Cute Baby Animals That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

We've put together some of the best, the cutest and the most downright adorable cute baby animals photos for you to swoon over. You're welcome!

Stop what you’re doing immediately! CUTE BABY ANIMALS ALERT! Everyone loves cute baby animals. How could you not, with their big shiny eyes, tiny little faces and fluffy miniature bodies? We just go ga-ga for them!

We’ve put together some of the best, the cutest and downright adorable cute baby animals photos for you to swoon over. You are welcome!

Are you ready for this cuteness overload? Our favorite cute baby animals:

1. Soft Kitty

cute baby animals - sleepy kitten

Look at his button nose! This little ball of fur is just too much! As Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory would sing,

“Soft kitty

Warm kitty,

Little ball of fur,

Happy kitty,

Sleepy kitty,

Purr purr purr.”


2. Baby Hamster

cute baby animals -hamster

How cute is this baby hamster? She’s so tiny and small compared to the hand she’s in, she almost doesn’t look real.

You just want to hold her, look after her and make her feel safe. Can I take her home?

3. Adorable Puppy Eyes

cute baby animals - puppy with big eyes

Twitter / @Earth_Pics

This puppy looks so sweet and innocent. However, I bet as soon as the camera is put away he’s chewing on shoes and nibbling toes.

A darling little face that no one can resist.

4. Gentle Giraffe

cute baby animals - giraffe

Probably one of the best cute baby animals out there, baby giraffes are so sweet and enchanting.

With pretty giant eyes and lashes to die for, this baby giraffe is all kinds of cute!

5. Curious Penguin

cute baby animals - penguin

This curious little penguin looks ready to explore and take on the big wide world.

Watch out, Happy Feet; this little guy is the new rising star of the penguin world.

6. Sleepy Bunny

cute baby animals - sleepy bunny

This little guy is worn out. After all, it’s a hard life being a bunny, eating leaves and hopping along.

It’s time for his afternoon nap, to get all snug and dream of carrots aplenty.

7. A Real-Life Bambi

cute baby animals - baby deer

Meet the real-life sleeping Bambi. I still can’t think about Bambi’s mother without getting a tear in my eye.

Just add Thumper and Flower and you have the complete set!

8. Fluffy Baby Polar Bear

cute baby animals - polar bear

Baby polar bears are just little balls of adorable fluff. They are cheeky, playful and definitely one of the top cute baby animals.

Did you know that underneath all that beautiful white fur polar bears have back skin? And they have purple tongues.

9. Who Ate All The Pie?

cute baby animals - piglet eating pies

You turn your back just for a second and boom, the pie is gone!

This cheeky little piglet looks pleased with himself after demolishing that delicious pie.

10. I’ll Just Take A Nap Here

cute babe animal - baby chipmunk

Twitter / @thatsearth

This sleeping chipmunk is taking it easy. His oversized head compared to his small body is just precious.

He’s adorable sleeping, but chipmunks are even cute when they are stuffing their faces!

11. Playful Elephant

cute baby animals - baby elephant

Elephants are friendly giants — that is, when they are fully grown. Baby elephants, however, are little playful creatures full of energy and fun.

Dumbo is a great representation of their playful personality.

“Have you ever seen an elephant fly?”

12. Prancing Donkey

cute baby animals - baby donkey

Donkeys are often overlooked and under-appreciated when it comes to cuteness in the animal world. However, they should be right up there with the best of the cute baby animals. Just look at them, so fluffy and so blooming cute!

Donkeys are very social animals and adore company. This little fellow can come and hang with me anytime!

13. Lovely Spring Lamb

cute baby animals - lamb

Richard Austin

The symbol of spring and Easter, this charming lamb is bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and loving life!

I need to get a farm so I can get some time with baby lambs!

14. Fox In The Snow

 cute baby photos - fox in the snow

Instagram / @peta

Foxes are cunning creatures and are well-loved by many. Just look at that face! They have stunning features with long, beautiful whiskers. You can’t help but fall in love with them.

There are 25 different kinds of foxes: 25 different kinds of adorable, whimsical gorgeousness for us to enjoy.

15. Prickly Business — A Cute Baby Hedgehog

cute baby animals - hedgehog

This little hedgehog’s feet and ears don’t look in proportion to the rest of his body. Don’t be put off by their prickly outerwear; these guys are just da bomb!

Hedgehogs are adorable and that’s a fact. Just look at the photo, it’s just too much!

16. Cuddly Koala

cute baby animals - koala

Tumblr / Ankh-Morpork

If you ever go down under and visit Australia, then you have to go and visit a koala. They may be a bit sleepy and grumpy, but baby koalas are also sweet and cuddlesome.

These huggable cute baby animals make you want to get up beside them and snuggle. 

18. Miniature Monkey

cute baby animals - monkey on finger

If you need a daily dose of adorable, then check out this amazing cheeky baby monkey.

Look how big it is compared to the finger. I can’t even!

19. Seal of Approval

cute baby animals - seal

Those eyes, though! So big, so sweet, so innocent! This cute baby seal looks helpless, in need of care and attention.

Someone give him a hug!

20. Orangutan Mother-And-Baby Moment

cute baby animals - orangutan

This photo captures that perfect moment between mother and baby, a bond so strong that it can’t be broken.

This baby orangutan looks so peaceful and happy snuggled close to his mother.

21. Meerkat Mischief

cute baby animals - meerkat

This mischievous little chap looks like he’s been caught in the act of some kind of rascally plan.

Baby meerkats are the cutest, always alert and ready to play.

22. Skunk

cute baby animals - skunk

This baby skunk’s fluffy, soft fur and button nose is enough to make anyone go “aww.” This little guy is so unbelievably cute he will almost make you forget that he’s a skunk. They may not be among the most commonly adored cute baby animals, but we think they should be!

It’s rare to see a baby skunk, as they usually spend their first weeks underground. However, this one has popped up to say hello and show us all how adorable they actually are.

23. Big, Bright-Eyed Frog

cute baby animals - frog

It’s all in the eyes. Frogs might not be as cute as, say, a kitten or puppy, but this baby frog is just unreal!

He’s a hand-held amphibian with charm and character that will fill your heart with warmth. Too cute!

24. Not-So-Ugly Duckling

cute baby animals - duckling

Ducklings waddle around stealing our hearts with their downy feathers and tiny little bills.

Quack-quack, this duckling certainly isn’t ugly.

25. Chinchilla Getting Fed

cute baby animals chinchilla

This baby chinchilla with his oversized ears and tiny little paws is cuteness to the max!

We hope they don’t grow into it!

26. Turtle turtle

baby turtle in shell


Aw look at the turtle hiding in their shell! They look so cozy chilling in there.

The eyes are the best part!

27. Chameleon Blending In

baby chameleon on the finger


You might have never seen the a little baby chameleon before.

If it wants, it might start to blend in on the finger! So cute.

28. Cat Eyes That Melt Your Heart

baby black footed cat

Philadelphia Zoo

Imagine see this little kitten. They look so scared!

Hopefully it melts everyone’s hearts.

29. Why So Cute, Platypus?

baby platypus


When the platypus is on it’s back like this, it looks so cute!

This cute baby animal is acting like a puppy who wants to be loved.

30. Kitten in a Ball

kitten in a ball


If you quickly look at this kitten, it looks like a blob of fur!

It’s actually a cute kitten that is just sleeping.

31. Stingrays are Cute, Too

stingrays being cute

Because they are so small, the stingrays look like raviolis.

Their eyes makes you want to hug them and tell them it will be alright.

32. Santa’s Reindeer

reindeer in snow

Bored Panda

Apparently, Santa’s reindeer exist outside of the North Pole.

They are in training to be the next in line!

33. Fluffy Frogmouth Chick

frogmouth chick

A baby owl that is fluffy? We are confused.

They have feather, but who knew they were this fluffy!

34. Strike a Pose, Pup

fluffy puppy


This little guy looks like he is modeling for all of his peers!

He would win America’s Next Top Model. What a cutie.

35. Goat on the Hill

goat kid


Goats love to knock things over and go on top of the things.

Who are you kidding? Goat kids are adorable.


cute baby animals that will make you go 'aww'