Mom Sees Sign On Teacher’s Car, Cops Tell Her To Pop The Trunk


A Distressing Note

Rebecca felt her heart beating like an Olympic runner going for gold. She had just come to the school to talk to her child’s teacher, but things changed when she saw the distressing note on the teacher’s car.

With trembling hands, she knew that she had to do the right thing. She pulled out her phone and called the only number she thought could help her.

Calling The Cops


It was a number everybody knew, she put the three numbers into her phone and dressed and hit dial. After the tone, she heard the operator speaking on the other side of the receiver.

Rebecca’s trembling voice painted the picture of what was going on. She told the operator what she saw on the teacher’s car; they said they’d send someone immediately.

Police Arrive


A police officer arrived and asked Rebecca to show him the car in question. She took him to it and showed him the note that had her trembling.

When the police officer saw the note, he would tell Rebecca to stand back. It was his turn to take action. He’d enter the school premises and find the teacher responsible.

Bringing Her Out


The officer would bring her out to confront her about the note on her car. This meant the teacher would have no choice but to comply with the officer’s demands.

But when he asked her to open her trunk, that’s when she started freaking out. It was clear to Rebecca that the teacher she trusted her kids with had something to hide.

Opening The Trunk


The officer commanded her to open her trunk, but it seemed like the last thing the frightened teacher wanted to do.

That’s when it was finally opened, and everyone saw the truth. Rebecca couldn’t believe the truth behind the teacher’s strange behavior. The teacher’s life would never be the same again.

Rebecca Perez


Rebecca Perez grew up in Rosario, Argentina, with her adoptive parents taking care of her. She never knew her real parents except that they gave her up after her mother conceived her at a young age.

She never blamed her parents for what they did. She understood that they didn’t have the means to look after her and did the right thing.

Like Her Real Parents


Thankfully, her adoptive parents were more than she could have ever asked for. They were like the real thing, and she never felt insecure about being adopted.

But it did have one effect on her. She wanted more than anything to have a child of her own and raise them as his or her own mother.

Stable Life


It wouldn’t be long until Rebecca achieved her dreams. After becoming an adult, it wasn’t long until she could see her dreams just over the horizon.

She kept working hard into her adult life and found a good job in the area. Now that her life was stable, she could bring new life into the world.

Getting Pregnant


It had been years in the making, but she had finally accomplished her dreams. Rebecca had filled out all the necessary paperwork to get artificially inseminated.

This meant that she was now pregnant without even needing a partner. In the following months, her belly grew, and she was excited to start a new chapter in her life.

A Beautiful Girl


Rebecca gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She named her Olivia and couldn’t believe her luck. She was going to make sure her child was loved more than anything.

Another nine years passed, and Olivia was now in school. Rebecca put her in the best school she could afford.

One Catch


Nothing was too good for her child. But she had no idea what dark secrets the place was hiding. There was one catch to putting her in the perfect school.

It was located on the edge of a bad neighborhood. But sometimes, compromises had to be made, even if the school’s neighbors weren’t good people.

Her Teacher


Rebecca had met Olivia’s teacher a handful of times. Her name was Ella, and she seemed to have the best intentions when it came to her students.

But one day, out of the blue, Olivia had something to say about her teacher that alarmed her. She told her that her teacher had done something that was unexpected.

Not A Teacher


One day at school, Olivia told Ella, “You’re a pretty good teacher.” Ella smiled and laughed before saying, “I’m not a teacher, silly.”

After Olivia mimicked her teacher’s words, Rebecca was a little worried, to say the least. She called up the teacher to ask her if she could have a meeting with her about it.

A Meeting


Ella seemed alarmed at Olivia telling her mother about their conversation. She promised to clear everything up when Rebecca got to their meeting.

They organized it to be after school when Rebecca would normally pick up Olivia. She just hoped that everything would be cleared up. But she had no idea what the teacher was hiding.

Driving To School


It started as a regular day when Rebecca dropped off her daughter at school. It was a long workday, but thankfully, she got to leave early for her teacher’s meeting.

She clocked off at two o’clock in the afternoon and headed to the school. But she would see something that would make her tremble.

A Car


She made it to the school without incident, but when she got there, she saw something unexpected. It was a car parked out in front of the school.

But that wasn’t the weirdest thing about it. As she got closer to the car, she recognized something about it. But why was it parked out by the front?

Ella’s Car


When she got close, there was no doubt about whose car it was. It was Ella’s car. But why was the teacher’s car parked out the front when there was a reserved parking space for faculty?

Then Rebecca’s thoughts shifted to something else. Something more sinister. Maybe her child’s words held a lot more weight than she had initially realized.

A Coincidence?


Was it a coincidence? Or did it have something to do with the remark about not being a teacher? Rebecca wasn’t sure.

She gave the teacher the benefit of the doubt and decided that it was probably for a good reason. Maybe the teacher’s spaces were full? But the truth would be so much more than that.

A Note In The Window


Rebecca put her car into the park behind the teacher’s car. She got out and started making her way into the school.

But before she could get there, she couldn’t help but notice a note in the window. Ella’s car had a note in the window. Rebecca couldn’t help but take a closer look at it. But she’d wish that she didn’t.

Pulling Out Her Phone


Rebecca took two steps forward before seeing what was written on the note. She couldn’t believe what she saw.

Her trembling hands reached into her phone, and she only knew one number she could call. She dialed three numbers and punched the dial button.

On Their Way


The operator got in contact with Rebecca and told her that they would be on their way as soon as possible. She’d just have to wait in the meantime.

While she waited, terrible thoughts came to mind. Especially the neighborhood she was in. What if the unthinkable was about to happen?

The Neighborhood


She thought about the one con of the school. It was located right next to some gang territory that the cops in Argentina had been trying to get rid of for years.

Normally, they didn’t go near the school, knowing that it was a bad move to do anything to a school. But the note had her worried. Was this really a possibility?

The Police Arrive


After being left with her thoughts for what felt far too long, a police car finally pulled up to the school. He couldn’t have come fast enough with what Rebecca was worried about.

The officer introduced himself as Wyatt and asked her what the problem was. She showed him the note on the window. That’s when the officer had the same reaction as her.

Getting The Teacher


He told Rebecca to stay put while he fetched the “teacher.” He walked into the school and gave Ella the surprise of her life.

She agreed to come out of the school, where she saw Rebecca waiting. No one knew what was going on, but Officer Wyatt was going to find the truth behind everything.

Asking Her About The Note


Office Wyatt wasn’t in the mood to play games and asked Ella for the truth. She begged him to leave it alone, but it seemed that he wasn’t going to let that deter him.

He asked about the note. That’s when she denied everything. This meant that he had no choice but to find out what was going on by force.

Popping The Trunk


“Ma’am, if you aren’t going to tell me the truth, then you’re going to have to let me open the trunk,” Wyatt told her.

That’s when she went ballistic; she told him that she wasn’t going to let him do that. With a sigh, he seemed to have no choice and told her that he wasn’t asking; he was telling her.

What Was Inside


The trunk opened, and the officer’s mouth hung open. He couldn’t believe what the teacher was hiding inside her trunk all this time.

Rebecca looked over the officer’s shoulder to see what was inside the trunk, and it was something that she shouldn’t have pried into. It was something she’d never forget.



Inside the trunk were containers of food. There had to be at least a dozen boxes, all with ready-made meals, but why?

This was far too much food for one teacher to eat for lunch, so what was she doing with all of it? And it still didn’t explain the note on her car either.

Feed The Poor


Ella finally admitted what the truth was. She had prepped all of those meals for the poor. Every week, she went to a homeless shelter to give meals to the kitchen.

It was her way of helping out those less fortunate. And the note on her car? It read, “Do not look inside my trunk for any reason.” Ironically, it had drawn too much attention when they were right by such a bad neighborhood.

Matter Settled


Ella apologized for being so secretive and explained everything. Even the remark about her not being a teacher. The context was that she told young Olivia that she wasn’t a teacher; she was a super teacher, something Olivia didn’t tell her mom.

With the matter settled, Rebecca felt she could trust a “superteacher” more than a regular one, so everyone ended up with a happy ending.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.