Top 5 Catnip Toys Your Cat Will Love

Whether it’s stuffed inside a toy, sprouting from a pot, or spread across the floor, one thing is certain — cats go absolutely cuckoo for catnip. It’s one of the few items that cats can’t resist. Cats are known for turning up their noses at expensive toys and instead playing with the cardboard box they came in. So, it’s important to spend your hard-earned money on toys your cat will actually enjoy.

We all know cats go gaga for it, but what is catnip? According to PetMD, it’s an herb that’s part of the mint family, the chemical that affects cats is called nepetalactone. When cats eat catnip, it acts as a sedative, but when they get a whiff of it, they can go a little nuts, achieving a high akin to that of LSD or pot. (Cray!)

Common reactions to catnip are rolling, drooling, purring, rubbing cheeks and body on objects, increased playfulness and excited sniffing, licking, chewing and rolling in the catnip itself. But the effect of catnip is completely safe for your feline friend. Scientists aren’t quite sure why cats love catnip so much, but they think the nepetalactone – which gives the herb its strong scent – triggers sensitive brain chemicals related to mood and happiness. It’s been proven that even wild cats like tigers are attracted to the herb. Catnip can change your cat’s mood and behavior, causing them to become highly active or completely mellow, depending on the cat. It’s also healthy for indoor cats because they are able to ingest the greens that outdoors cats already consume. And oftentimes, catnip helps gets your cat active and energized.

There are so many reasons to buy your furry friend a catnip toy, but there are also a million catnip toys on the market. How do you find the best ones? To help sort through your options, we’ve created a list out our Top 5 catnip toys we know your cat will love.


5.) Leaps & Bounds Safari Mice Cat Toys with Catnip

catnip toysRated at five stars on Amazon, the Leaps & Bounds Safari Mice Cat Toys with Catnip pack is a bestseller. Why? The plush mice with wild prints are infused with catnip, but they also come with fluffy feather tails. These toys make the perfect playmate. Covered in soft, plush wild safari prints, these kitty toys are finished with cat-safe decorations to give them a more realistic mouse look, complete with eyes, ears and whiskers. And they’re designed to keep cats stimulated and engage their natural instincts. Consumers have reviewed this product over and over again as one of the best catnip mouse toys available. And that says a lot, considering the wide variety of stuffed catnip mice on the market.