Woman Thinks Dad Is In The Wrong Bathroom, Calls Security


Was He All That?

On social media, he portrayed himself as the ideal father. That’s exactly what he was to everybody who knew him in person. It was difficult to believe that his parenting approach had any flaws or defects.

One morning, this man was found hiding with his daughters in the women’s bathroom. He then had some explanations for a group of confused women and security staff as they approached him.

The Ideal Father

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Mohammed Nitoto was a 33-year-old man who resided in Los Angeles. He had two beautiful daughters, Zendaya and Zuri, who were his pride and joy.

He viewed himself as the perfect dad. So much so that he’s become known for sharing his parenting tips and experiences on the internet.

Internet Famous

Facebook – Chronicles Of Daddy

Many of his Instagram followers check in on a daily basis to see what he’s up to and what he recommends. In the online realm, he’s known as “The Chronicles of Daddy.”

Understandably, they were taken aback when they heard this story, as it’s not something they generally hear about their favorite influencer father.

Quality Time

Facebook – Chronicles Of Daddy

One of the suburbs of Los Angeles was the setting for this fast-food restaurant story. Mohammed, as it turned out, had been there with his family.

In his words, they were simply spending quality time together since Mohammed had the day off from work. Rather, Muhammad was about to be embroiled in an embarrassing situation.

Another Party

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Karen, a regular client of the same restaurant who happened to be eating there at the same time as Mohammed’s family, is also included in the narrative.

Every week, Karen visits the restaurant in her neighborhood. She is friendly with both the manager and the employees. It was then that she felt compelled to report what was going on at the women’s restrooms.



In keeping with her daily routine, Karen was simply enjoying lunch. Mohammed sat at a table with his family but initially did not pay much attention to them.

It was impossible for her to foresee getting caught in the middle of a tense situation that would result in Mohammed being removed from the restaurant.

They Left

Eat This, Not That

Karen got up from her table and walked into the restroom after she finished her meal. She intended to wash her hands, pay, and then leave.

Seeing Mohammed and his daughters leaving, she realized Mohammed’s wife was the only one left at his table. Despite this, she did not consider it too much. Why would she do such a thing?

Rude Awakening

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In the restaurant hall, Karen waved to several servers and asked the security guard, who hailed from nearby, what he was up to.

She loved eating at that restaurant. Her appreciation went beyond how welcoming it was, how welcoming everyone was, how she felt like she could go there and be calm where she could relax and forget about the unpleasant aspects of life. Then reality struck.

A Strange Sight

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Having reached the women’s restrooms, she proceeded to make her way to use the facilities. In fact, when she opened the door, she saw someone or something that wasn’t supposed to be there.

A man stood there with his phone in hand, simply staring into space. She immediately began to think that it had been a creep to photograph the ladies in the women’s restrooms. Concerned, Karen called the security guard.

An Awkward Situation

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As fast as he could, he raced to the scene. Due to the situation and Karen’s distress (and the presence of a man in the women’s restroom), he made a snap decision.

He grabbed the man by the collar and hauled him out of the bathroom when he arrived. He was going to remove the man when he revealed why he was in the bathroom.

It Was Mohammed


As some readers may have surmised, that man was Mohammed. And he was there for a cause unrelated to Karen’s presumptions.

Mohammed frequently enters women’s restrooms and talks about this on his social media pages. His reasoning is this.

Mohammed’s Reasons

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When his girls need to use the restroom, Mohammed always takes them to the women’s restroom. This is likely to be a divisive attitude, with differing viewpoints on whether it is the best option.

However, Mohammed excuses his behavior by saying that most public men’s facilities are filthy and unsuitable for newborns and children. So he doesn’t have much of a choice most of the time.

It Was Empty When They Entered

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When he entered with his girls, the restroom was deserted since they had exited the toilets when they heard the yelling and commotion.

When he needs to escort either of his daughters into the women’s restroom, he normally makes his presence known and asks for permission.


Facebook – Chronicles Of Daddy

“I usually say, ‘Excuse me, I’m a father, and I’m with my daughters.'” “Do you mind if I bring them in?” he shared on Facebook.

“I don’t want to catch anyone off guard. I’m aware that some ladies have been through trauma and are fearful”. He continues, “I try to be as respectful as possible.”

A Happy Ending

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As a result, once the mistake was resolved, everyone laughed. Karen expressed regret for leaping to conclusions and offered to pay for her and Mohammed’s supper.

What are your thoughts on Mohammed’s bathroom policy? Is escorting his girls to the women’s restrooms justified, or should he just remain out and let his wife handle it?