5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Hamburger Day The Right Way

National Hamburger Day is a day to appreciate the culinary American gem that is the hamburger. A hamburger may be synonymous with cheap American cuisine, but it is undeniable that the influential reach of hamburgers is worldwide. Hamburgers can be found worldwide, adapted and recreated in countries around the world. I mean, have you ever seen someone eat a hamburger with a fork and knife?

People everywhere love hamburgers, so much that we have an entire day dedicated to it (there’s a day dedicated to cheeseburgers too). What better way to Memorial Day and the beginning ofsummer barbecue season than celebrating the legacy of the hamburger? We’ve got five fun ways to commemorate this special culinary holiday. Loosen your belt buckles and enjoy the ride!

5.) Thank The Inventors of the Burger By Taking a Walk Through History

national hamburger day robin stickel

The history of the hamburger is a tricky one, no one is really sure of the exact origins of America’s favorite sandwich. Is it really German or is it American? History says it’s sort of both actually.

What is now known as the beef patty used to be a ‘hamburger steak’ or a ‘frikadelle’ came over to the Atlantic by way of German immigrants in the 18th century. Once it arrived in New York, the hamburger patties were being sold all around the city. However, the firstperson to place it between two buns is something that is disputed. Many different people claim to be the first two put a ‘Hamburg steak’ between two buns, including chefs down in Texas, Ohio and up in New York. Whichever is true, we’re just glad that it happened in the first place. So to whoever it was, thank you, thank all of you.