Customer’s Hair Set On Fire, Hairdresser Gets What They Deserve


Stop, Drop, And Roll

Her first thought was to stop, drop, and roll. What was happening? The so-called expert she’d trusted with her hair had just set it ablaze. Was it too much hairspray, or was the combustion due to something more malicious?

But the last client who was where Dalia was now had walked out with the most beautiful hair she’d ever seen. Did the stylist target her? She’d soon find out.

Delia Edwards


A surge of joy powered through Delia Edwards when she found out she’d gotten the job. She’d been a local news reporter in San Diego for years, working as part of a small news coverage team that always made her feel welcome.

But although she loved everything that came with working in her hometown, her ambitions would set her on a different path. Wishing to join the big leagues, she applied for a reporter position at a much bigger news team.

Climbing The Ladder

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Delia couldn’t believe what she was seeing. After all the work she’d put in, she was finally advancing her journalism career. But such a position would demand much of her. When working in television, looking your best is usually among your top priorities.

For Delia, getting a new hairdo would start this transformative journey in her new role. She hadn’t visited a salon for months, and she’d gotten word of a spectacular one that would serve all her needs. If only she knew what she was walking into.

A Hot Summer


The hair salon in question was a mere 20 minutes away from Delia’s place. She was glad her car had excellent hair conditioning, given how hot and uncomfortable summer was in her city.

But unknown to the young reporter, the heat would only worsen, especially once she got her hair done at this new hair salon.

First Impressions


Delia was to report to her new job in a week. She had to look her best because first impressions are everything. She went to the mall and bought new suits, blouses, and perfume.

With these items, she’d not only feel comfortable and dressed for the part but also empowered. The only thing that remained was a hot drive to the salon. She had no clue it would only get hotter once she got there.

A Twenty Minute Drive


After spending twenty minutes on the road, Delia was finally there. A friend of a friend had recommended this salon. After all the great things she said about it, Delia knew she would be getting her hair done here.

The receptionist pointed her to a waiting chair. She promised Delia their head hairstylist, who Delia had booked, would be with her as soon as they cleared with a client.

The Waiting Game


Delia waited patiently at the reception. She picked one of the dated magazines before her and went through its pages, realizing the hairstyles were outdated by more than five years.

Still, she found them amusing, laughing at what was in style then. She was still lost in the magazine when the client she was waiting to follow after walked by. Delia couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

The Client Before Her


The client paid for her hairdo. Delia couldn’t help but admire her hairstyle as she talked to the receptionist. When was the last time she’d been left in awe like this?

Her anticipation doubled as she imagined the same care and skill going into her hair. The woman seemed happy with the service she’d received. Delia hoped she’d come out the same way.

The Hot Seat


Delia hurried to the stylist’s station and took a seat. He seemed to know his way around hair, and she relaxed as his combs and scissors got ready to work.

She explained the look she wanted, and he nodded with a warm smile. His hands got to work, expertly gliding around her head. But then he did something she’d never seen, leaving her with a hot head.

The San Diego Heat


A few minutes into the styling process, Delia noticed something odd. The choking scent of smoke inched into her nose. And where there was smoke, there was fire!

Was the San Diego heat getting to her, or did the stylist do something unorthodox to her hair? Was any of it real? Panic set in as Delia realized the terrible truth. Her hair was on fire.


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Her instincts were to stop, drop, and roll. What had happened? This so-called expert had just set her hair ablaze! Did he use too much hairspray, and it just combusted? No, much more malicious things were at play.

The hair stylist’s last client had walked out of the salon with the most beautiful hair Delia had ever seen. Why had he targeted her? She would soon get her answers.

On Purpose

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Delia screamed at him. He extinguished the flames with the flourish of his comb before asking her what was wrong. “What did you do to my hair?” She demanded. The stylist smiled, “This is how I work. That last woman you saw leave had the same treatment.”

It felt like she was hit by a truck. How could that woman have had her hair set on fire? It looked so good when she left.

A New “Technique.”

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The stylist explained to Delia that it was a new technique he had perfected that was taking the town by storm. He assumed that she knew what he was going to do, and that’s why he didn’t warn her.

He reassured her it was all part of the process. After a bit of convincing, she sat back in the chair, knowing she could always seek legal reparations if he did do anything wrong.

Came Out Amazing

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For the next 30 minutes in a literal hot seat, the stylist went to work with his “unique” method. He cut, set alight, and combed her hair elegantly. Every now and then, Delia felt that she was crazy for letting him do this.

But once he told her he was finished and she could look at her hair, there was no disappointment. Her hair looked amazing. It must have been the best cut she had ever had.

A Strange Method

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Delia still felt like what had just happened was unreal. She wished that she had some notice, but she really couldn’t complain about the result. She had a new suit, a new blouse, and now a haircut to match.

She knew that she’d go back the next time she needed a haircut. The results spoke for themselves, and Delia left the hair salon smiling, just like the client before her.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.