CT Couple Finds $100,000 Lottery Ticket In The Last Place They Would Look


Random Roadtrip

You can never really tell when a major windfall might land on one’s lap.

It was a regular road trip to Virginia for couple Frank Laquitara and his fiancee, Debbie Long-Combs, when the latter received a mysterious email from the Connecticut Lottery.

An Unusual Email

Facebook/Frank Laquitaria

It was unusual for them to receive such a message because they didn’t really know anybody from there.

Upon opening, however, their hearts began to race. The latest Powerball had identified a winner and the number came from someone who lives in Connecticut.

Where’s The Ticket?

YouTube/Autoshine Cars

Long-Combs suddenly remembered purchasing a ticket a week back and wondered where they had stashed it.

Buying a Powerball ticket was a regular thing for the couple so they didn’t really think much of it when they kept it. Where did they hide it?

Could It Be?

YouTube/Autoshine Cars

After rummaging through their stuff, generally forgetting where they tucked it, they found that important piece of paper in the sun visor of their car.

They checked the details and found themselves unable to react properly.

Checking It Twice

YouTube/Connecticut Lottery

The couple decided to keep mum about what they discovered just in case they made a mistake, but they rushed to a lottery retailer the moment they returned to Connecticut to verify.

It was too good to be true, but they had to be absolutely sure.

Perfect Timing

Facebook/Frank Laquitaria

All four numbers matched, plus the Powerball.

“We didn’t believe it, even after I repeated the numbers twice and check the ticket with the CT Lottery’s mobile app,” said Long-Combs in a press release issued by the Connecticut Lottery.

When the machine said they won $100,000, it was then that they finally acknowledged their great fortune.

Hello, New Car and Boat Motor


“The timing is impeccable. Frank really needs a new car and our boat needs a new motor,” exclaimed Long-Combs.

The winning numbers for the August 24 draw turned out to be 5, 12, 20, 21, 27 and Powerball 1; but Laquitara added a Power Play 2 to the ticket, thereby doubling the original $50,000 jackpot to $100,000.

With this experience, Laquitaria and Long-Combs learned an important lesson.

Know Where Your Things Are

YouTube/Connecticut Lottery

No matter how some habits feel like part of a mundane routine, it’s always best to know where your things are.

“We didn’t want to jinx it at first. But now, it’s official. We won!” said the couple excitedly.