6 Months After Her Daughter Disappears, a Mother Finds an Odd Facebook Post

A daughter disappears without a trace. Six months after her disappearance, her mother found an odd facebook post that leaves her confused.

One of the worst feelings in the world is discovering that your daughter disappeared. It’s probably one of the worst feelings any parent can have.

When Maureen woke up one morning, she could not find her daughter, Rosemary. First, she thought she ran away, then kidnapped, and then much worse. While kidnapping could have been a possibility, sometimes teens decided to run away. This was all a mystery to Maureen.

One Sad Mother

one sad mother


One mother had to deal with the unthinkable: having her daughter disappear. After six months after her daughter’s disappearance, the mother found a weird post on Facebook. Maureen, Rosemary’s mother, was unfortunate to experience a horrifying thing.

Maureen realized her daughter did not come home. She could not believe that her daughter ran away from home. Was she kidnapped?

On That Day

on that day


On the day Rosemary went missing, Maureen woke up and went about everything like it was normal.

Maureen realized that morning that Rosemary wasn’t in the house. She assumed she was outside with her friends. Sadly, that was not the truth. Maureen tried to reach Rosemary by phone, but it kept going straight to voicemail.

Rosemary Went Missing

rosemary went missing


Maureen was waiting for her daughter to come home in the evening, but she didn’t come home. Rosemary wasn’t answering her Maureen’s calls either, but what could she do? She decided to wait until the next morning. Sadly, Rosemary didn’t come back in the morning either.

Maureen called the police and explained her situation. The police thought Rosemary ran away, but Maureen thought something horrible happened to her daughter.

Rosemary’s Investigation

rosemary’s investigation


Maureen was not convinced that her daughter ran away. If the police were not going to do their job, then she was going to start her own investigation.

The mother made the missing person posters and started posting them around her neighborhood. She hoped that someone could identify her daughter and bring her home as soon as possible. Maureen also started contacting everyone she knew on social media sites.

Time Starts Going By

time starts going by

Rob Kuhn

With no news from the police, weeks started turning into months. Maureen started to lose hope. The police couldn’t find any leads despite searching for her. Maureen started to lose hope. There were no leads at all. How was she going to find her daughter?

Maureen came to the conclusion that she may never see Rosemary again. Then, some strange news broke about Rosemary. Finally!

Acting Strange

acting strange


Some of her friends claimed that Rosemary was seen on the streets acting odd because she went missing. When they saw her, it didn’t look like she was having fun, but her mannerisms were strange.

Apparently, they tried to approach her and try and take her home, but she would run away without saying a word. This was not the reaction you would normally expect from her. Something was going on, and no one knew what it was.

Six Months After

six months after


Just when Maureen started to lose faith in finding her daughter, she found a strange post on Facebook. She wasn’t expecting to see a post like that.

The fact that the post was published exactly six months after the day Rosemary went missing made Maureen feel even more anxious. She knew it was more than just a coincidence.

Rosemary’s Photo

rosemary’s photo

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Maureen couldn’t believe it. Exactly six months after going missing, Rosemary managed to post a few photos of herself on the internet. They were new photos too. Maureen was instantly relieved because she was still alive. The mother felt confused by what she saw.

Her daughter looked normal, even happy in all of the photos. At first, Maureen thought her daughter didn’t want to be found, but later she would learn there was something more behind her strange behavior.

Not Really Happy

not really happy

Opposing Views

Before Rosemary went missing, she had red hair. In the photos, it had been dyed and bleached. Maureen thought it was weird as her daughter always loved her original hair color.

When Maureen was investigating the pictures more, it looked like someone was forcing her daughter to smile. Maureen’s thoughts started to wonder: someone must have kidnapped her like human traffickers. That’s why she has not heard a word from her daughter.

Reaching Out to Social Media for Help

reaching out to social media for help

Video Hive

Maureen decided to make a Facebook post about her missing daughter. Everyone needed to know that Rosemary was in trouble. Maureen shared what she saw on her daughter’s Facebook page and explained the story.

She was hoping her post would get shared and reached by lots of people in the area.

A Cry for Help

a cry for help


“She is missing and endangered and is presumed to have fallen into the hands of child trafficking criminals,” she wrote. “Since she disappeared, I have found images of her online.”

Maureen was praying her post would go viral to reach as many people as possible. It was obvious her daughter was still alive.

Just Waiting

just waiting


Just when Maureen was starting to lose hope, she finally heard the good news she was waiting to hear.

After making posters, posting on social media, even helping to organize a statewide search, she received some news about her daughter.

Great News

great news

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The news came after Maureen made another post on Facebook begging for help in finding her daughter. Rosemary was found alive!

David F. Gullet, the girl’s father, was the one who broke the news to the world, “I want to reach out and thank everyone for your Prayers and Support. Rosemary has been found after an anonymous tip. Several situations are still in play to provide an amicable return to home.”

Relieved and Happy

relieved and happy


Maureen was so excited to see her daughter. After lots of tears and sleepless nights, she was going to be reunited with Rosemary. What happened next was not what Maureen was expecting.

She thought that evil people kidnapped her daughter. That’s why she didn’t come home that night. However, Rosemary’s side of the story left her speechless.

Who Knew This Could Happen


Right after Rosemary was found alive, the police began questioning the girl about her disappearance. It turns out that she wasn’t kidnapped and was not in danger for all of those months. She was safe and apparently there was a reason for her disappearance.

The teen decided to run away from home due to toxic home life.

Her Side of the Story

rosie’s side of story


According to Rosemary, living at home was terrible for her and the rest of her siblings. It started to make sense why she ran away. Her childhood was different from other children her age.

She shared that her parents were living “a nomadic lifestyle, a hippie lifestyle.” Rosemary believed living in such conditions were abusive.

Their Time in Tennessee

in tennessee


When she was younger, the police got involved when the family was spending temporarily living in Tennessee. Police officers were shocked to find that the family was living in a tent with no running water or food.

They took the children away from their parents. Rosemary and her siblings spent their first night in a child welfare office.

First Foster Home

first foster home

Soon after, Rosemary and her siblings were placed in a foster home. Rosemary described this experience as a “nightmare.” One of the rules of the foster home was that they were not allowed to mention their parents.

In the foster home, there was a lot of abuse and negligence going on. Thankfully, after a year, they were able to leave the foster home when their parents got custody of them.

Starting to Feel Isolated

starting to feel isolated


Rosemary explained to the police officers that she could not tell which was worse, living with her parents or living at the foster home. As much as she wanted to let the authorities know that she didn’t feel safe living with her parents, she decided to remain silent. She did not want to go back to any foster home.

Because of this, Rosemary started to feel isolated, which prevented her from reaching out for help. Instead of turning to an adult for help, she decided to run away.

Running Away

running away


After struggling with depression, Rosemary made the decision to run away from home. She needed a quick escape. She knew that living on the streets were not safe, but Rosemary thought she had no other choice.

“That the situation I had was so terrible that I could live by myself, on my own as a 14-year-old and feel safer on the streets than in that home. I had more confidence in myself protecting myself than I did in the system that had already failed me,” Rosemary shared.

Rosemary’s Current Situation

rosemary’s current situation

life daily

After everything, Rosemary is currently a healthy environment. She lives with her friend and parents.

Later on, she explained that she wanted to join the foster care so she could get the rest of her siblings away from their parents. Years later, she succeeded.

Separated but Safe

separated but safe

St. Catherine’s Center for Children

Sadly, Rosemary and her siblings are separated and living in different foster homes. The most important thing is everyone is finally in a safe, healthy environment.

“The way the system has been treating me over the past two years — it’s definitely been the best I’ve ever received, but it doesn’t feel like enough,” Rosemary said.

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