Dad Refuses To Sleep In Same Bed As Mom, Gut Tells Son To Film It


Wishful Thinking

The little boy watched his friends’ fathers fetch him from school.

All he ever wanted was to have his father also come and play soccer with him after school.

He just wanted to be like the other children. But his mother never allowed him to meet his father. And as he was growing up, he was beginning to ask questions.

A Mother’s Love


In a quiet suburban neighborhood, Greg Smith lived with his loving single mother, Alison.

Alison had always been the anchor in Greg’s life, working tirelessly to provide for him.

Greg was a curious boy, wise beyond his years. Growing up with his single mother, Alison, he often wondered about his absent father. “Mom, where’s Dad?” he’d inquire, his young eyes filled with hope.

A Single Mother’s Sacrifice


Alison had to make excuses. She wasn’t ready to explain the truth about his father’s absence just yet. It was just the two of them in a duplex in California.

“Your father, Greg,” she would say, “He’s out working hard, trying to make more money to make our lives better.

He had to leave because things were so expensive. But don’t worry, he loves you, and he’ll come back when he’s ready.”

A Hopeful Boy


8-year-old Greg held onto that hope throughout his childhood, yearning for the day when his father would return and complete their family.

His heart was like an unwritten book, with a chapter reserved just for his father’s return.

But the little boy didn’t know then that his mother was keeping a terrible secret from him.

Needs A Dad


The boy kept badgering his mother about where his father was. It was getting tiresome. She made up excuses about his whereabouts.

Alison, a strong and hardworking woman, would sigh and reply, “Your father, Greg, he’s out there working hard.

Times are tough, and he wants to provide for us and make things better. He had to go away to make more money.”

Too Many Questions


Greg was an inquisitive and imaginative boy, often asked about his absent father. Alison would sigh, her eyes filled with unspoken pain, and tell him the same story over again.

Little Greg nodded, trying to understand, but his heart longed for a father’s presence.

His mother was his rock, but he yearned for that missing piece in his life.

The Long-Awaited Promise


One sunny Friday afternoon, as Greg returned from school with a sparkle in his eyes, he excitedly informed his mother about the upcoming family event at school. “We can all go together; it will be fun so he will want to come see me.”

The mother smiled at her son sweetly.

It was a momentous occasion, and he desperately wanted his father to be there with them. What could she do?

A Reason


Greg came home excitedly waving a colorful invitation. “Mom, there’s a family event at school! Can I go, please?”

He was jumping up and down excitedly.

Alison saw the longing in her son’s eyes and decided it was time to fulfill the promise she had made countless times before. She couldn’t say no to him.

Hard To Say No


Alison hesitated, knowing they couldn’t afford such extravagances. What was she about to get herself into?

She was supposed to be firm, but when she saw the sparkle in her son’s eyes, she couldn’t bear to disappoint him. “Alright, Greg, we’ll make it happen.

Your father’s coming over for the weekend.”



The next weekend Alison called her son to talk. “Greg,” she said gently, “Guess what? Your father is coming over for the weekend. He’ll be here in time for the event.”

Little Greg’s heart leaped with joy. His hope was finally turning into reality.

He spent the entire evening cleaning his room, making sure everything was perfect for his father’s arrival.

The Promise


Alison had somehow got a hold of Greg’s father and invited him to the family event. “When is he going to get here?” Greg asked his mother happily.

Greg’s heart soared with joy. He had never met his father, and this was a chance to finally connect.

He believed his father would show up, and hope filled their home.

The Arrival Of A Stranger in the Night


The day of the event arrived, and Greg was the happiest he had ever been. He dressed in his best clothes and made sure there were even snacks and juice on the table to welcome his long-lost father.

Greg could hardly contain his excitement. He peeked through the curtains, eagerly awaiting his father’s arrival.

Would he be everything he wanted and more?

My Father


A car pulled up, and a man stepped out. Greg’s heart raced as he rushed to the door. There stood a stranger, claiming to be Jeremy, his long-lost father.

A man with dark hair showed up at their doorstep, introducing himself as Jeremy, Greg’s father.

Greg greeted him warmly, eager to get to know the man he had longed for. Would his father turn out to be what he expected?

Meeting My Dad


The man looked healthy and he was well dressed. Greg tried to size himself next to him. “Hey there, champ,” Jeremy said with a smile, extending his hand to Greg.

Greg shook it hesitantly. He expected a sense of familiarity, a paternal bond, but it felt like shaking a stranger’s hand.

Nevertheless, he pushed his doubts aside, eager to make up for lost time. He was happy that he had a father.

Uneasy Nights


That night, as the three of them settled into their beds, Greg couldn’t help but notice that Jeremy was not sleeping in his mother’s room.

He heard his mother’s bedroom door shut behind her.

His curiosity got the better of him, and he tiptoed into the hallway, finding Jeremy sitting on the couch, engrossed in his phone. Why wasn’t he talking to his mother?

Big Questions


Greg approached his father quietly, “Hey, Dad,” Greg whispered, “Aren’t you sleeping with Mom in her room?”

The man’s eyes almost popped out of his face.

Jeremy looked at him, his eyes avoiding Greg’s gaze. “Not yet, buddy,” he replied, “It’s just not time yet.” What did he mean by that? Greg was persistent.

A Child’s Mind


That night, as they prepared to sleep, Greg noticed Jeremy wasn’t in his mother’s room.

He had to find out why. “Why aren’t you sleeping with Mom?” he asked innocently.

Jeremy’s excuse didn’t make sense to him. Greg nodded, although the answer did little to quell his growing unease. The boy felt that something wasn’t right with his father.

Just A Question


Greg stared at him. He wasn’t going away without an answer. Jeremy chuckled nervously, “Oh, Greg, it’s just not time yet.

We’ll sleep together soon.” Greg had no choice but to listen.

Suspicion gnawed at Greg’s mind, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off. He returned to his room, his mind racing with questions and doubts.

The Puzzling Day


The next day, Jeremy took Greg and Alison to the school event. Greg had envisioned a day filled with laughter and bonding, but the reality was far from his dreams.

Jeremy looked awkward and he stood out like a sore thumb.

There was no sense of chemistry between his parents. It was like they were just a group of strangers.

Family Day


Even a few other parents noticed the new family. Alison was embarrassed at the questions, but she took them in her stride. “ Yes, he works overseas,” she said to a nosy parent.

The interactions between the three of them felt forced, like pieces of a puzzle that didn’t quite fit together.

Greg was not enjoying himself at all.

What An Event


The following day, Jeremy accompanied Greg and Alison to the school event. However, their interactions were strained, far from the harmonious family Greg had imagined.

He watched as other children laughed and played with their parents; their genuine affection was starkly different from his own experience.

What was wrong with his family? Did he need more time with his father alone?

Not Right Here


Greg had the courage to speak to his parents. “Mom, Dad,” Greg began tentatively, “Why aren’t we acting like a real family?” He looked serious and sad.

Jeremy choked on the ice cream he was eating. He stared between Alison and Greg.

He didn’t say a word. He looked around nervously. Why was he so shocked by Greg’s observation?

It Takes Time


Alison exchanged a glance with Jeremy, and her eyes reflected a mixture of sadness and hesitation. How could she break it to him gently?

“Greg,” she said softly, “Sometimes, things change, and we have to adapt.

Your father and I are trying to find our way back to each other.” Would Greg believe his mother’s reason?

A Puzzling Outing


Greg’s heart sank. Something was definitely amiss, and the pieces of this puzzle were not adding up. But he couldn’t argue with his parents anymore.

The day was almost over, and it wasn’t what he had hoped for at all.

Greg’s unease deepened, and he vowed to uncover the truth about the stranger masquerading as his father.

The Discovery


That night, Jeremy retreated to the couch without exchanging a word with Alison. Greg couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. Did his parents not love each other anymore? He turned on his phone camera and went on a mission in his own house.

Quietly, he slipped out of his room and tiptoed to the living room. His heart raced as he searched Jeremy’s bag.

The boy knew that he was spying, but he knew he was right when he found his identification.



The boy could read well. He recorded everything, he thought that he was seeing things.

With trembling hands, Greg examined the ID and froze in shock.

He read the card over and over again. The name that he read did not match the name that his mother told him. Something was wrong. This man was an imposter.

A New Name


Greg mumbled the name under his breath. The name read “Harry Plummets.” He had seen that name somewhere before. Who was this man?

Turning to the internet, he typed it into the search bar and discovered Harry Plummets was a professional actor.

Greg was confused. Was his father an actor? He had to ask his mother the truth and ran up the stairs.



Rage and hurt surged within Greg as he realized the truth. He banged on his mother’s door. “Mom, I know what you did,” he cried through the door.

His mother had hired this man to play the role of his father.

Alison had her own plan, and it didn’t involve reuniting their family. How would she be able to get out of this one?

Tell The Truth


The next morning, Greg confronted his mother, his voice trembling with anger and betrayal. “Mom, why did you lie? Why did you hire a fake father?”

Tears welled up in Alison’s eyes as she confessed, “I wanted to give you the happiness you deserved, Greg.

I thought I could make it better, even if only for a little while.”

More Lies


Greg’s heart ached with conflicting emotions, torn between the love for his mother and the pain of her deception. He had so many feelings stirring inside him.

The truth had shattered his illusions, and he now faced the challenging task of rebuilding trust in their relationship. The question still remained, Where was Greg’s real father?

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.