5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Hamburger Day The Right Way

National Hamburger Day is a the perfect opportunity to celebrate the most iconic American meal of all time. Throw onsome loose pants and be prepared to drool in this guide to celebrating this yummy holiday!

National Hamburger Day is a day to appreciate the culinary American gem that is the hamburger. A hamburger may be synonymous with cheap American cuisine, but it is undeniable that the influential reach of hamburgers is worldwide. We can find hamburgers worldwide, adapted and recreated in countries around the world. I mean, have you ever seen someone eat a hamburger with a fork and knife?

People everywhere love hamburgers, so much that we have an entire day dedicated to it (there’s a day dedicated to cheeseburgers too). What better way to Memorial Day and the beginning of summer barbecue season than celebrating the legacy of the hamburger? We’ve got five fun ways to commemorate this special culinary holiday. Loosen your belt buckles and enjoy the ride!

5. Thank The Inventors of the Burger By Taking a Walk Through History

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The history of the hamburger is tricky, no one is really sure of the exact origins of America’s favorite sandwich. Is it really German or is it American? History says it’s sort of both, actually.

What is now known as the beef patty used to be a ‘hamburger steak’ or a ‘frikadelle’ came over to the Atlantic by German immigrants in the 18th century. Once it arrived in New York, the hamburger patties were being sold all around the city. However, the firstperson to place it between two buns is something that is disputed. Many different people claim to be the first two put a ‘Hamburg steak’ between two buns, including chefs down in Texas, Ohio and up in New York. Whichever is true, we’re just glad that it happened. So, to whoever it was, thank you, thank all of you.

4. Debate Your Friends Over Who Has The Best Burger

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Ah, the classic ‘best burger’ debate as old as time. Everyone can probably recall the last time they’ve engaged in a heated debate with friends about which fast food joint serves up the best guilty pleasure burger. We definitely do. The cult following of burger chains is one that frequently dominates our conversations and our news feeds.

The interesting thing about this debate it is completely a regional one, and has almost replaced the tired “McDonald’s vs. Burger King” one. Head down to Texas and you’ll discover that Whataburger is a religion (Can you say honey butter chicken biscuit?). West Coast dwellers more than love In N Out’s burgers and animal sauce. Over on the East Coast, the super sleek Shake Shack tends to win the burger debate. Although nowadays, you can find these restaurants across the country. So the debate rages on.

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate National Hamburger Day than dissecting what makes a good burger at your favorite burger spot in town.

What’s your favorite fast food burger? Tell us in the comments!

3. Salivate over Tantalizing Photos of Extremely Tempting Burgers

A little food porn hurt nobody. Admit it, foodies can’t resist a photo of a perfectly greasy burger on our phone screens. Strolling through an endless amount of mouth-watering food is almost as good as eating it, right?

A simple look at the #burger hashtag on Instagram or Pinterest is sure to yield the results you’re looking for. But if you’re looking for a bit more curated food porn experience, check out these accounts.

  • Biggestburgers101 – The name is pretty self-explanatory. Endless pictures of giant, cheesy, bacon-y burgers await you on this account.
  • The Burger List – A London-based Instagram serving daily photos of delicious burgers of all shapes sizes and variations. If you’re hesitant about it being burgers from London, don’t be. We promise this account serves up hot, high quality photos of burgers that will make your mouth drool.
  • The Burger Bible– How can you deny burger porn from around the world? That’s right, we can’t either.

2. Use Your Cheat Day to Indulge in An Extreme Burger

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Summer’s coming and we know you’re preparing for beach and pool season. It may be operation summer body, but you’ve been working hard, so you deserve a treat. We promise we won’t tell anyone if you cheat and indulge in a juicy burger. This National Hamburger Day, try that crazy burger you’ve always wanted to try. Don’t be shy, add that egg, try that mac and cheese burger, pulled pork, guacamole burger, you name it!

Make it an adventure by heading to the best eatery in town and split an most over-the-top burger, or, get fancy and indulge in an extremely gourmet burger. If you’re a true burger fan, try a crazy burger challenge.

1. Get Creative and Try a Fun Burger Recipe!

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Monday is Memorial Day so if you’re throwing a fun pool party, throw in a little national hamburger day spirit in there as well by cooking up some delicious burgers. Surprise your friends by making a unique recipe that’ll wow the crowd. Burgers are extremely easy to make, versatile and easily customizable. You can add in some caramelized onions, goat cheese, even sriracha.

Spicy food lovers

Try this Ultimate Sriracha Burger packed with the flavors of caramelized onions, blue cheese and smoked bacon.

Veggie-Based Foodies

This Black bean burger is vegetarian but doesn’t skimp on the flavor. For all the vegetarians and vegans out there, you can indulge in a delicious burger too! Bonus, throw in some fresh guacamole on top for an extra kick!

Cheese Lovers 

This recipe is the perfect way to give your barbecue burgers a little extra umph. Add in some cheese to the beef patties and wow your crowd and your taste buds. You can use your cheese of choice but there’s nothing like the taste of melted cheddar cheese and beef together.

Whether you love a classic cheeseburger or an over the top spin with 5 different toppings, there’s no better day to enjoy this classic American meal.

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