Parents Have Perfect Nanny, Until Camera’s Left On


Going Back

As the footage from the camera began to play, she sat back. She despised being compelled to take such dramatic measures after the daycare’s poor reports in the previous month.

When the clip began to play, she upped the speed to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. However, something on the monitor caused her to go for the pause and rewind buttons.

Cammy Ashwin

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Cammy Ashwin was an ordinary middle teacher that resided in Granville, Ohio. She was passionate about her job and always believed there was more to teaching than merely transferring knowledge. Teaching to her was about taking care of her students as if they were her own.

Cammy had been a teacher for more than thirty years, and she was on the verge of retirement. She’d spent so many years working with children that she’d seen everything that could happen in such a setting. Nothing, however, could ever compare to what the footage showed her that night.

Her Dream Job

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The events transpired when Cammy was at the age of fifty-two. Upon retiring, Cammy decided to open a daycare with her husband, Mark. The daycare was an instant success.

Even though Cammy loved being a teacher, owning a daycare had been her lifelong dream. She had no idea what her dreams would mean for all she cared about.

Better Than The Rest

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There was something special about Cammy and Mark’s daycare. For instance, their daycare boasted numerous features that others in town could only dream of. It was more significant than the rest in the city and more modern.

Cammy had gone to great lengths to create an all-encompassing curriculum for the daycare’s children. She also looked for the greatest nannies and caretakers she could. She had no idea that one of them would attempt to demolish everything she had worked so hard to achieve.

Meet Gladys

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It was a beautiful sunny afternoon when Cammy had her interview with Gladys. She was immediately impressed by her resume, as she had years of caregiving experience. Cammy hired her on the spot to supervise all the other nannies at the daycare.

The business was booming for Cammy, and she desperately needed the extra help to manage all the children. This caused a chain of events that would shed a negative light on her daycare.

New Systems

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Gladys was unlike any of Cammy’s previous caregivers. She was poised but formal in her attire, which included a tie. She made a series of changes to Cammy and Mark’s procedures in place.

She persuaded Cammy and Mark that the adjustments had helped her open some of the most successful daycares on the East Coast, and they were all in. If only they had known what was really going on.

The Opposite Effect

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Cammy approved every idea and concept Gladys proposed to her. However, parents seemed to remove their children from the daycare, which was very concerning.

Many of their employees who were once cheery and happy seemed to be miserable, which led to many of them leaving their jobs. What could have caused such a reaction? Cammy and Mark were stumped.

Getting Answers

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Gladys was extremely severe on the children and the nannies, according to one of the nannies Cammy spoke with.

She’d instituted new schedules that didn’t allow caretakers enough time to interact with the children, and she insisted on caring for them as a group rather than individually. Cammy sat back and listened, knowing she wanted to investigate the situation more before she and Mark made any judgments.

She Was Concerned

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Cammy decided that it was the best course of action to contact one of the parents who removed their child from their daycare. Cammy adopted the approach of a mother rather than someone who owned a daycare and was concerned for her business.

Cammy wanted to find out why the parent decided to take their child out of daycare. What the parent shared with Cammy made her install security cameras all over the facility.

Causing Problems

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“Were you here when Johnny was born?” the father inquired. “You’ve seen him develop into the young man he is now. Have you ever noticed him flinching at loud noises or trembling as he climbs the stairs?”

“I believe your new nanny is causing these children to be upset,” she remarked. “I’d appreciate it if you could look into it. These children rely on you.”

They’re Speechless

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As they left the parents’ house, Cammy and Mark were taken aback. Cammy has been there for Johnny since he was a child. He didn’t strike her as a person who was frightened of anything.

But what was Gladys doing to irritate the children? Cammy told Mark that they needed to place concealed cameras throughout the daycare to get to the bottom of the matter. Despite her dislike of the idea, she knew she had to get to the bottom of this problem.

Big Brain Move

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When Cammy and Mark installed the cameras, they didn’t know what they’d find. Half of the nannies had quit, and a quarter of the parents stopped bringing their kids to the daycare.

The cameras rolled throughout the day, with Cammy leaving the daycare, so whatever was happening on the premises would happen in full force. She returned that evening and, after checking in with everybody, Gladys included, hurried to her office to see what was happening.


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Cammy clicked on the camera feed and started watching. She speeded up the video, looking for anything suspicious. And sure enough, she saw it.

Cammy jumped on the pause and rewind buttons. She slowed down the video and saw Gladys yelling at the kids. At times she’d yell at the remaining nannies as well. Cammy’s lip parted, but it only got worse.

Horrific Displays

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Gladys carelessly picked up one of the kids by his leg and tossed him onto a sleeping court nearby. Cammy’s insides shriveled as she saw the child fly, and she turned off the video immediately.

Cammy told Mark what she’d seen, and they called the police. They presented the videos, which had even more awful things. Gladys had to be stopped.

Being Careful

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Gladys was taken to court, and her certificate as a caregiver was nullified. She was also charged with mistreating the kids she was supposed to love and nurture.

For Cammy, the harrowing event was an eye-opener. She learned that no matter how good a person looks on paper, it’s always a good idea to know who they are in and out before entrusting them with a dear part of your life.