Cute Baby Animals That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

Stop what you’re doing immediately! CUTE BABY ANIMALS ALERT! Everyone loves cute baby animals. How could you not, with their big shiny eyes, tiny little faces and fluffy miniature bodies? We just go ga-ga for them!

We’ve put together some of the best, the cutest and downright adorable cute baby animals photos for you to swoon over. You are welcome!

Are you ready for this cuteness overload? Our favorite cute baby animals:

1.) Soft Kitty

cute baby animals - sleepy kitten

Look at his button nose! This little ball of fur is just too much! As Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory would sing,

“Soft kitty

Warm kitty,

Little ball of fur,

Happy kitty,

Sleepy kitty,

Purr purr purr.”