left him speechless.

To David’s surprise, it was completely dry inside of the construction. He didn’t need his diving equipment there. But the real discovery came when he went down into the central part of the building that he found on the ocean floor.

Something Incredible

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He couldn’t believe what he saw when he got to the bottom of the structure. He saw chairs and tables and the weirdest decoration he had ever seen. He expected to see something like the lost city of Atlantis.

But what he saw was very different from his expectations. But just as he was taking in the discovery that he had just made, he saw something sitting on a table that would change everything.

A Restaurant

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It was now clear what he was standing in. He saw something sitting on the table that explained it all, a menu. It had decently prized seafood and cocktails. The menu looked well preserved for how long the place must have been abandoned.

He picked it up and examined it more closely. He smiled to himself. He had never heard of the restaurant before. And it was clear that it had closed down decades ago.

Taking His Piece Of Treasure

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David was satisfied with his find. Even if it wasn’t an ancient structure, he still loved the adventure. Plus, he would be able to take a keepsake “treasure” back with him – the menu.

He could think of a spot where the menu would go perfectly in his house. It would be the first of many artifacts that he would look for in the ocean. He was keen to learn more about the place he was in, so he decided to head back to shore and make a few phone calls.

Finding Out More

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David took some photos of the restaurant and left for his boat. Once he left, he headed for shore and started making a few phone calls. He needed to find out more about the place.

He managed to find someone who used to actually eat at the restaurant. He called him, and they arranged to meet. They met each other at a cafe, and the man started telling him everything they needed to know.

Red Sea Star Restaurant

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The restaurant was called the Red Sea Star Restaurant and was the first restaurant of its kind. It attracted a lot of attention when it opened, and patrons got to experience what it was like to drink cocktails on the ocean floor.

It was a sad day when the place finally went out of business and became abandoned. Since then, all it is done is accumulate barnacles and slowly fade from most people’s memories. At least David had his prize to remember his adventure.