Daughter Donates Kidney To Save Her Dying Dad, Her Tears Says It All After Surgery


Going Home

She couldn’t help but think of him while she sat on her flight. She remembered how remarkable he made her childhood. However, when she needed him the most, he stopped acting like a father.

So why did she board the first flight home from Oregon?

Turning Back To Him

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Emily had not spoken to her father for over a decade. They used to share a special connection, and she missed those times more than anything in the world.

However, he did a complete 180 one day, and she knew that he would never be the same person ever again. But ten years later, something would happen that would cause her to turn back to him. She’d have the last laugh.

She Had It All

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Emily Melissa Becket was the eldest child in her family. They resided in San Fransisco, California. Emily had the nicest life a person her age could have, together with her sister Cassie Becket and her parents.

But when she turned twenty, everything fell apart, leaving her family in ruins and her life in complete disarray.

A Horrible Call

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Emily was in class when she received the call from her father. Her mother had been killed in an accident on the highway. The combination of disbelief and despair that then rushed Emily’s blood could still be sensed by her.

A pleasant bright day rapidly turned miserable, bringing her family into a world of continual suffering. However, the only person who could aid in their recovery appeared indifferent.

They Looked Up To Him

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Emily and her sister idolized their father. They looked up to him, and the moment they needed his love and support, he withdrew from the world, which left them to deal with the pain all alone.

After losing his wife, Emily’s father turned to religion, taking comfort in the scriptures as his children sought to make sense of it all. Between him and Emily, this would cause a severe rift that would persist for ten years. However, Cassie, who is now an adult, called Emily one day and revealed that their father was seriously ill.

Taking Care Of Themselves

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Though Emily and Cassie had a dad right there, they grew up independently. Her little sister needed a mother figure while she managed the house and studied at the same time. Her dad was absent when she and Cassie needed him, so she grew up loathing him.

Emily relocated to Oregon after finishing college, where she established a career as a lecturer. Naturally, her younger sister would frequently pay her a visit and even request to go home with Emily to see their father. But if she ever ran into him again, Emily wasn’t sure what she would do.

He Was Sick

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Emily was teaching a class when the tragic call came. When Cassie recognized who it was, she excused herself and answered. She would tremble after hearing the news.

After their terrible fallout, Emily had stopped being interested in what her father was doing. She dropped everything, though, and boarded the first flight out of Oregon after learning from her sister that he had been admitted to the hospital with stage four chronic kidney disease.


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Emily was bombarded by memories while traveling. She reflected on her father and everything they had experienced together. She questioned whether she had treated him poorly during the previous ten years. Would she be able to talk things out with him?

Emily has seen enough films with characters who allowed their rage to control their actions and keep them from their family members. When the people they loved were dying, these folks regretted everything. Will she mirror them?

An Emotional Trip

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Throughout the trip, Emily sobbed in the hope of getting to sit down and talk with her dad. She realized that he had been grieving as well when they lost their mother because she was an adult now. She regretted not recognizing that before.

The door of her cab opened before it stopped at the hospital parking lot, and she rushed inside to inquire about her father. It was then that she encountered Cassie.

Stepping Up

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When Emily collided with Cassie, her eyes were streaming with tears. When their mother passed away, Emily’s anguish erupted inside of her, forcing her to stutter, “What is it?” Cassie explained, “He needs a kidney transplant,” and said that the doctors had ruled her out because of her own health issues.

Emily said, her eyes wide and full of tears, “I’ll do anything for him.” She didn’t even wait for Cassie’s response; instead, she kissed her cheek and hastened to the hospital personnel.

Seeing Him

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Emily and Cassie walked up to their dad’s bed an hour after Emily’s arrival. They found their old man lucid, although under heavy medication. Emily’s tears doubled as she saw the condition he was in. The last time she saw him, he’d been on the porch, asking her not to leave. “I’m so sorry,” she said.

A doctor came in with Emily’s test results, informing her that she was a perfect match for a kidney donor. “When can we operate?” she asked, wiping her tears. She’d do everything to keep her dad in this world.

As Soon As Possible

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“As soon as possible,” the doctor answered, starting a chain of events that would culminate with Emily donating a kidney to her dad. But although her operation was successful, the hardest part of their journey was still ahead of them.

Emily was in and out of consciousness as they operated on her dad. She was still under heavy medication and in a lot of pain, and couldn’t follow her dad’s operation. She only hoped for the best as the hours counted by.

Three Days Pass

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Three days after Emily’s operation, she was strong enough to get out of bed. She first asked how dad was doing, to which Cassie only wept.

Emily struggled out of the room without her sister’s help. Was she too late to save her dad? Would she ever see him again, tell him how sorry she was for shutting him out? Would he be there when she finally got married?

Was It Successful?

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Emily fought off each nurse that tried to hold her back. Her tears flowed freely as she limped to her dad’s room. Her stomach clenched as she pushed the door open, her mouth falling open by what she saw.

Before Emily was her dad, playing chess with one of his doctors. “Hi, kiddo,” he smiled, using the same name he’d always called her when she was young. “Hi, Dad,” Emily said as a mixture of laughter and sobbing beat out of her chest. But it wasn’t over.


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Emily and her dad spent a week in the hospital before being discharged. Although their journey to physical and emotional recovery was long, they, together with Cassie, helped each other wherever possible.

Emily and her dad had ample time to open up to each other, mending their relationship. Her dad even flew to Oregon to meet her boyfriend, colleagues, and students. A few years later, he’d walk her down the aisle in a beautiful wedding. What else could a girl want?