She Found A Note In Her Mother’s Wallet After 50 Years


Was This Fate?

Janice tried her best to fight back tears as she looked at her mother’s belongings. She missed her so much. She then found baby photos of her, she smiled and put the photo in her pocket. But then something fell out of her her mother’s wallet that she could never have expected.

She unfolded it and felt her heart race as soon as she noticed what it was. This had to be a mistake? Was it really true? She knew time wasn’t on her side, she had to hurry.

Not A Stranger to Struggle


Janice Rude remembered from a young age watching her father work himself tired every day to provide for his family. They lived in Reno, Nevada where he owned his own diving board business.

Since Janice watched her father work so hard she knew she’d have to work equally hard to achieve her dreams. She wanted to become a biologist at Occidental College. She had everything laid out in front of her. But then something happened on a normal Monday.

Well Off


Janice’s father had a good growing business but that didn’t mean they were rich. So as a compromise her father would pay half of her tuition. She would have to pay for the other half. Janice got a job at the cafeteria at her college. She knew with it she could make up the difference and study between her shifts.

She was tired from working both the job and having to study hard. But at least she felt that she was on her way to her dreams. But one visitor would have unexpected consequences in her life.

Starting Her Career Journey


Janice was very driven for her age. She didn’t want any distractions to stop her from achieving her dreams. Her father wasn’t always happy with her decisions, but he would always support her no matter what.

Janice didn’t pay too much attention to men. She noticed them staring at her but she tried her best to avoid it. She needed to achieve her dream and they would only distract her.

Another Week


It was a normal Monday morning when Janice work up. She got to work early every day and put on her apron before anyone else was even inside. She tried to be polite and kind to every person she served. Even if they smiled back with a well-rested face or a hungover one.

But on a regular Monday morning one person who walked past said something she couldn’t believe. It would change everything in her life and have her questioning everything.

A Respectable Man


Prentiss Wilson came from a highly respected family; he followed his father’s footsteps by attending Occidental College and joining the Kappa Sigma fraternity. His path was decided before he was born; with his parents pushing him to achieve the goals, they set for him.

He studied law and quickly charmed his way to fraternity president. His plan was right on track. Keeping up with all those expectations required a good breakfast. He didn’t expect a pretty young woman behind the milk to catch his eye. But before long, Janice recognized him from the paper.

Making A Change


Prentiss’ was known by pretty much everybody in the town. His actions were bold enough to grab the attention of everyone on campus, including sophomore Janice.

When one student Gene Grigsby has turned away from Kapa Sigma fraternity purely because of his race, Prentiss quit. He left Kapa Sigma and set up his


own independent group. Their first pledge? Bring back, Gene Grigsby. Janice, like everyone else, was aware of Prentiss’ noble ethics. But Prentiss’s decision didn’t impress everyone.

Making Her Move


Weeks went by and Janice and Prentiss had exchanged numerous glances. They often smiled at one another, before quickly going their separate ways.

However, when it was time for the pre-Thanksgiving dinner the college held every year, Janice was finally ready to make her move. But when she realized Prentiss had gone home early, she did something nobody ever could have expected.

On A Mission


Prentiss may have been 160 miles away in Santa Maria but that didn’t stop Janice. She made the most spontaneous decision of her life and drove three hours to see him.

Eventually, at his doorstep, she paused, second-guessing her decision. Before she could change her mind, the door swung open and Prentiss was there, staring at her.

In Love


From the moment Janice made the first move, she and Prentiss became inseparable. And a few weeks later, months after their initial longing stares, he proposed!

For a moment, their lives were perfect. But somebody very important to Janice was about to tear these two lovebirds’ happiness into a million pieces.

He Didn’t Approve


You see Janjce’s father didn’t approve of his daughter’s new relationship. Prentiss wasn’t what he wanted for a son-in-law. No way.

But with their engagement announced in the local paper, it seemed everybody else was rooting for Janice and Prentiss. But Janice’s father was about to give Janice an ultimatum. And it would tear her world upside down.

An Ultimatum


Janice’s father ultimately tore the two lovebirds apart by refusing to pay Janice’s tuition if she didn’t stop seeing Prentiss. The couple was devastated; Prentiss hoped that Janice wouldn’t leave him broken-hearted, but he knew how much her career meant to her.

There had to be something they could do, right? Thankfully, Janice’s mother could see their undeniable love and took out a second mortgage on her home to fund Janice’s tuition. But little did they know not even that was going to save them.

A Hard Decision


Unfortunately, despite Janice’s mother’s efforts, they just weren’t enough. Janice decided to end their whirlwind romance and put her education first. She was heartbroken. And so was Prentiss.

As time went by, their long chats and loved-up relationship, went back to longing and distant stares. They tried to stay friends but the pain was too much. They eventually drifted apart, both marrying other people and settling down. ( But fate wasn’t done with these two.

Time Goes On


After graduating, Janice took over the family business and Prentiss went on to attend Harvard Law School, eventually becoming a highly respected lawyer. However, Janice never could quite forget her first love.

Nearly 50 years after calling off their engagement, both Janice’s and Prentiss’ mothers passed away in the space of a few months. At the time, they were both newly divorced. They had no idea what was coming.

A Note


Janice was clearing out her late mother’s belongings when she stumbled across her old wallet. She picked it up and looked inside, she found a baby picture of herself and she held it close. She really did miss her mother.

Then just as she was about to shut the wallet and start unloading on the boxes surrounding her, something fell out and landed on her lap. What was it? She picked it up and saw it was a note. Hundreds of questions ran through her mind. She opened it up and started to read it, and she felt sick to her stomach.

It Was Fate


The note was in fact a newspaper clipping from Janice and Prentiss’ engagement. Janice was lost for words. She couldn’t believe her mother would keep this. Maybe it was a sign?

She knew she had to reach out to her first love. After all, her mother loved him, and Janice always felt he was the one that got away. But how would Prentiss react to his former fiancé reaching out? Janice had no idea what was coming.



When Janice reached out to the man whose heart she broke and engagement she called off, she hoped she was forgiven. After all, she didn’t have a choice back then.

Thankfully, Prentiss replied straight away and the two former lovebirds agreed to meet in a restaurant in San Francisco. After decades apart, the two went on their first date since their youth. She was as nervous as the very first time she had taken a leap of faith and shown up randomly at his home. But a question remained—would they hit it off again?

A Very Happy Ending


When the two met up for the first time in 50 years, it was as if no time had passed! Sparks immediately flew between the two. Prentiss wasn’t going to let her get away this time. He got down on one knee and popped the question after six months of dating. Before she had the chance to change her mind, they married on their college campus, Occidental College.

The ceremony was attended by their friends, family, and college classmates. After a lifetime apart, these two finally made it back together. These two really were always destined to be!