Top 10 Catnip Toys Your Cat Will Love

Cats can go cuckoo for catnip, whether it's in a toy or your feline's favorite pillow. Here are some catnip toys your furry friend will go gaga for.

Cats adore catnip, whether it’s in a toy, a pot, or scattered across the floor. This irresistible herb is a staple in any cat’s playtime. Often, cats prefer simple things like cardboard boxes over expensive toys. Hence, investing in catnip toys can ensure your money is well spent.

What exactly is catnip, though? PetMD defines it as a mint family herb, with the active component being nepetalactone. When cats ingest catnip, it works as a sedative. However, sniffing it can induce a euphoric high, similar to LSD or pot.

The reactions to catnip can be diverse – rolling, drooling, purring, and more. Cats may rub their bodies on objects, play more, and even roll in the catnip. The herb is entirely safe and scientists believe the strong scent triggers mood-related brain chemicals. Interestingly, even wild cats like tigers show attraction to catnip.

Catnip can significantly alter a cat’s mood and behavior. They can become super active or mellow, depending on the individual. It’s beneficial for indoor cats as it provides them with greens usually consumed by outdoor cats. Plus, catnip often energizes and motivates your pet.

Considering buying a catnip toy? With countless options, choosing can be tough. To help, we’ve curated a Top 5 list of catnip toys your cat is sure to love.

10.) Twin Critters Organic Catnip Toy Wine Bottle Refillable Plush

catnip toys wine


Are you a wine lover? Do you want to drink wine with your cat? Well, this is the perfect gift for you. The Twin Critters Organic Silvervine Catnip Toy Wine Bottle Refillable Plush 2-Pack for Cat has a choice of a white wine and a red wine, so whatever you feel like sharing with your cat that day. The wine bottles plushies are 100% natural and organic silvervine without adding in any preservatives or chemical additives.

As soon as your cat sniffs this refillable plush toy with added powder, you can start expecting behaviors like playing, jumping, rolling, vocalizing, licking and more! Have a wine night with your cat, you will have a blast together.


9.) Malier Cat Catnip Natural Matatabi Chew Sticks Teeth Grinding Chew Toy

catnip toys fish


The catnip toy have a strong, aromatic fragrance that stimulates the cats to play, your pets will crazy about these catnip toys, you and your cats will get a lot of joy. The Malier Cat Catnip Natural Matatabi (Silvervine) Chew Sticks Teeth Grinding Chew Toy comes with three different kinds fish of catnip toys, they are carp, grass carp and salmon. They can meet the different needs of your cat. The toys are soft and comfortable, non toxic and safe.

Using 3d printing process, the fish are clear and a realistic shape. The toys are perfect for biting chewing and kicking because the material will last a long time.


8.) Yeowww! Organic Catnip Toy Variety Pack: Cigar, Banana, and Rainbow



We all have preferences. This gives your cats the best kinds of variety because it ranges from a cigar to a rainbow. Yeowww! Organic Catnip Toy Variety Pack: Cigar, Banana, and Rainbow are said to last long because cats tend to destroy catnip toys because they are so excited to receive them. The reviews also say that it is stuffed with REAL catnip, so there is no worry that your cat is consuming anything harmful.

In short, your cat will go wild for these adorable catnip toys because they are safe, cat friendly, and lots of fun to play with.


7.) Pusheen Plush Catnip-Friendly Ball Cat Toy, Medium

Pusheen is popular among the internet community because of the cute face and the adorable little captions. Well, there is a Pusheen Plush Catnip-Friendly Ball Cat Toy that will make your cat happy and filled with a lot of joy. The pair of cuddly plush ball toys features the internet famous Pusheen the Cat. There are pocket inserts on the side of each toy let you add your own catnip for extra feline fun. Your cat will love how fun the toys are soft the toys are. The catnip is not included, but you will be able to add your own catnip.

Since it is a plush texture engages your curious kitty, and it encourages active play time and exercise. The reviews on Petco says the material is durable, which means it will last for along time, no matter how crazy your cat goes.


6.) Pet Zone Crinkle Disks North-American Catnip Cat Toy

Cats are obsessed with noise. If they hear a sound they like, they want to bounce on it because that is naturally what they do. Well, Pet Zone Crinkle Disks North-American Catnip Cat Toy has irresistible sound and texture that your cat will love. It will go wild for the sound it makes. Your cat will love to bat it around because of the fleecy and fuzzy texture that it has.

On top of that, your feline friend will be running around having fun because it has catnip and it’s a ball. You won’t get them to calm down anytime soon!


5.) Leaps & Bounds Safari Mice Cat Toys with Catnip

catnip toys mouse with feather


Rated at five stars on Amazon, the Leaps & Bounds Safari Mice Cat Toys with Catnip pack is a bestseller. Why? The plush mice with wild prints are infused with catnip, but they also come with fluffy feather tails. These toys make the perfect playmate. Covered in soft, plush wild safari prints, these kitty toys are finished with cat-safe decorations to give them a more realistic mouse look, complete with eyes, ears and whiskers. And they’re designed to keep cats stimulated and engage their natural instincts.

Consumers have reviewed this product over and over again as one of the best catnip mouse toys available. And that says a lot, considering the wide variety of stuffed catnip mice on the market.


4.) KONG Refillable Catnip Cat Toy


A more heavy-duty, long-term option is buying refillable toys like the KONG Refillable Catnip Cat Toy. Filled with North American catnip and assembled with natural feathers, this texturized toy makes cats go nuts. And they come in so many different shapes and sizes. You can choose from stuffed hedgehogs, carrots, beavers, ducks, turtles and mice, to name a few.

These soft, machine-washable catnip toys have a resealable pouch to hold fresh catnip securely in place. The toy also includes a generous amount of KONG’s premium North American catnip in a resealable vial. So, when the catnip starts to fade, just add more fresh catnip and watch your cat have a blast. Catnip should be stored in the freezer to help it stay fresh.


3.) Giant Catnip Kitty Kicker

The Giant Catnip Kitty Kicker will be a sure hit (or kick)! This handmade American-made catnip toy is 15 inches long and has a refillable catnip pocket sewn into its side so you can add fresh catnip whenever it gets a little dry. The pocket is used to extend the use of the Kitty Kicker — just add a few pinches of catnip in the pocket, and it’s ready to go again. Most catnip stays in while your kitty gives this toy a kickin’. Most Kickers are made the same day they’re shipped, so they’re guaranteed to arrive fresh. Cats grab ahold of their pillow and kick with their hind legs.

Each toy is filled with fresh Canadian catnip, and a heavyweight cotton fabric wraps around a polyester fill. It’s one of the biggest toys on the market, so all its seams are double-sewn for extra strength and durability.


2.) Petstages Catnip Chew Mice Dental Health Cat Toy


Looking for a catnip toy upgrade? The Petstages Catnip Cat Toy combines scent and movement for hours of independent play. It’s easy to fill and clean and comes with non-skid pads on the bottom so your cat can go crazy. Adjustable vents let you determine the strength of catnip scent, and the center securely closes to hold catnip.

Each new purchase also comes with bonus catnip! Reviewers rave about the toy’s peek-a-boo openings at the top, which get their cats excited to play.


1.) SmartyKat Value Pack Cat Toys


Want the most bang for your buck? Or do you have more than one feline friend at home, each with their own catnip toy taste? We recommend SmartyKat Value Pack Cat Toys, which comes with ten toys! The pack combines two things all cats love — hunting and catnip. In this pack there are ten adorable mice that are spike with pure and potent catnip. It is for perfect for a catnip loving cat and for multiple cats. They are perfectly to bat around and carry in your cat’s mouth. The catnip causes a burst of energy so it will keep your cat(s) busy all day until they are sleeping from all of the fun they just had.


The catnip in the toy is pure and it is produced without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. On top of being a lot of fun, the outer shell of the mouse is made from 100% recycled plastic, which is better for the environment. We think this toy is a win. Buying a variety pack allows you to let your cats choose which catnip toys are their favorite at a reasonable price.

What are your favorite catnip toys? Let us know in the comments below!

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