3-Month-Old Refuses To Eat, Dad Leaves Mom For Sister


Unbelievable Audacity

Disbelief overtook the young women’s facial expression. Disbelief clouded her vision. Her jaw dropped as she watched it unfold before her.

A day like any other would soon take a very unexpected turn. “How could she invade my personal space like that?” She spitefully muttered under her breath.

“She has crossed a boundary we can’t come back from,” she sternly stated, followed by an echoing crack of a door being slammed.



As a first-time mother, Stacey Lamdon was beyond overjoyed and excited to finally begin this new exciting chapter in her life in South Beach, Florida, after nine, seemingly endless, months of patiently waiting.

In time, Stacey began to realize that breastfeeding was not quite as straightforward as she had assumed. Despite her best and plentiful efforts, Sahara was constantly bothered and wailing, and the poor mother wasn’t producing nearly enough milk to satisfy her rapidly growing girl’s appetite.



Several months prior to Sahara’s birth, Stacey’s sister, Leena James, gave birth to a baby girl, Joanne. “We’re so lucky to have babies so close together,” Leena gratefully mentioned.

A smile spread across Stacey’s face, but she sheepishly turned away to avoid it being seen. It was painfully obvious to Leena that Stacey was experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding her daughter.

Stacey was far too ashamed to make her conundrum known. In comparison to her older sister, the younger of the two siblings still demonstrated distinctly immature behavioral patterns.

Unbreakable Bond


When Stacy was at work, she regularly supervised Sahara when she was at home. Since Sahara was a particularly difficult baby and constantly cried, they had become inseparable due to her constant need for attention and consolation. She didn’t like the bottle and always let the milk dribble out of her mouth.

As Leena tried to help, Stacey dismissed her, defensively telling her that she’d rather solve it by herself. As for Leena, she had her own plan.

False Pretences


When Stacey came home from work one day, she found Sahara playing and happy, something she hadn’t seen in a while. Although she was grateful for her baby’s happiness, she knew something was amiss.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Leena muttered as she promptly left. There was something wrong, and Stacey had to find out what it was. Checking on her child was her number one priority.

Never Spoken


Leena was breastfeeding Joanne while she watched in horror through the baby monitor. Joanne’s milk had greatly helped Sahara, Stacey immediately realized.

It bothered her deeply that her sister would do that behind her back, but she was relieved that Sahara was finally soothed. Even so, she wasn’t satisfied with Leena’s response. Something so intimate between a mother and child should have, at the very least, been mentioned beforehand.

An Overstep


Leena was defensive the next day when Stacey confronted her regarding it. According to Stacey, she is an immature mother who doesn’t know how to properly raise children.

Her eyes began to well up with tears. After apologizing, she explained that she was just trying to help. Despite still being hurt, Stacey forgave her sister.

As a result, they agreed to improve their communication moving on. However, she still lacked trust in Stacey’s sister.



John, Stacey’s husband, was livid over what Leena did. After crossing a boundary, he found it difficult to resist his attraction to Leena.

During his early evenings, he would talk to Leena before heading to bed. You’re doing a great job helping my baby with breastfeeding, he would say.

The attention Leena received was much appreciated. His intentions were hidden. This was totally unknown to Stacey, and John was sure to keep it that way.

A Shake Of The Hands


As the weeks progressed, Stacey continued to have difficulty breastfeeding, and Sahara reverted back into a fussy baby. Despite her best efforts, she felt like a failure as a mother.

Leena tried to reach out to Stacey during her struggle, but she was repeatedly shunned. It wasn’t yet apparent to Stacey that her sister had ulterior motives.



One day, John suggested they go to a nearby beach resort for the weekend. John convinced Stacey that they should go away as a family, even though she hesitated at first.

Their mini-vacation began as Stacey agreed. Despite her naivety, the mother was unaware of her promiscuous husband’s other plans. How long would it take Stacey to discover the truth?

Three’s A Crowd


At the resort, Stacey and John were enjoying some much-needed relaxation when Leena showed up unexpectedly. She said she was in the area and thought it would be fun to spend some time with them.

Stacey was still hurt by what had happened, but John seemed happy to see Leena. Stacey knew that something was strange and she wondered what she did to offend John.

It’s Obvious To Me


Over the course of the weekend, John and Leena started to spend more time together. Stacey noticed that they were getting closer and became increasingly suspicious.

She tried to talk to John about it, but he dismissed her concerns, saying she was being paranoid. Would Stacey be able to catch the lying John in the act?

Real Proof


On the last day of their trip, Stacey woke up early and went for a walk on the beach. She was hoping to clear her mind and enjoy some alone time. As she walked, she saw John and Leena walking towards her, holding hands.

Stacey was devastated. She had always trusted John, and now she felt like her entire world had been turned upside down. She wanted revenge.

No Excuses


Stacey confronted John and Leena about what she had seen. John tried to explain that it was just a moment of weakness and that he still loved Stacey, but Stacey was done. “Were Over John!” she marched off.

She packed her bags and left, taking Sahara with her. She wasn’t going to be made a fool by her family any longer. She had her own plan to get her life back on track without her cheating husband.

A Better Future


Over the next few months, Stacey struggled to adjust to life as a single mother. She was heartbroken and felt like she had been betrayed by the two people she trusted the most. But she was determined to heal.

She joined a mommy and me class for single parents. The teacher was amazing and even gave her tips on breastfeeding, finally Sahara was happily suckling from her own mother. Stacey’s change in attitude helped her to meet a fellow single dad, and they started dating.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.